Sjob Movement / S.J.O.B. Movement

Sjob Movement – A Move in the Right Direction [2009]

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Heavy heady funk from the 70s Nigerian scene — a wicked little record that’s unlike anything else we’ve heard before! SJOB is a combo made from ex-members of the group of Sonny Okosuns — all top-shelf players who’ve clearly got their chops down in the groove department, but are also really willing to experiment with their sound as well! There’s some hip spacey elements to the music — cool keyboards that weave in and out of the guitar and tighter rhythms — creating a sense of darkness that’s totally great, even when things are still pretty funky. The structure of the tunes is far from familiar Afro Funk too — pretty offbeat and jagged — familiar rhythms one minute, then fresh ones the next!

A1. Country Love
A2. No One Cares
A3. You Only Live Once
B1. Omo Oloro Ito Nje Eyin Awoi
B2. Stone Funk

Sjob Movement – A Move in the Right Direction [2009]

Stone Funk@320

love affair@VBR

VA - Nigeria Disco Funk Special - The Sound of the Underground Lagos Dancefloor 1974-79 (2008)

1. The Sahara All Stars — Take Your Soul
2. T-Fire — Will of the People
3. Asiko Rock Group — Lagos City
4. Johnny Haastrup — Greetings
5. Bongos Ikwue & The Groovies — You've Gotta Help Yourself
6. Jay-U Experience — Some More
7. Voice of Darkness — Mota Ginya
8. Dr Adolf Ahanotu — Ijere
9. S-Job Movement — Love Affair


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