не вижу 4 часть Solid Steel radio show - DJ Moneyshot, Clause Four & DK (19.09.08)
a chto eto ???

не вижу 4 часть Solid Steel radio show - DJ Moneyshot, Clause Four & DK (19.09.08)

там 4 части, но DJ Moneyshot объединен в 1

по-моему по названию файлоф smile.gif) понятно Манишот, Клаус4 и ДиКий ))
Solid Steel radio show - King Cannibal, Coldcut & PC (27.09.08)

Pop-pop! (26th September) King Cannibal powers into the studio with nothing but heat! So hang onto your bass bins! The hottest new recruit on Ninja is ready to blow your eardrums! With his debut Ninja single out Monday 29th this mix is strictly top shelf; Drum Corps, Mundo, Skream, Deville, J-Kenzo and more from the dark-bass-side! We dip into the archive once again with a Coldcut & PC classic edition from 1996, the calm after the storm of the first hour.
This week we take a more organic stance on proceedings with a little known treasure nicknamed 'Solid Wood' by PC who, with Jon More, decided to present an entire show from a less electronic viewpoint. Jazz, African, Indian, classical, roots & world - or should that be 'other world' - music, all feature heavily instead of the more usual sonic palette of machine-made music. Amazing! As always you can catch the second part at bosbos.net. Go there by felt booted little friends.

pt1 King Cannibal
01. Unknown - Unknown /Unknown/
02. Drum Corps - Down /Ad Noiseam/
03. Total Science - Junglism /Metalheads/
04. King Cannibal - Aragami Style /Ninja Tune/
05. Scorn - Super Mantis (King Cannibal Remix) /Combat Recordings/
06. Various Productions - Driver /Various Productions/
07. Deville - Stamina /Senseless/
08. Misc - Hoooked /Lost Souls Recordings/
09. Top Billin - Boy Angles /Top Billin/
10. Mundo - I Stand Rasta /Dub Assembly/
11. Peverlist - The Grid /Scape/
12. Skream - Percression /Tectonic/
13. Round One - I'm Your Brother (Chicago's Twisted Mix) /Main Street Recordings/
14. 2562 - Techno Dread /Tectonic/
15. Kraftwerk - Numbers /Warner Bros Records/
16. Matty G - 50,0000 Watts /Argon/
17. Aaron Spectre - Say More Fire /Rag & Bone Records/
18. Vex'd - Killing Floor /Planet Mu/
19. Lil Jon - Throw It Up (acapella) /Tvt/
20. Distance - Fallen (Vex'd Remix) /Planet Mu/
21. Babylon Systems - Loaded /Argon/
22. Rudeez - Champion /White Label/
23. Deville - Rumble /Senseless/
24. Kanji Kinetic - Crazy Pills /Rag & Bone Records/
25. Seldom Felt - A1 /Seldom Felt/
26. Amand Van Helden - Witch Doktor /Strictly Rhythm/
27. Andy Stott - Hostile /Modern Love/
28. Paul Kalk Brenner - Keule /B Pitch/
29. J-kenzo - Tekno Bass /Soul Shakerz/

pt2 King Cannibal
01. Modeselektor - Hyper Hyper /B Pitch/
02. Shitmat - More Fire (93' Ting Mix) /Planet Mu/
03. Trg - Horny /Subway/
04. Asylum - Da Base 2 Dark /Metalheads/
05. Photek - Age Of Empires /Metalheads/
06. Dillinja - In The Grind /Valve/
07. 2 Player - Extreme Possibilities /Ninja Tune/
08. Ed Rush & Optical - Funktion Vip /V Records/
09. Special Forces - Rinsa /Tekdbz/
10. Special Forces - Satisfy /Metalheads/
11. Ruffige Kru - Rhythm Killa /Metalheads/
12. Special Forces - Something Else/ The Bleeps Tune /Photek Productions/
13. Goldie - Angel (Teebee Remix) /Metalheads/
14. Spirit - Siren (Hive Remix) /Inneractive Music/
15. Photek -Ni-ten-ichi-ryu (Teebee Remix) /Photek Productions/
16. J.Majik - Your Sound (Remix) /Razors Edge/
17. Boymerang - Mind Control /Regal Recordings/
18. Dj Krust - Kloakin Device /Full Cycle/
19. M Beat - Incredible /Renk/
20. Remarc - R.i.p (Remarc Remix) /Planet Mu/
21. Remarc – Drum’n’ Bass Wise /Planet Mu/

pt3 Coldcut & PC
01. Yues Riveness & Michael Brook - Dance /Unknown/
02. Little Axe - Hear My Cry /On-u Sound/
03. Tuck & Patty - Live In The Light /Sony/
04. Bahia Black - Gwagwa O De /Axiom/
05. Ben Harper - Don't Take That Attitude To Your Grave /Emi/
06. Norman Brown - Acoustic Time /Mo Jazz/
07. Raleigh - Moon Professor Stephanof /Unknown/
08. Flora Purim - Cravo A Canela /Milestone/
09. Stanley Clarke - Spanish Phrases For Strings And Bass /Polydor/
10. Arvo Part - Cantus In Memory Of Benjamin Brittan /Emi/

pt4 Coldcut & PC
01. Trilok Gurtu - A Bessing In Disguise /Times Square/
02. Byron Wallen - Unknown /Twilight Jaguar/
03. Youssou N'dour - Undecided /Columbia/
04. Les Papans - Tiambla La Tera /Unknown/
05. Dollar Brand - African Marketplace /Elektra/
06. Sebastian Rocher - Gingawah /Unknown/
07. Alice Coltrane & Carlos Santana - Angel Of The Air /Impulse/

Цитата: (rapidshare.com/ 173Mb @ VBR)

Цитата: (ifolder.ru/ 173Mb @ VBR)
King Cannibal не понравились. Музыка для агрессивных подростков в трудной ситуации, а вот
Coldcut & PC как всегда на высоте. Это мое. Спасибо, друзья!!! rolleyes.gif
King Cannibal не понравились. Музыка для агрессивных подростков в трудной ситуации

не правда совсем... просто ты не понял)))
Я тоже не понял
ELE они там на рапиде поох#евали совсем, прикрыли 1ю часть какоог то хрена.
картинка, оставленная пользователем
Блин, уроды ))) не первый раз уже такое
rapidshare down for 27.09.08

please re-up

vot. molodec)))

u menja ne zalivaetsja... 3 pa3a proboval, propadaet file
Ну там походу контрольная сумма сверяется, поэтому в таких слухаях надо архивировать!
кста, точно, не лейте в мп3, под архивчик, и дату в названии, фиг докопаюццо
можно ссылки на народ ру?
картинка, оставленная пользователем

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