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Studio Albums
Snowgoons - German Lugers (2007) (320 Kbps)

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01. Heads Or Tails (feat. Chief Kamachi, Virtuoso & Jus Allah)
02. Who What When Where (feat. Celph Titled & Majik Most)
03. Never (feat. Reef The Lost Cauze)
04. Gunz (feat. Sean Price, Jus Allah & Doujah Raze)
05. Teacher's Trademark (feat. Wise Intelligent)
06. Thinking About Me (feat. Baby Blak)
07. No Guts No Glory (feat. O.C., Rasco, Reef The Lost Cauze & Wordsworth)
08. German Lugers (feat. Mitchell Hennessy & Edi Amin)
09. Black Woods (feat. MED & Living Legends)
10. Real World (feat. Born Unique)
11. Show Love (feat. El Da Sensei)
12. Man Of The Year (feat. Last Emperor)
13. It's Yours (feat. Afu-Ra)
14. Nothin' You Say (feat. Edo G)
15. Snowgoons Sonata (feat. Pumpkinhead)
16. No Man's Land (feat. Breez Evahflowin)
17. Offensive Lineup (feat. Craig G)
18. Wait A Minute (feat. Kreators)
Bonus CD:
01. War
02. Enemy (Remix) (feat. Ill Bill & Raekwon)
03. Thinking About Me (Remix) (feat. Baby Blak)
04. The Wolf (feat. State Store)
05. Let Me Down Easy (feat. Respect)
06. Philly Gold (feat. Chief Kamachi & State Store)
07. Murder (feat. Matrix)
08. Clip Full Of Ammo (feat. J Sands & Mitchell Hennessy)
09. Charly Says (feat. Ill Bill)
10. Living Man (feat. Grand Agent)
11. The Innauguration (feat. Doujah Raze)

Snowgoons - Black Snow (2008) (320 Kbps)

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01. The Curse (feat. King Magnetic, Charon Don, Sicknature & Reef The Lost Cauze)
02. Black Snow (feat. Ill Bill & Apathy)
03. Casualties Of War (feat. Smif-N-Wessun & Respect Tha God)
04. Who! (feat. Outerspace)
05. Hold Up (feat. R.A. The Rugged Man, Lord Lhus & Savage Brothers)
06. This Is Where The Fun Stops (feat. Reef The Lost Cauze)
07. Starlight (feat. Viro The Virus)
08. Knockatomi Plaza (feat. Side Effect)
09. Pay Attention
10. Serve Justice (feat. Killah Priest, Rasul Allah & Richard Raw)
11. Still Got The Ammo (feat. Main Flow, Godilla, El Da Sensei & J. Sands)
12. Ride On (feat. Defari, Maylay Sparks & Sondro Castro)
13. Incite A Riot (feat. King Magnetic & Adlib)
14. Lost (feat. Respect Tha God, Block McCloud & Doap Nixon)
15. Still Waters Run Deep (feat. Supastition)
16. Raining (feat. Brainstorm, Edo G & Jaysaun)
17. Sick Life (feat. Sick Jacken, Cynic & Bacardi)
18. The Storm (feat. Boom Bap Project)
19. Avalanche Warning
20. The Hatred
21. Helpless
Bonus CD:
01. A.O.T.P. (feat. Apathy)
02. My Time (feat. Lord Lhus)
03. Iceman (feat. Cymarshall Law)
04. Foreign Banguage (feat. Side Effect)
05. 40 Barz (feat. Big Shug, Special Teamz & Singapore Kane)
06. The Spell (feat. Eternia)
07. Ride With Me (feat. Born Unique)
08. Serve Justice (feat. Rasul Allah, Killah Priest & Richard Raw) (Remix)
09. Buried (feat. Savage Bros)
10. Suicide (feat. Third Kind)

Snowgoons - The Trojan Horse (2009) (320 Kbps)

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01. The Trojan Horse (feat. Savage Brothers)
02. King Kong (feat. Reef The Lost Cauze & Young De)
03. Hey Young World (feat. La Coka Nostra & Heltah Skeltah)
04. Krush University (feat. Krush Unit & Freestyle)
05. Git Cha Gully Up (feat. OuterSpace)
06. Full Force (feat. Block McCloud, King Syze, Faez One & Sifu Versus)
07. Hate On Me (feat. Krumb Snatcha & M-Dot)
08. Make Way (feat. Buckshot, Reef The Lost Cause & Chief Kamachi)
09. Goons Stampede (feat. Rakaa, Reks & Sicknature)
10. The Limit (feat. Viro The Virus)
11. He Sold Out (feat. Lord Lhus)
12. The Ill Bunch (feat. Tribeca, Nut-Rageous & Termanology)
13. The Time Is Now (feat. D-Stroy, Freestyle & Sicknature)
14. Valley Of Death (feat. Block McCloud, Sabac Red & Lord Willin)
15. Scar Sculpture (feat. Virtuoso & Young Haze)
16. I Did Everything (feat. Qualm, Darkskinned Assassin & Lord Lhus)
17. Cross The Line (feat. Young Haze)
18. Survive The Mess (feat. El Da Sensei & Kaze)
19. Man In The Mirror (feat. Nut-Rageous)

Snowgoons - Kraftwerk (2010) (320 Kbps)

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01. Snowgoons Dynasty Feat. Freestyle (Arsonists) (2:45)
02. The Uncrushables Feat. Ill Bill, Sicknature And Sabac Red (4:20)
03. Put Em Up Feat. N.B.S. And Skyzoo (3:20)
04. Cant Go On Like That Feat. Torae And Slaine (3:07)
05. Dangerous Ways Feat. The Closers (3:41)
06. Whos Side Feat. Side Effect (3:41)
07. We Nah Play Feat. Banish, Crooked I And Beenie Man (4:44)
08. Warlords Feat. UG, IDE, Alucard, Jise And Freestyle (4:31)
09. Road Warriors Feat. Punchline, Fel Sweetenberg And Sadat X (4:05)
10. Three Bullets Feat. Esoteric, Mykill Miers, Timkbo King And Qualm (3:49)
11. The Real And The Raw Feat. M-Dot And Jaysun (3:41)
12. No Favors Feat. Wise P And Sauce Money (3:14)
13. The Madness Begins Feat. Outerspace And Banish (3:24)
14. Statue Feat. Virtuoso (3:57)
15. The Beast Feat. Lateb (2:52)
16. Big Bang Bomb Feat. Lady Repo (3:41)
17. Rottne Apple Feat. Ice Water, AG, Nutso And Tre Seven (3:32)
18. Global Domination Feat. Lord Lhus, Sean Strange, Sicknature And Psych Ward (3:51)
19. Cold Dayz Feat. FT, Lord Willin And Reef The Lost Cause (4:35)

Snowgoons - Terroristen Volk (German Album) (2012) (320 Kbps)

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01. Intro – Du bist Terrorist WL
02. Terrorist (Feat. Marph)
03. Erhelle die Finsternis (Feat. FaZ)
04. Von der Hand in den Mund (Feat. Absztrakkt)
05. Futter Erde (Feat. Amewu)
06. Königshaus (Feat. Laas UNLTD.)
07. Das Leben der Anderen (Feat. Liquit Walker & Dra-Q)
08. Geld regiert (Feat. Pay)
09. Mikrokosmos (Feat. Revilo)
10. 2012 (Feat. Illyricum)
11. Schatten auf der Stadt (Feat. Skuzzle, Lakman One, Ferum, Dezz, Crop & Chamber)
12. www = 666 (Skit)
13. Survival of the Fittest (Feat. Adolph Gandhi & JAW)
14. Pseudonym (Feat. Pal One)
15. Wie Kings (Feat. Torch & Virtuoso)
16. Weckruf (Feat. Antihelden)
17. Killerinstinkt (Feat. Kamikaze)
18. Produkt des Systems (Feat. Irie D)
19. Geschrieben vom Leben (Feat. Crop & Dezz)
20. Dunkle Seite der Macht (Feat. Phreaky Flave)
21. Endzeit (Feat. Toby Ses & Abroo)
22. Schatten der Wahrheit (Feat. Ferum & Benja)
23. Armageddon (Feat. Marph)

Snowgoons - Snowgoons Dynasty (2012) (320 Kbps)

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01. Snowgoons Dynasty Pt. 2 Ft. Freestyle (2:33)
02. Get Off The Ground Ft. Termanology Sean Price H-Staxx Justin Tyme Ruste Juxx Lil Fame (MOP) (5:49)
03. What U Do This For Ft. Krush Unit (Side Effect Sick Six Brainstorm & Adlib) (3:05)
04. John Mcenroe Ft. NBS Sicknature (4:00)
05. Better Day Ft. Lyriciss (2:30)
06. Goonsville Ft. Blaq Poet Usual Suspectz (3:24)
07. Cardiac Rhythm Ft. Sean Strange (3:59)
08. Queens Ft. Royal Flush El Toro Scott G Crookz Green (3:48)
09. Street Passion Ft. Rozewood (3:58)
10. Fight Club Ft. Knowbodies Smiley Checkmark E-Flash (NBS) (4:52)
11. Akhenaten (One) Ft. Hasan Salaam (2:19)
12. What That West Like Ft. Planet Asia Krondon Banish Ras Kass Aims (4:45)
13. Turistas Ft. Blacastan (2:14)
14. Press Ya Luck Ft. Mykill Miers (3:31)
15. The Legacy (5:55)
16. Missing Pages Ft. Revolution Of The Mind Sabac Red (3:00)
17. Goon Musick Ft. Sicknature (2:27)
18. The Cypher Ft. Aspects Ghostface Killah Swisha T Killah Priest (4:28)
19. Concentrate Ft. Prop Dylan (4:19)
20. Get Down Ft. Bam (3:39)
21. Born To Spit Ft. Fel Sweetenberg (3:24)
22. Prayn In The Rain Ft. Eshon Burgundy (3:01)
23. Shutout Ft. Dirt Platoon (3:01)
24. Snowbiz Ft. Faez One Main Flow (3:18)
25. Take Notes Ft. NBS Lady Repo (3:22)
26. The Rapture Ft. Meth Mouth Swifty Mcvay & Bizarre King Gordy Sean Strange (3:43)
27. First Cousins Ft. Joell Ortiz O Doub Bundy Codey (3:55)
28. Reality Check Ft. Tribeca Respect Tha God (2:42)
29. That's Me Ft. Nutso (2:32)
30. Hood Ikon Ft. Tragedy Khadafi (3:42)
31. Grim Reaper Ft. Freestyle Grim Reaperz (3:22)
32. Rear Naked Choke Ft. Viro The Virus (3:16)

Snowgoons - Black Snow 2 (2013) (320 Kbps)

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01. This Is Goons Shit (feat. N.B.S. & Planet Asia) (03:47)
02. Black Snow 2 (feat. Apathy, Sicknature, Celph Titled & Ill Bill) (03:56)
03. Suckaz Behind Screens (feat. Edo. G & Reks) (02:56)
04. Make Or Break (feat. Billy Danze, Aspects & Paragraph) (04:00)
05. Party Crashers (feat. Reef the Lost Cauze) (03:01)
06. Walk the Streets (feat. Genovese & Styles P.) (02:42)
07. Live Your Life (feat. Sean Strange & Salome) (02:55)
08. The Hatred 2 (feat. Slaine, Madchild & Sicknature) (03:01)
09. One Thing I Know (feat. Planetary) (03:33)
10. I Walk Alone (feat. Cunninlynguists) (02:56)
11. Still Real & Raw (feat. M-Dot, Jaysaun & Journalist 103) (02:41)
12. Nuclear Winter (feat. Rakaa, Perseverance, Joe Scudda & Brainstorm) (04:08)
13. Do U Bac Down (feat. Onyx) (03:12)
14. Fast Food Nation (feat. Q-Unique) (02:46)
15. Iron Bars (feat. Papoose, Kool G Rap, Nature, Sean Strange & Justin Tyme) (04:22)
16. The Code (feat. Raekwon, 2Ugli & LoDeck) (03:59)
17. The Real Talk (feat. Ice Water, Akrobatik, Virtuoso & Diabolic) (03:10)
18. Guillotine Rap (feat. Dope D.O.D.) (03:44)
19. Click Clack (feat. Banish, Crooked I, Aims & Rasco) (04:02)
20. Dizzy Dreams (feat. Viro the Virus) (03:30)
Bonus Tracks
21. Benz Bema Dreamz (feat. Masta Ace & Stricklin) (03:04)
22. Dirty Goons (feat. Swifty McVay & Jay Gill) (03:11)
23. It Gotta Add Up (feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq, Baby Blak & Jay Hill) (03:54)
24. Reel Wolf: The Underworld (feat. Tech N9ne, Vinnie Paz, Ill Bill, Slaine, Celph Titled, King Gordy, Sid Wilson, PMD, Sean Strange, Apathy, Swifty McVay, Reef the Lost Cauze & Bizarre) [Goon MuSick Remix] (05:30)

Snowgoons - German Lugers + Black Snow (Instrumentals) (2009) (320 Kbps)

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01. Heads Or Tails 03:38
02. Never 03:29
03. Gunz 03:37
04. Teacher's Trademark 03:51
05. No Guts No Glory 04:08
06. German Lugers 03:49
07. Black Woods 03:46
08. Real World 02:58
09. Show Love 04:00
10. Man Of The Year 03:45
11. It's Yours 03:51
12. Nothin' You Say 03:27
13. No Man's Land 04:01
14. Offensive Lineup 03:43
15. Wait A Minute 03:58
01. The Curse 03:57
02. Black Snow 03:03
03. Casualties of War 03:41
04. Who? 02:49
05. This Is Where The Fun Stops 03:57
06. Hold Up 04:39
07. Starlight 03:54
08. Knockatomi Plaza 04:23
09. Pay Attention 02:46
10. Serve Justice 03:46
11. Still Got The Ammo 04:14
12. Ride On 03:40
13. Incite A Riot 02:57
14. Lost 03:59
15. Still Waters Run Deep 03:35
16. Raining 03:41
17. Sick Life 03:30
18. The Storm 03:04
19. Avalanche Warning 03:44
20. The Hatred 03:39
21. Helpless 03:53

Snowgoons - Sparta (Instrumentals) (2011) (V0)

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01. Sparta
02. Back At It
03. Get Yours
04. Blaspemy (Blast For Me)
05. Opium
06. Hard Niggaz
07. Rollin'
08. No Mercy
09. Break 'Em
10. Body On The Iron

Snowgoons - Goonstrumentals Vol. 1 (2014) (320 Kbps)

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01. Brand New Day (Exclusive)
02. Unfixable (Kilakikitt)
03. Progress Instrumental
04. Raps Of The Titans Instrumental
05. The Real Talk Instrumental
06. The Hatred 2 Instrumental
07. Sweatshop Deathrock Instrumental
08. Relentless Storm Instrumental
09. Product Of The Systm
10. Black Snow 2 Instrumental
11. Smacking Hard (Exclusive)
12. Pray For Your Life Instrumental
13. Homecoming (Exclusive)

Snowgoons - A Fist in the Thought (featuring Savage Brothers & Lord Lhus) (2009) (320 Kbps)

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01. Who Are You
02. Get Down
03. Platoon Goons (Feat. Reef the Lost Cauze)
04. Trapped On Earth
05. Run Run
06. At War (Feat. Sean Price Of Heltah Skeltah)
07. Knuckle Up
08. One Shot
09. Pray Hard (Feat. Sicknature)
10. South Carolina Struggle (Feat. Vibez)
11. Michael Nobody aka Poetic Death
12. Planetary Takeover (Feat. Planet X)
13. All In Your Mind (Feat. Viro the Virus)
14. Capital City Streetz
15. Snakes
16. Hip Hop Crusaders (Feat. King Syze & Kev Turner)
17. Been Fighting Devilz

Snowgoons - The Iron Fist (featuring Savage Brothers & Lord Lhus) (2011) (320 Kbps)

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01. At War Pt. 2 (Feat. Ruste Juxx)
02. Game Time
03. Massacre (Feat. Chief Kamachi)
04. Return Of The Fist (Feat. Virtuoso)
05. Pray For Your Life (Feat. Sicknature)
06. Smoke & Mirrors
07. 5 Criminals (Feat. King Magnetic, Venom & Freestyle)
08. We Don’t Give A Fuck
09. South East (Feat. Supastition)
10. Real Goons (Feat. Dr. Ill)
11. Last Days (Feat. Brainstorm)
12. Step On Us
13. Music (Feat. Vibez)
14. Piledriver
15. Progress (Feat. Grindhouse Gang, Words & Rhymes)
16. Uncanny Valley (Feat. The Uncanny)
17. On The Run
18. Silence
19. Silence
20. Silence
21. Silence
22. Silence
23. Third Eye (Feat. Genghis Khan)

Snowgoons - Virohazard (Remix EP) (featuring Viro the Virus) (2011) (320 Kbps)

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01. Desperate (Snowgoons Remix)
02. Passion of the V (Sicknature Remix)
03. Starlight (Black Luger Remix)
04. Who Are You? (Snowgoons Remix)
05. Rear Naked Choke
06. Heat (Snowgoons Edit)
07. Slumdog (Snowgoons Edit)
08. Kid U Not (Snowgoons Remix)

Snowgoons - Your Favorite MC (featuring Reef the Lost Cauze) (2011) (320 Kbps)

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01. Brotherhood (02:46)
02. Fuck Rappers (04:13)
03. Euthanasia (feat. Jus Allah & Sicknature) (04:15)
04. Timezones (feat. Outerspace) (04:04)
05. Kill Somebody (03:34)
06. Boxcutter Samurai (04:15)
07. Black Opz (04:28)
08. Brain On Drugs (feat. Esoteric) (03:21)
09. High By Myself (03:30)
10. Devil's Advocate (04:03)
11. The Legend Of Mr. T (02:37)
12. Mount Up (feat. Sabac & Wise Intelligent) (03:34)
13. Big Shots (feat. King Magnetic & O.J.) (03:56)
14. 100 Rhyme Books (03:22)
15. Fuck Rappers Remix (feat. F.T. & Slaine) (05:36)

Snowgoons - Sparta (featuring M.O.P.) (2011) (320 Kbps
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01. Sparta
02. Back At It
03. Get Yours
04. Blaspemy (Blast For Me)
05. Opium
06. Hard Niggaz
07. Rollin'
08. No Mercy
09. Break 'Em
10. Body On The Iron

Snowgoons - Welcome to The Goondox (feat. PMD & Sean Strange as Goondox) (2013) (320 Kbps)

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01. Intro (Hit Squad Airlines)
02. Welcome to the Goondox
03. All Around the World
04. New Box f. Sicknature
05. No Time to Look Back
06. Bang Out (Remix) (feat. Smoothe Da Hustler & N.O. The God)
07. Weather the Storm (fea. Scott G)
08. Forever (Till the Death) (feat. Swifty McVay, Stress, N.O. The God, Tom J, Chief Kamachi, El Toro & Gustapo)
09. Stand Up (For The Love Of Hip Hop)
10. All or Nothing
11. Goondox Saints (feat. Meth Mouth, Scott G, ODoub, Bundy, Reef the Lost Cauze & Esoteric)
12. The Chase
13. Raps of the Titans (feat. Swollen Members, Jus Allah, Impakt, ODoub, Bundy, Klee Magor, Virtuoso, Meth Mouth, Psych Ward & Jaysaun)
14. Living the Life

Snowgoons - CoVirt Ops: Infantry (featuring Virtuoso) (2013) (320 Kbps)

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01. Snow Blind 03:21
02. Snowgoons Infantry (feat. Del & Reks) 03:15
03. Rainmaker 04:14
04. If You Lost Someone 03:45
05. G8 Conference Pt. 1 (feat. Blacastan [Demigodz] & Akrobatik) 02:55
06. Slapbox With Jesus 04:28
07. Ted Koppel (feat. M-DOT & V.Knuckles [N.B.S.]) 04:00
08. Blood In The Rain 03:31
09. White Linen 04:35
10. Sweatshop Deathrock (feat. Esoteric [A.O.T.P.] & Celph Titled [Demigodz]) 03:34
11. Chaos Theory 03:41
12. Kaleidoscope Geometry (feat. Canibus & Evil Intentions) 04:14
13. Silent Conversation 02:34
14. You're Too Bad (feat. E'Flash [N.B.S.] & Jaysaun [Special Teamz]) 03:42
15. Authentic 03:49
16. Live Like A Wire 03:09
17. Sick Baby [CD Bonus] 03:27

Snowgoons - #WAKEDAFUCUP (feat. Onyx) (2014) (320 Kbps)

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01. Wakedafucup Intro
02. Whut Whut
03. We Don't F****n Care (feat. A$AP Ferg & Sean Price)
04. Hustin Hour (feat. Makem Pay)
05. Buc Bac
06. Wakedafucup (feat. Dope D.O.D.)
07. The Tunnel (feat. Papoose & Cormega)
08. The Realest
09. Dirty Cops (feat. Snak the Ripper)
10. Boom!!
11. Trust No Bitch
12. One 4 Da Team (feat. Reks)
13. Hammers On Deck
14. Turndafucup

Snowgoons - Grind Over Matter (feat. Aspects) (2014) (320 Kbps)

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01. Just A Lit Bit
02. What You Get Now feat Ghostface Killah & Cody Coyote
03. No Mo feat Young Buck & Celph Titled
04. Whats Good feat M.O.P & Sicknature
05. Wulocks feat Raekwon, Killa Priest & Armageddon
06. Gambling Man feat Bizzy Bone & Paragraph
07. Hip Hop Circus feat Hussein Fatal & Punchline
08. This Life feat Sheek Louch & Swisha-T
09. Never Die
10. Musick & Money feat Hussein Fatal & Mopreme Shakur
11. Keep It Real
12. Ride Or Die feat Madchild & Mike P
13. Verbal Attack
14. No Rest For The WIcked feat N.B.S.
15. Suceed feat A-Mafia & Paragraph
16. Get Back feat Billy Danze (M.O.P) & Paragraph (Prod by A-Plus)
17. Hunger Pains feat Young Buck & Swisha-T (Prod by PaulStar)

Snowgoons - KillaGoons (feat. Killakikitt) (2014) (320 Kbps)

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01. Egszakadas
02. Bazdmeg (feat. Onyx)
03. Szellemjaras
04. Duhbe Jovunk (feat. Barbarfiverek)
05. Ejszaka
06. Pofatlanok (feat. Snak The Ripper, Merkules)
07. Csapda
08. Kikepzes (feat. PKO)
09. Idegen
10. Javithatatlan (feat. Turan Khan)
11. Betondzsungel Konyve
12. Ez Dirty
13. Itt Az Ido
14. Nepsavazas (feat. NKS)
15. Slang Csempeszek (feat. Mikee Mykanic, Ketioz)
16. Mutasd a Jelet
17. Sebhelyek (feat. Veszk'jarat)
18. Lehettem Volna (feat. Slaine, N.B.S.)

Official Mixtapes
Snowgoons - Kidding On Wax (2008) (192 Kbps)

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01. Kidkut Side
02. Waxwork Side

Snowgoons - Joining Forces (2008) (192 Kbps)

картинка, оставленная пользователем

01. DJ Waxwork: Intro (Feat. DJ KidKut)
02. Born Unique: Real World
03. Jedi Mind Tricks: The Worst
04. Snowgoons: Clip Full Of Ammo (Feat. J-Sands & Mitchell Hennessy)
05. Snowgoons: Never (Feat. Reef The Lost Cauze)
06. Weathermen: Gut You
07. Army Of The Pharaoh’s: Narrow Grave
08. Chief Kamachi: The Best (Feat. Guru)
09. Static & Nat Ill: Get Up Get Out (Feat. Promoe)
10. Army Of The Pharaohs: Tear It Down
11. Likwit Junkies: S.C.A.N.S.
12. Non Phixion: Black Helicoptors
13. Jedi Mind Tricks: Contra (Feat. Killasha)
14. Rasco: Gunz Still Hot (Feat. Edo G & Reks)
15. King Syze: Blitzkrieg (Feat. Vinnie Paz)
16. Prinz Porno: Keine Liebe
17. Maylay Sparks: The Sickest (Feat. Gemini)
18. Non Phixion: It's Us
19. Jeru Da Damaja: Ain't The Devil Happy
20. Snowgoons: Bring It On (Feat. Supastition)
21. O.C.: Time's Up
22. Ghostface: Run
23. J-Spliff: State Of Mind (Feat. Sean Price)
24. Snowgoons: German Lugers (Feat. Mitchell Hennessy & Edi Amin)
25. Elbis: I Make Moves Tight (Feat. Infamous MC)
26. Roger Rekless: Aber Nein (Hitfarmers RMX)

Snowgoons - German Snow (2008) (320 Kbps)

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01. Torchers Trademark (Feat. Wise Intelligent & Torch)
02. This Is Where The Fun Stops (Feat. Reef The Lost Cauze & Abroo)
03. The Hatred (Feat. Slaine, Pal One & Lord Lhus)
04. Casualties Of War (Feat. Smiff N Wessum & Marph)
05. Starlight (Feat. Viro The Virus & Aphroe)
06. Black Snow (Feat. ILL Bill, Apathy & Simon Says)
07. No Guts, No Glory (Feat. O.C., Curse & Rasco)
08. A.O.T.P. (Feat. Apathy & Mars)
09. Still Got The Ammo (Feat. Mainflow, Sebstar & El Da Sensei)
10. Ride On (Feat. Defari, Nico Suave & Maylay Sparks)
11. Sick Life (Feat. Sick Jacken, Cynic & Gimma)
12. Enemy (Feat. ILL Bill & Morlock Dilemma)
13. The Spell (Feat. Eternia & Pyranja)
14. Riddle Of The Sphinx (Feat. Jus Allah, Guideon & Rip Shop)
15. Nuthing You Say (Feat. Edo G & Retrogott)
16. Lost (Feat. Block McCloud, Doap Nixon, CHS & Respect)
17. Gunz (Feat. Sean Price, Dra & Q)
18. Still Waters Run Deep (Feat. Supastition & Ferum)
19. Controll (Feat. Hiob, KRS-One & Cy Marshall Law)
20. Raining (Feat. Brainstorm, Grizu & Edo G)
21. Avalanche Warning (Feat. Pacewon, Raki, BoRisk & Nervous Wreck)
22. Who? (Remix) (Feat. Outerspace, Black Market & Suspee)

Snowgoons - Black Luger (2009) (320 Kbps)

картинка, оставленная пользователем
01. Who? (Feat. Outerspace) (Luger Remix)
02. Black Snow (Feat. ILL Bill & Apathy) (Luger Remix)
03. Nothin You Say (Feat. Edo G) (Luger Remix)
04. Sick Life (Feat. Sick Jacken & Cynic) (Luger Remix)
05. Casualties Of War (Feat. Smif N Wessun & Respect) (Luger Remix)
06. The Hatred (Feat. Slaine, Singapore Kane & Lord Lhus) (Luger Remix)
07. Gunz (Feat. Sean Price & Jus Allah) (Luger Remix)
08. This Is Where The Fun Stops (Feat. Reef The Lost Cauze) (Luger Remix)
09. Lost (Feat. Block McCloud, Respect & Doap Nixon) (Luger Remix)
10. Avalanche Warning (Feat. Pacewon, Adlib & Nervous Wreck) (Luger Remix)
11. The Curse (Feat. Chief Kamachi, Charon Don & Reef The Lost Cauze) (Luger Exclusive)

Sicknature & Snowgoons - Banished From Home Mixtape (Mixed By DJ Illegal) (2010) (V2)

картинка, оставленная пользователем

01. Sicknature & Snowgoons - Banished From Home Intro
02. Vinnie Paz - Drag You To Hell (Sicknature Remix)
03. Sicknature - Room Of The Past RMX (Sicknature)
04. Pro & Reg Feat. Reef The Lost Cauze - Time Isnt Safe (Snowgoons)
05. Godilla Feat. Adlib & UG - Lions Den (Snowgoons)
06. 5th Criminal Feat. Slaine & Sicknature - Dungeon Masters (5th Criminal)
07. Dialek - Beyond (Sicknature)
08. Viro The Virus - Heat (Snowgoons)
09. Dr iLL Feat. Lord Lhus & Qualm - Timb Boot Hatred (Snowgoons Remix)
10. NBS - B.O.S.T.O.N (Sicknature)
11. Demoz - Murderville (Sicknature)
12. Reef The Lost Cauze & Sicknature - This Is Where The Fun Stops RMX (Snowgoons)
13. Mastapiecce Feat. Slain - Put You To Shame (Sicknature)
14. Jus Allah - G.O.D. (Snowgoons Remix)
15. Godilla - Countdown (Snowgoons)
16. Lord Lush Feat. Savage Brothers & Sicknature - Pray Hard (Sicknature)
17. Brooklyn AC - Last Passion (Snowgoons)
18. Irate Fam - Disciples Of Rap (Sicknature)
19. Rakaa (Dilated People) Feat. Reks & Sicknature - Goon Stampede (Snowgoons)
20. Big Shug Feat. Special Teamz & Singapore Kane - 40 Bars (Snowgoons)
21. King Syze - Cement Work (Snowgoons)
22. Revolution Of The Mind Feat. Reef The Lost Cauze - Back Ones Again (Sicknature)
23. La Coka Nostra Feat. Q-Unique - Nuclear Medicineman (Snowgoons Remix)
24. Lord Lush - Hatred Exlusive (Snowgoons)
25. Randam Luck Feat. Jimmy Powers - Street Goons (Snowgoons)
26. Adlib Feat. Ali Armz, Godilla & King Magnetic - Snowgoons (Snowgoons)
27. Ill Bill - 21 (Sicknature)
28. Block McCloud Feat. Creative Juice, Adlib & gODHEAD The General - Valley Of Death Pt.2 (Snowgoons)

Snowgoons DJs - New Years Eve Mix! (2011) (192 Kbps)

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DJ Crypt:
01. Intro
02. Chali 2NA – Dont Stop
03. Soulbrotha ft. Large Pro & Nutso – Beats By The pound
04. Blitz The Ambassador – B-Boy Massacre
05. Reef ft Jus Allah & Sicknature – Euthanasia
06. M.O.P. & Snowgoons – Back At It
07. Ghostface, Killah Priest & GZA – Purified Thoughts
08. Blaq Poet ft MC Eight & Young Maylay – Aint Nuthin Changed (Remix)
DJ XRated:
01. Logic – Addiction
02. Fong-Sai-U – Hip Hop Music
03. Drag-On – Money
04. Roots Manuva – 9 Dubs A Year
05. Estelle – Come Over
06. Janelle Monae – Tightrope (Wondamix Remix – feat. B.o.B. & Lupe Fiasco)
07. Logic – All I Do
08. Snowgoons ft. Banish, Crooked I & Beenie Man – We Nah Play
09. BE.water – Raw Footage
10. M.O.P. & Snowgoons – Opium
DJ Illegal:
01. Funk Intro
02. Dr Dre & Snoop Dogg – Nuthin But a G Thang
03. Ice Cube – You Know How We Do It
04. Da Brat – Funkdafied
05. Dogg Pound – Let’s Play House
06. Eazy E – Eazy Street
07. Above The Law – Untouchable
08. Coolio – Fantastic Voyage
09. Domino – Physical Funk
10. LBC Crew – Beware Of My Crew

Snowgoons feat. Ill Bill & Morlockk Dilemma - Van Gogh (2014) (V0)

картинка, оставленная пользователем
01. Van Gogh feat. Ill Bill & Morlockk Dilemma (Original)
02. Fernsehshow feat. Morlockk Dilemma, Absztrakkt und R.U.F.F.K.I.D.D. (Original)
03. Van Gogh feat. Ill Bill & Morlockk Dilemma (Morlockko Plus Remix)
04. Van Gogh (Instrumental)
05. Fernsehshow (Instrumental)
06. Van Gogh (Morlockko Plus Remix) (Instrumental)


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Hip-Hop music and culture is truly a global phenomenon.
Since hip-hop and its cornerstone elements of breakdancing, graffiti,
MCing and DJing took root and quickly became renowned the world over,
Det, the founder of Germany's production team Snowgoons, has been a
mainstay in the international hip-hop scene. Teaming up with renowned
mixtape DJ Illegal in 1999 to form the basis of the Snowgoons
production unit, the Goons have since recorded tracks with some of
the US's and Europe's hottest up and coming hip-hop acts. Throughout
the years, the buzz surrounding the Snowgoons production team has
steadily escalated as their gritty, authentic and eclectic beats have
gained recognition in both the US as well as within the burgeoning
European Hip-Hop scene. Looking to expand their fast-growing empire,
Det and DJ Illegal completed the squad with the 2006 addition of two
more Goons: Torben and DJ Waxwork.
With four distinctive styles, The Snowgoons have earned a
well-deserved reputation as one of today's most accomplished and
versatile international production teams, evidenced in the breadth of
their track record to date. Having supplied aural ammo for some of
today's most revered independent hip-hop acts, including Boot Camp
Click's Sean Price, D.I.T.C.'s O.C., Jus Allah and J. Sands of The
Lone Catalysts, just to name a few, the 'Goons colonization of the
American rap scene has long been underway.

SNOWGOONS Discography

Snowgoons-German Lugers [2007]
картинка, оставленная пользователем

Title:German Lugers
Bitrate:VBR kbps

01.Snowgoons-Head Or Tails (ft.Chief Kamachi,Virtuoso & Jus Allah)
02.Snowgoons-Who What When Where (ft.Celph Titled & Majik Most)
03.Snowgoons-Never (ft.Reef the Lost Cauze)
04.Snowgoons-Gunz (ft.Sean Price,Jus Allah & Doujah Raze)
05.Snowgoons-Teachers Trademark (ft.Wize Intelligent)
06.Snowgoons-Thinking About Me (ft.Baby Black)
07.Snowgoons-No Guts No Glory (ft.O.C.,Rasco,Reef the Lost Cauze & Wordsworth)
08.Snowgoons-German Lugers (ft.Mitchell Hennesey & Edi Amin)
09.Snowgoons-Black Woods (ft.MED & Living Legends)
10.Snowgoons-Real World (ft.Born Unique)
11.Snowgoons-Show Love (ft.El Da Sensei)
12.Snowgoons-Man Of the Year (ft.Last Emperor)
13.Snowgoons-It's Yours (ft.Afu-Ra)
14.Snowgoons-Nothin' You Say (ft.Edo G.)
15.Snowgoons-Snowgoons Sonata (ft.Pumpkinhead)
16.Snowgoons-No Man's Land (ft.Breeze Evahflowin)
17.Snowgoons-Offensive Lineup (ft.Craig G.)
18.Snowgoons-Wait a Minute (ft.Kreators)
19.Snowgoons-G.O.D. (Remix) (ft.Jus Allah)


Snowgoons-German Lugers (Bonus Disc) [2007]
картинка, оставленная пользователем

Title:German Lugers (Bonus Disc)
Bitrate:VBR kbps

02.Snowgoons-Enemy (Remix) (ft.ILL BIll & Raekwon)
03.Snowgoons-Thinking About Me (Remix) (ft.Baby Black)
04.Snowgoons-The Wolf (ft.State Store)
05.Snowgoons-Let Me Down Easy (ft.Respect)
06.Snowgoons-Philly Gold (ft.Chief Kamachi & State Store)
07.Snowgoons-Murder (ft.Matrix)
08.Snowgoons-Clip Full Of Ammo (ft.J.Sands & Mitchell Hennessy)
09.Snowgoons-Charly Says (ft.Illin P.)
10.Snowgoons-Living Man (ft.Grand Agent)
11.Snowgoons-The Innauguration (ft.Doujah Raze)


Snowgoons-Black Snow [2008]
картинка, оставленная пользователем

Title:Black Snow
Bitrate:VBR kbps

01.Snowgoons-The Curse (ft.King Magnetic,Charon Don,Sicknature & Reef The Lost Cauze)
02.Snowgoons-Black Snow (ft.ILL Bill & Apathy)
03.Snowgoons-Casualties Of War (ft.Smif-N-Wessun & Respect Tha God)
04.Snowgoons-Who? (ft.Outerspace)
05.Snowgoons-Hold Up (ft.R.A. The Rugged Man,Lord Lhus & Savage Brothers)
06.Snowgoons-This Is Where the Fun Stops (ft.Reef the Lost Cauze)
07.Snowgoons-Starlight (ft.Viro the Virus)
08.Snowgoons-Knockatomi Plaza (ft.Side Effect)
09.Snowgoons-Pay Attention (ft.Decay,Astonish & Scheme)
10.Snowgoons-Serve Justice (ft.Killah Priest,Rasul Allah & Richard Raw)
11.Snowgoons-Still Got the Ammo (ft.Main Flow,Godilla,El Da Sensei & J. Sands)
12.Snowgoons-Ride On (ft.Defari,Maylay Sparks & Sondro Castro)
13.Snowgoons-Incite a Riot (ft.King Magnetic & Adlib)
14.Snowgoons-Lost (ft.Respect Tha God,Block MCcloud & Doap Nixon)
15.Snowgoons-Still Waters Run Deep (ft.Supastition)
16.Snowgoons-Raining (ft.Brainstorm,Edo G & Jaysaun)
17.Snowgoons-Sick Life (ft.Sick Jacken,Cynic & Bacardi Riam)
18.Snowgoons-The Storm (ft.The Boom Bap Project)
19.Snowgoons- Avalanche Warning (ft.Pacewon,Nervous Wreck & Adlib)
20.Snowgoons-The Hatred (ft.Slaine,Signapore Kane & Lord Lhus)
21.Snowgoons-Helpless (ft.Equinox)


Snowgoons-Black Snow (Bonus Disc) [2008]
картинка, оставленная пользователем

Title:Black Snow (Bonus Disc)
Bitrate:VBR kbps

01.Snowgoons-A.O.T.P. (ft.Apathy)
02.Snowgoons-My Time (ft.Lord Lhus)
03.Snowgoons-Iceman (ft.Cymershall Law)
04.Snowgoons-Foreign Banguage (ft.Side Effect)
05.Snowgoons-40 Barz (ft.Big Shug,Special Teamz & Singapore Kane)
06.Snowgoons-The Spell (ft.Eternia)
07.Snowgoons-Ride With Me (ft.Born Unique)
08.Snowgoons-.Serve Justice (Remix) (ft.Rasul Allah,Killah Priest & Richard Raw)
09.Snowgoons-Buried In Black Snow (ft.Savage Brothers)
10.Snowgoons-Suicide (ft.Third Kind)


Snowgoons-Thinking About Me/Who What When Where (Limited Edition VLS) [2006]
картинка, оставленная пользователем

Title:Thinking About Me/Who What When Where (Limited Edition VLS)
Bitrate:VBR kbps

01.Snowgoons-Thinking About Me (ft.Baby Black) (Main Edit)
02.Snowgoons-Thinking About Me (ft.Baby Black) (Main Edit) (Instrumental)
03.Snowgoons-Thinking About Me (ft.Baby Black) (West Philly Remix)
04.Snowgoons-Thinking About Me (ft.Baby Black) (West Philly Remix) (Instrumental)
05.Snowgoons-Who What When Where (ft.Celph Titled & Majik Most) (Main Edit)
06.Snowgoons-Who What When Where (ft.Celph Titled & Majik Most) (Radio Edit)
07.Snowgoons-Who What When Where (ft.Celph Titled & Majik Most) (Instrumental)


Snowgoons-Other Material [2004-2008]
картинка, оставленная пользователем

Title:Other Material
Bitrate:VBR kbps

Snowgoons-?? (ft.??)
Snowgoons-Hard To Catch (ft.Breeze Evahflowin)
Snowgoons-Bring It On (ft.Supastition)
Snowgoons-Cement Work (ft.King Syze)
Snowgoons-Control (Remix) (ft.Cymershall Law & KRS One)
Snowgoons-Dead Man Walking (ft.The Devilz Reject)
Snowgoons-Destruction (ft.Godilla & Usual Suspectz)
Snowgoons-Filthy Drunx (ft.Mesidge)
Snowgoons-Free For All (ft.King Magnetic,Adlib & Godilla)
Snowgoons-G.O.D. (Remix) (ft.Jus Allah)
Snowgoons-Halls Of Amiety (ft.Sick Since & ATMA)
Snowgoons-Heaven Is Calling (ft.Doap Nixon & Cynthia Holliday)
Snowgoons-Incredibles (ft.The Devilz Reject,G.I.45 & Quite Nice)
Snowgoons-Leather Head (ft.??)
Snowgoons-Raw (Remix) (ft.Vinnie Paz & Randam Luck)
Snowgoons-Riddle Of the Sphinx (ft.The Devilz Reject & Rip Shop)
Snowgoons-Verbal Holocaust (Remix) (ft.ILL Bill & Randam Luck)
Snowgoons-We Need More (ft.Brother Ali)



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заходи, френдь, качай. сука.
=\ как можно было пропусть гёрман лугеров? даже фанаты фифти его слышали....=\
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во дела, спс ...
явно что-то интересное! буду все выкачивать.
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Snowgoons-Black Snow [2008]

не особо...минуса мне такие не нравятся
напомнило нон-фикшн
с такими людьми на фитах можно было оёёй!
или я не очень альбом выбрал???
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если у них все релизы выпущены на Babygrande , нахрена отдельный топик?
если у них все релизы выпущены на Babygrande , нахрена отдельный топик?

аналогичный вопрос + закрытая предыдущая тема
Предыдущий топик закрыт совсем по дуги причинам.
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меня тошнит от вашего рэпа
мысли набычены
если у них все релизы выпущены на Babygrande , нахрена отдельный топик?

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Аналогичный вопрос можно задать касательно кучи других артистов.

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