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Artist: Spanish For 100
Title: Say What You Want to Say To Me
Label: Independant
Genre: Indie
Rip.Date: 00.00.2007
Street.Date: 00.00.0000
Source: CDDA
Quality: VBR / avg. 177kbps / 44,1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Encoder: LAME 3.97/V2/VBRNEW
Playtime: 38:36 min
Size: 50,4 MB

Track Listing:
01. Attack! 02:10
02. Sangria 03:13
03. Say What You Want to Say 03:09
04. Snakebite 02:58
05. Sweet Surprise 03:55
06. Limerance Be 02:48
07. See Now 04:36
08. Red 03:03
09. Thought Twice 03:15
10. She's A Robber 05:40
11. Quick as A Shutter 03:49




Release Notes:

In the coming weeks, maybe months, you may hear the name
Spanish For 100 being thrown around in the same way as that
of Arcade Fire was a couple years ago. Not that there are too
many parallels to be drawn sonically, more that there is an
air of excitement around the release of this album that has,
seemingly, come out of nowhere, from a band hardly mentioned
outside of the US.

Say What You Want To Say To Me is an album of surprising
depth and constant quality. The title track's endless guitar
pirouettes and hopeful vocal harmonies bring to mind Nada
Surf and even Biffy Clyro, whilst the slow-burning 'See Now'
and 'Red' are filled with the same nervous energy as
Aereogramme's late-era meditative offerings.

Yet these changes don't make the album seem pockmarked, nor
do they make for uneasy listening. Spanish For 100 have
mastered all these elements and, just about, created a sound
of their own; a sound somewhere between the just-off-MOR
college rock of their home country and the indie-rock of UK
underground stalwarts such as Jetplane Landing and Hundred
Reasons. Yet for 75 per cent of the time they operate at
quite a distance a way from either of these touchstones.
Perhaps not surprisingly for a band so eager to juxtapose
their collective, and individual, influences, there is a
confident attitude throughout the album, but there is no sign
of an ego anywhere; vocalist Aaron Starkey shies away from
self-referencing, despite writing in the first person. The
band – thankfully - avoid stepping into muso territory.

Whilst this is by no means an all-time classic album, it is
hard to find a fault with Say What You Want To Say To Me
that’s really worth focusing upon. Be sure to check them out
before the inevitable waves of widespread critical adulation
thrust them into the limelight.


Say What You Want To Say To Me was recorded by Johnny
Sangster (Mudhoney, The Briefs, Young Fresh Fellows) and
mixed by Phil Ek.(Band of Horses, Built to Spill, The Shins.)

The Seattle band, Spanish for 100, with their third record,
takes a sonic and emotional journey as they explore the
tension between tensioned filled moments of frantic energy
and slower, contemplative, evocative moods.

Recorded at Chromasound and Avast! studios over the course of
two years, Say What You Want To Say To Me is a definitive
work of strong songwriting, evocative vocals and complex,
emotional dueling guitars.
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Ладно, положимся, в оче6редной раз, на вкус милкита!!!
сколько хайром не тряси - круче всех "AC/DC"
из сиэтла... скачаю-ка и я
"Talking about music is like Dancing about Architecture."

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какие названия то пошли интересные...)
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не плохо, спасибо!
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