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Within two years of conception, Soundstem has recorded a killer album, crushed crowds with awe inspiring performances, had songs out perform all others to date online, and been a finalist in one of the most esteemed radio contests in Canada. Soundstem is a heavy-rock act combining driving rhythms, exploding solos and solid drumming while playing sets both with, and with-out sequencing. The guitar sound smacks of Ozzy & Black Label Society while the bass and drums seem to remind us of Stone Temple Pilots meets Guns N’ Metallica. That being said, Soundstem is focused on keeping the bulk of their songs mainstream enough to solicit interest from the radio audience. Most of the songwriting is done by Doran Vass who began playing bass before deciding playing guitar and being up front is where his heart lies. He is also able to navigate a drum kit quite well. Anyone who listens to the first albums lyrics will come to quickly respect Vass’ vocals and writing style no doubt. Randy Williams went to jazz school to take his bass knowledge to another level, but his passion is heavy rock and he knows exactly what bass to lay down with Soundstem. Rock and solid are major investors in his bank of ripping bass grooves. J.D. is master of the back of the stage and sits his throne a-top the drum riser. He also has dabbled in jazz as well as funk and blues. But he always comes home to this style of heavy drumming. Lawrence Dumont on guitars, has drawn inspiration from Vancouver’s Blues scene. He plays a legato style like Satriani with the aggressive edge of Hammet focusing on speed and technique. The boys of Soundstem right now are finishing pre-production for the second album. Five new songs have already been recorded and mastered. Sessions are at Ear Art Studios with producer and engineer Tim Neuhaus, who recorded the first self-titled album, which has been described as lyrically expressive and sonically moving. Soundstem hopes to use its growing popularity to its advantage. Contests such as CFOX’s Vancouver SEEDS saw them rank in the top ten out of over four hundred entries. Also a professionally run music website judged by peers has awarded more than one of their songs top honors. Self managing at this point, Soundstem is aware of the importance of the ‘ illusion’ of professionalism and pays strict attention to things like band finances, keeping record of events and meetings, whose turn it is to buy beer, where the last gas money came from… Pro stuff. Armed with both a killer live show and a kick-ass album, the boys have their sights locked on success. Soundstem raises the banner of hard rock and is focused on delivering a concert that provides everything an audience demands and more...

Soundstem - Demos (2008)

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1. Another Night
2. Broken
3. Caged
4. Club Candy feat. PROX
5. Go Home
6. Jukebox Hero
7. Respect
8. Waited 4 U




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What mattered the most was remembered the least...!
♪ Malrun - Into The Sun ♪

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You can't change the world, but you sure can make a dent.
Soundstem - Soundstem (2008)
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01. Bred For War
02. Respect
03. Go Home
04. Caged
05. Breathe For Me
06. So Grim
07. Tijuana
08. Another Night
09. Broken
10. Jukebox Hero


Soundstem - Soundstem (2008)

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Tomorrow Can Wait (2011)
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[VBR-V0 | 59.72 Mb]

1. Erase
2. Lights On
3. Club Candy [Explicit]
4. Tomorrow Will Come
5. Waited For You
6. I Won't Miss You
7. When I Look At You
8. Awaken Me
9. Take You To Heaven
10. Livin It Up ( Till I Die)


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01. Erase
04. Tomorrow Will Come
05. Waited For You
07. When I Look At You
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