Robert Owens / Black Label #76 "Art" Remix EP 1 / CPT3753 / WEB / 2011
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Artist: Robert Owens
Title: Black Label 76 (WEB)
Year: 2011
Genre: House
Label: Compost
Catnum: CPT3753
Size: 116,2 MB
Playtime: 50:43 min


01. Robert Owens & Atjazz - Moments (Dj Le Roi Dub Remix) 07:02
02. Robert Owens & Larry Heard - Be Your Own Hero (Migumatix Re-Jack) 07:22
03. robert owens & SHOW-B - Rise (Steve Bug Remix) 07:27
04. Robert Owens & Beanfield - It Takes Me High (Tom Taylor And Gareth Whitehead Deep Remix) 06:29
05. Robert Owens & SHOW-B - Rise (Steve Bug Remix Instrumental) 07:27
06. Robert Owens & Atjazz - Moments (Dj Le Roi Vocal Remix) 08:21
07. Robert Owens & Beanfield - It Takes Me High (Tom Taylor And Gareth Whitehead Tech Remix) 06:35

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H.O.S.H. - Remix Session 07 (DIYNAMIC047) [WEB-2011]

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Artist.....: H.O.S.H.
Title......: Remix Session 07 (WEB)
Label......: Diynamic
Catnum.....: DIYNAMIC047
Year.......: 2011
Genre......: House
Size.......: 45,5 MB
Playtime...: 19:50 min

01. H.O.S.H. - Antonelli Screaming (Steve Bug Remix) 07:34
02. Misstress Barbara & H.O.S.H. - Finally Mine (Gorge Remix) 06:39
03. H.O.S.H. And Ost & Kjex - Hamburg Night (Original Mix) 05:37
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RA.258 Steve Bug
Genre: Deep House, Minimal, Tech House
160 kbps | 68:57 min

Back in August 2010 we asked Steve Bug what the unifying idea behind his long-serving Poker Flat was. "I think in a way it is a love for the sounds of early Detroit and Chicago house," he said. Never was that more explicit on the label's Forward to the Past compilation which was released last month. Producers like Deetron, Redshape and The Revenge were asked to indulge in their own love of circa '85-'92 dance music, producing original compositions befitting of the era. Bug has been involved in the scene long enough to remember these sounds from the first time around. He was among the original pool of German house DJs, plying his trade from his hometown of Bremen and latterly Hamburg. It was during the minimal boom of the mid-'00s that Bug began to truly receive widespread international recognition, though. By this stage the Poker Flat family had grown to include the Dessous and Audiomatique labels, enabling Bug to release and revel in all different shades of four-four indebted house and techno.

01. Farley 'Jackmaster' Funk - Acid Life
02. Code 6 - Quad 1
03. Armando - 151
04. Frankie Knuckles feat. Jamie Principle - Baby Wants To Ride
05. Myoshi Morris - Muzik
06. Ralphie Rosario - You Used To hold Me
07. Mike Dunn - Face The Nation
08. Phuture - We Are Phuture
09. Model 500 - No UFO
10. Phortune - String Free
11. Fast Eddie - Ain't It Funky
12. Marshall Jefferson pres. Dancing Flutes - Do The Do
13. Risque III - Essence Of A Dream
14. Farley 'Jackmaster' Funk (& Shy Boyz) - U Ain't Really House (Really Instrumental)
15. Jeanette Thomas - Shake Your Body (House Shaker Version)
16. Hercules - 7 Ways (To Jack)
17. Paul Rutherford - Get Real (Happy Mix)
Я модерирую когда захочу.
Steve Bug - Sensual

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Label: Poker Flat Recordings
Catalog#: PFRCD07
Released: Sep 2002
Quality: FLAC

01. That Kid
02. You Make Me Feel (Version 1)
03. Bug Maniac
04. Pleasure Park
05. Shake The Funk
06. All I Need
07. Criminal Investigation
08. Purple Brain
09. Food In Australia
10. Mixed Up Moods
11. November Girl
12. The Way Up

Latest discographies posted in FLAC + 320:
My Love Is Underground | Aniara | SUED | Music From Memory | Acting Press

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Genre ....... : House
Label ....... : 2020 Vision
Catnr ....... : VIS213D

Source ...... : WEB
Quality ..... : 320kbps avg / 44.1KHz / Joint Stereo
Duration .... : 00:24:42 (56.8MB)
Ripdate ..... : 21-08-2011
Store ....... : _

Tracklist ... :

1. Grey Area 6:03
2. Grey Area (Steve Bug Remix) 8:43
3. Grey Area (Burnski & Robert James Remix) 9:56

Release Notes
Absolutely loving everything 2020 has been pumping out recently… and this Simon
Baker remix package is no different!
The original was an absolute belter from his album Traces and now its been given
a bumping remix by all round German house music legend Steve Bug. Swiftly
followed by Burnski and Robert James’ mammoth, hypnotic jam that twists and
turns for 10 minutes!
A definite purchase when its out!
28th Aug – 12? Vinyl
28th Aug – Full Digital Release

Sasse & Stelios Vassiloudis - The Z (BEDSVS1) [WEB-2011]

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Artist ...... : Sasse/Stelios Vassiloudis
Title ....... : The Z
Genre ....... : House
Label ....... : Bedrock Records
Catnr ....... : BEDSVS1
Source ...... : WEB
Quality ..... : 320kbps avg / 44.1KHz / Full Stereo
Duration .... : 00:25:55 (59.5MB)
Ripdate ..... : 26-09-2011
Store ....... :
Release notes:

The Z is the first single to be taken from Stelios Vassiloudis (aka Stel) forthcoming debut album for Bedrock and is yet another release from the label that should not be missed. The original version of The Z is a sophisticated, subtle, hip wiggling, percussion led beauty that builds in intensity, throbs and ebbs and flows with supreme ease. Germanys Steve Bug toughens and tightens up the bottom-end, adding some superb handclaps and turning up the pressure to create a hissing intro build, before adding some stunning detuned elements into his interpretation. Finally, Spains Simon Garcia moves away from the percussion-led attitude of the previous versions, creating a more techno inspired remix, full of towering hypnotic synths and hissing hi-hats. The Z is undoubtedly a masterful creation and yet another superb package from Bedrock. You may have already heard Stel on Bedrock recently in his Wiretappeur guise (his collaboration with Florian Kruse and Nils Nurnberg) with the much loved Everybody Loves Ice Cream EP. Wiretappeur releases regularly hit the Top 5 of the Beatport charts and their deep house vibes and warm sounds have been firm favourites of many acclaimed DJ's. Working so closely with Bedrock has resulted in Stel signing an album deal with the label (scheduled for release in late October/early November). Along with his solo productions, the album also includes collaborations with some key artists and guest vocalists. Presented over two discs, the album commences with a beautiful cinematic soundscape on CD1 whereas CD2 allows Stel to showcase his club sound, which develops from a deep house grooves right through to a techier vibe. Both discs are exquisitely mixed, with each track immersing itself into the next and are set to become a critically acclaimed debut album from this very talented artist. Stel is a musician, producer and DJ who has released music under various monikers and aliases over the last 5 years, racking up an impressive discography with, for example, releases on Bedrock, Moodmusic, Fresh Meat and Dieb Audio. His in demand production skills have also garnered numerous remix opportunities for a wide range of artists such as: John Digweed, King Roc, Sasse, Sander Kleinenberg and Shlomi Aber, among others. Some of his most vocal DJ supporters over the years have been luminaries like: Sasha, Josh Wink, Laurent Garnier, Satoshi Tomiie and Stephan Bodzin. As a DJ, Stelios has travelled all over the planet playing his particular brand of deep house and techno to enthusiastic crowds in locations as diverse and intriguing as Brazil, China, Colombia, Russia and Japan among many, many others. For this Bedrock single release, Stel has collaborated with Sasse (aka Klas Lindblad) from Finland, whose first releases came out on Sähkö/Puu as Freestyle Man and are considered a milestone in the Scandinavian house sound with the original 12-inches still very much sought after collectors items. In 1996 he started the highly respected Moodmusic label, which was followed by the birth of Sunday Music, a musical platform for Sasse and Henrik Schwarz to release their productions. Having built his beloved BlackHead Studios in Berlin (2005) with companions Ewan Pearson and Filippo "Naughty" Moscatello, he recorded his debut artist album (Made Within The Upper Stair Of Heaven on Moodmusic), which was followed by the landmark Toinen (2008) album. Sasse is a DJ/producer of the highest order and his superb The Z collaboration with Stel on Bedrock is set to raise his profile even further.

Tracklist ... :
1. The Z 9:54
2. The Z (Steve Bug Remix) 8:23
3. The Z (Simon Garcia Remix) 7:38
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VA / Gunslingers & Greenhorns: Poker Flat Volume 9 (Mixed By Steve Bug) / Promo / PFRCD29 / 2CD / 2012

Artist: VA
Title: Gunslingers And Greenhorns Pok
Label: Poker Flat Recordings
Genre: Techno
Quality: VBR kbit/ 44,1 kHz
Source: CDDA
Ripdate: Feb-06-2012
Encoder: LAME 3.98.4 (VBR -V0 --vbr-new)
Tracks: 11



01. Adultnapper - Idiot Fair Feat. Black Light Smoke (H.O.S.H. And The Deer Dub) 07:55
02. James What - It Feels Wrong (Lee Curtiss Remix) 07:16
03. Daniel Dexter - Who Knows Motor City 06:44
04. Tom Taylor And Gareth Whitehead - Tired Of Being Wrong 07:45
05. Alland Byallo - One Of The Ones 08:30
06. Roland Appel - Fleurs Du Mal 07:47
07. Alessio Mereu - Parallel Universe 07:02
08. Steve Bug And Cle - Seven Hills (Edit) 09:01
09. Nick Harris - Her Black Wings 08:35
10. Sebastien San - Bliss 08:36


01.Va - Gunslingers And Greenhorns Poker Flat Vol 9 Mixed By Steve Bug 76:40

272,3 MB

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ARTiST.....: Steve Bug
ALBUM......: Those Grooves
GENRE......: House
LABEL......: Poker Flat Germany
YEAR.......: 2012
TRACKS.....: 02
QUALiTY....: 320kkbps / 44,1kHz / Joint-Stereo
RiP DATE...: 06.23.2012
STORE DATE.: 06.18.2012
RiPPER.....: YOU


01 . Tell Me Why (extended version) 06:46
02 . Those Grooves 09:47

PLAYTiME 16:33 h
SiZE 37,93 MB

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RLS DATE.......: 10.01.2012
GENRE..........: House
LABEL..........: Pokerflat Recordings
CATNUM.........: PFRCD32
URL............: n/a
SiZE...........: 101,12 MB
TYPE...........: Album
QUALiTY........: avg.kbps, 44,1kHz, Joint, LAME
SOURCE.........: CDDA
TRACKS.........: 10
TOTAL LENGHT...: 60:11 min



01 tell me why 06:20
02 poison of choice 04:20
03 serve your mistress 06:12
04 no adjustments feat. foremost poets 06:57
05 the spiral staircase 03:36
06 moment of ease feat. emilie chick 06:49
07 those grooves 09:49
08 somewhere in the night 05:28
09 farewell friend 04:49
10 the seventh victim 05:51



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Steve Bug / Noir / PFRCD32 / Promo CD / 2012

Steve Bug - Noir
RLS DATE: 10.01.2012
GENRE: House
LABEL: Pokerflat Recordings
URL: n/a
SiZE: 101,12 MB
TYPE: Album
QUALiTY: avg.kbps, 44,1kHz, Joint, LAME
TOTAL LENGHT: 60:11 min



01 tell me why 06:20
02 poison of choice 04:20
03 serve your mistress 06:12
04 no adjustments feat. foremost poets 06:57
05 the spiral staircase 03:36
06 moment of ease feat. emilie chick 06:49
07 those grooves 09:49
08 somewhere in the night 05:28
09 farewell friend 04:49
10 the seventh victim 05:51

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album: Noir (2012)
Steve Bug & Mr. V ‎– The Long Run (2012)

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A1. The Long Run (Steve Bug's Vocal Mix) 8:01
A2. The Long Run (Steve Bug's Instrumental Mix) 7:54
B1. The Long Run (Mr. V's Vocal Mix) 7:45
B2. The Long Run (Mr. V's Instrumental Mix) 7:45

Steve Bug & Mr. V The Long Run (Steve Bug's Vocal Mix)

FABRIC 37 - Steve Bug - 2007

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Style: House, Techno, Minimal

1. Sunshine Jones – Anywhere You Are
2. DJ Swap – Consequence
3. Peace Division – Voodoo (It's In The Wall)
4. Tom Pooks – Trouble (D'Julz Remix)
5. Afrilounge – Lux Dementia
6. Ben Westbeech – Hang Around (Wahoo Main Mix)
7. Gene Hunt – Inspire (Abicah Soul Remix)
8. Anja Schneider – Belize
9. Rework – Love Love Love Yeah (Chloe Remix)
10. Mikael Stavöstrand – Can You See Thru My Eyes
11. Adultnapper – Juror No.9
12. Lee Curtis – Over The Influence
13. Steve Rachmad – Flow "Westpoint"
14. Mogdax – Kubik
15. Brendon Moeller – Saviour
16. Ryo Murakami – My Soul
17. Matthias Tanzmann – Keep On
18. Phonique – Worked It Out (Charles Webster's First Remix)
19. Echologist – Faith N.Y.
20. Ryo Murakami – Monument
21. Rejected – Lost
22. Gui.tar – Red Doggy


what is House music ?? unique form of music
flac noir есть?


Artist(s)........ Steve Bug
Title............ Noir
Label............ Poker Flat Recordings
Catalogue........ PFRCD32BP
Year............. 2012
Genre............ House
Subgenre......... Techhouse,Chillout
Rls.Date......... 16-02-2013
Size............. 173,1 MB
Tracks........... 12
Length........... 75:33 min
Source........... WEB
Quality.......... mp3; 320kbps; 44.1Khz; Full Stereo
Encoder.......... LAME 3.97

  01. Tell Me Why (Extended Version)              06:47
  02. Poison Of Choice                            04:20
  03. Serve Your Mistress (Extended Version)      08:33
  04. No Adjustments Feat. Foremost Poets         06:58
  05. The Spiral Staircase                        03:37
  06. Moment Of Ease Feat. Emilie Chick           06:49
  07. Those Grooves                               09:49
  08. Somewhere In The Night                      05:28
  09. Farewell Friend                             04:49
  10. The Seventh Victim                          05:51
  11. Tell Me Why                                 06:20
  12. Serve Your Mistress                         06:12

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to communicate with me please write in english-thx

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