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Artist : Stereociti
Album : Kawasaki
Genre : House
Source : CDDA
Label : Mojuba Germany
Date : 07-04-2011
Encoder : LAME 3.98.4 -V0
Quality : 232kbps 44.1kHz Joint Stereo
Tracks : 10
Time : 73:39
Size : 123.62MB


01 Kawasaki 4:06
02 Expanses 8:59
03 Awakening 6:44
04 Hotel Maroc 8:18
05 Klass 7:04
06 A Day 7:07
07 Steps 7:02
08 Downstream 8:16
09 Water Strider 7:39
10 Day By Day 8:24

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Наиприятнейший релиз.
Awakening, Klass, Hotel Maroc и не только, т.к. очень цельно.

Это сообщение отредактировал Dr.Slanch - 19.07.11 в 22:21
Klass - особенно хорош!
Жаль в качестве не находится..

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Жаль в качестве не находится..

CD-Rip - VBR VO, куда уж лучше? Если только флак...
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Artist > Stereociti
Title > Cosmoride
Type > EP
Year > 2010
Genre > House (deep-house)
Label > Mojuba
Catnr > MOJUBA015
Url >
rlsdate > 22.09.2010
encoder > Lame 3.98r
quality > 320kbps / 44.1 kHz / Full Stereo
source > WEB
length > 16:39 min
tracks > 2
size > 40.20 mb


01. Cosmoride 8:20
02. Tsukayga 8:19

We'd like to thank everyone who contributed
throughout these years. You guys rock!
Without you, this wouldn't have been possible

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Stereociti / Kawasaki / MOJUBALP1 / WEB / 2011
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Artist: Stereociti
Title: Kawasaki
Genre: House
Label: Mojuba
Source: WEB
Quality: 320kbps avg / 44.1KHz / Joint Stereo
Duration: 01:13:39 (173.MB)
Ripdate: 09-08-2011
Store .......

Tracklist ...

01. Kawasaki 4:06
02. Expanses 8:59
03. Awakening 6:44
04. Hotel Maroc 8:18
05. Klass 7:04
06. A Day 7:07
07. 3Steps 7:02
08. Downstream 8:16
09. Water Strider 7:39
10. Day By Day 8:24

Release Notes

The beginning of a new era. Founded in 2005 by Thomas Wendel aka Don Williams
the beloved seminal imprint with cult status Mojuba is facing the next level
with the debut album Kawasaki by Stereociti from Tokyo. When in 2005 the first
sounds of Mojuba were introduced to the world, people quickly realized that
there is something very special going on different to the usual House or Techno
business ? it was something more emotional, more personal, somewhat more deeply
rooted! Stereociti aka Ken Sumitani is truly one of Japans finest when it comes
to uncompromising underground dance music with heart & soul, whether it is the
realm of deep House music or the darker moods of Detroit Techno. You can
actually feel that his roots go far back into the early days of electronic club
music but never lose sight of the history of Soul, Funk or Dub. His debut
Kawasaki, named after his hometown, is delivering the quintessence of what is
considered as the Mojuba sound. Being capable of such a musical sense, it was no
wonder that the other Mojuba family members Nick Sol, Sven Weisemann and Oracy
welcomed Stereociti very warm. So if you are new to the world of Mojuba, please
tune in and enjoy the journey! Kawasaki is a timeless piece of music, equipped
with everything you need for an outstanding album experience. It will take you
by the hand from the very first moments and will be there for you second by
second, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day until you let it go

njoy! teeth.gif
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просто высший альбом!!! унёс далеко...
я честно говоря уже давненько тек-хаус не заценивал. и вот такой revival произошёл!
очень здорово и оригинально!особенно в hotel Maroc!очень крутой звук нашел!брависсимо
Stereociti - Dialog
Mojuba Germany
nice one smile.gif
Цитата: (Marass)
Stereociti - Dialog
Mojuba Germany
nice one  smile.gif


Could any kind soul possibly re-up:

Stereociti--Cosmoride-(MOJUBA015)-WEB-2010-dh ?


Mono Village aka Stereociti

Mono Village ‎– Fixation EP on Hot Mix Records
Hello guys. I'm searching for last album of Stereociti on Mojuba Records.

Anybody ? Thanks!
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01 ... Rain 7:56
02 ... Ahead 6:46
03 ... Process Of Decay 7:12

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Цитата: (elfugazi)
Hello guys. I'm searching for last album of Stereociti on Mojuba Records.

almost forgot about this great artist, thanks for me reminding me. looking forward to that LP aswell.

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Stereociti – 2016.Lost Land

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01. Rouse Out (07:27)
02. Initial Assumption (06:25)
03. Kraken (08:33)
04. Interstellar Substance (06:34)
05. Blackhush (07:08)
06. D.W.D.P. (03:48)
07. Lost Land (09:01)
08. Revision III (04:32)
09. Perception (08:14)
10. Moon Skin (08:53)

320 160.86 Мб
The Grasshopper lies heavy
Thank you so much!!!! tongue.gif

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