Slow Meadow

Ambient / Cello / Modern Classical / Piano / Violin / USA / Hammock Music
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Slow Meadow is ambient compositions from multi-instrumentalist Matt Kidd. After working as a touring / session musician since the early 2000s, Matt took a serious interest in creating music focused less on performance and more on inner experience. Slow Meadow began when Kidd befriended Marc Byrd of Hammock, who signed Slow Meadow to his label, Hammock Music, and released his debut in 2015.

Slow Meadow - Costero (2017)
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01. Ships Along the Harbor
02. Boy in a Water Globe
03. Borderland Sorrows
04. Cielo Rojo
05. Brazos Fantasmas
06. Viejo Carrusel
07. Lamellophone and the Gulf of Mexico
08. Quintana
09. Hurricane
10. Palo Volador

MP3 320 kbps

Release Date: November 17, 2017

All songs produced, arranged, mixed by Matt Kidd
(additional production by hammock)

Violins: Maxine Kuo, Joanna Becker
Viola: Yvonne Smith
Cello: Aimee Norris

Cello on "Palo Volador" by Katie Farrell
Percussion on "Cielo Rojo" by Jay Snider

All other instrumentation / programming by Matt

Jan Garet
(additional design by Matt)

James Plotkin

String quartet recorded at sonic ranch in Tornillo, TX
Additional string parts in Matt’s home studio

Piano Recorded at a friend’s home in Birmingham, AL
Additional piano at 226 recording studio in Houston, TX

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Artist: Slow Meadow
Label: Slow Meadow
Released: 17.11.2017
Type: Album
Style: Classical, Electronic, Lossless, Ambient, Modern

:: Tracklist ::
1. Ships Along the Harbor 02:39
2. Boy in a Water Globe 05:42
3. Borderland Sorrows 03:43
4. Cielo Rojo 04:05
5. Brazos Fantasmas 03:47 video
6. Viejo Carrusel 02:05
7. Lamellophone and the Gulf of Mexico 06:25
8. Quintana 04:14
9. Hurricane 05:30 video
10. Palo Volador 04:47
11. The Tragedy of the Commons - Live Version (Bonus Track) 04:02

Slow Meadow - Costero [FLAC].rar Meadow - Costero [FLAC].rar.html
Slow Meadow - We're Losing the Moon (Single)
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mp3, 320kbps

01. We're Losing the Moon
02. Cauda Luna

Slow Meadow - Those Who Rush Across the Sea (Single)
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mp3, 320kbps

01.Those Who Rush Across the Sea
02. You Felt Like Home


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