А какого года альбом Walk of Life ?
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Перезалейте, пожалуйста, Walk Of Life

Square One - Walk Of Life (2001)

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SQUARE ONE "State Of The Art" 12inch

01 - State Of The Art
02 - State Of The Art Part II
03 - Until then...

please re-up! :-)
ALI RASUL Rest In Peace

A Tribute to Ali Rasul Mix by DJ Kitsune: http://usershare.net/zd393smtkirr
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Rasul (Square One) - Writing Colours (2011)

01. Infinite
02. Movin' On
03. Self Titled feat. DJ Kitsune
04. Godbody
05. Crossroads
06. Cars Drive By feat. Amanda Silvera
07. Welcome Home feat. Hila
08. Until They Love Me No More / Heavenly Father
09. Go feat. DJ LP2
10. Train Of Thought
11. Let It All Hang Out
12. Nelson M. feat. Kaled Ibrahim / Children Of The Sun
13. It's Yours
14. Ragtime
15. Exchange feat. Amanda Silvera


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Release: 15.6.2011
Label: Starting Lineup

1. Rasul - Infinite [4:11]
2. Rasul - Movin' On [4:0]
3. Rasul - Self Titled (Feat. DJ Kitsune) [3:50]
4. Rasul - Godbody [3:56]
5. Rasul - Crossroads [4:20]
6. Rasul - Cars Drive By (Feat. Amanda Silvera) [4:13]
7. Rasul - Welcome Home (Feat. Hila) [4:18]
8. Rasul - Until They Love Me No More/Heavenly Father [7:53]
9. Rasul - Go (Feat. DJ LP2) [4:16]
10. Rasul - Train Of Thought [4:19]
11. Rasul - Let It All Hang Out [4:5]
12. Rasul - Nelson M. (Feat. Kaled Ibrahim)/Children Of The Sun [6:3]
13. Rasul - It's Yours [4:54]
14. Rasul - Ragtime [4:4]
15. Rasul - Exchange (Feat. Amanda Silvera) [13:51]


Rest in heaven, Rasul!
Way before Square One wrote history, Ali Rasul had a crew named Raw Deal. The Munich/Germany based crew recorded some dope tracks in the early 90s. I was diggin deep in the crates for ya'll and found three classic joints from 1991:

Raw Deal Demo from 1991 on soundcloud
Can anyone please reup the "State Of The Art" and "Mind Body Soul" 12inches? Thanks in advance!!!
Square One "Mind, Body, Soul" 12 inch

A1 Mind. Body. Soul. (Vocal)
A2 My Own World (Vocal)
A3 Analyze (Vocal)
B1 Mind. Body. Soul. (Instrumental)
B2 My Own World (Instrumental)
B3 Analyze (Instrumental)


I'm still looking for the "State Of The Art" plus "Applause" 12inches. Thanks for the reup in advance thumb.gif
Square One - Walk Of Life ReRelase coming july 29th

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Square One - Day One (2016)
01. Side A + Side B
cassette rip
mp3 / 320 / turbobit.net
mp3 / V0 / uploaded.net

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perpetuumbeats presents:
Bonus Track For Japan - Vol. 1-37

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