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Sim Walker is a musician, educator and composer from Leeds in the UK.
He is an in-demand pianist, performing extensively across the country as a member of renowned function band Chequered Band, amongst numerous other vibrant party bands. Sim is also a contributor and performer to a variety of original projects including Portmanteau, Bruno Merz Band, Hunting Bears and Cottonwoolf, in addition performing & composing as a solo artist under the name of Simeon Walker.

Simeon Walker - Mono (2017)
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01. Turn
02. Lull
03. Drift
04. Hush
05. Froze
06. Lilt
07. Breathe
08. Letters
09. Coda

MP3 320 kbps

Release Date: November 24, 2017
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Что-то не особо зацепило. Если для фона только...
Есть моменты некоторые интересные, в Letters основная линия, например, но в остальном слишком пресно и просто.

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