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2001 - Tenacious D
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2006 - The Pick Of Destiny
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2012 - Rize Of The Fenix
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2013 — Kyle Gass Band
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Rize of the Fenix
When The Pick of Destiny was released it was a bomb
And all the critics said that the D was done
The sun had set and the chapter had closed
But one thing no one thought about was the D would rise again
Just like the phoenix
We'll fuckin' rise again
That's right, the phoenix
We'll rise again, y'all
'Cause the fiery heart of a champion cannot be quelched
By a failure or an embarrassment, no way, no
And the critics all agreed it was a stinky pile of chee
But that does not mean that our hearts are not strong
Just like the phoenix
We'll fuckin' rise again, y'all
That's right, the phoenix
We'll rise again, aw
Sun shining, it's a hell of a day
Bright is back and it's headed your way
D's here, now we're puttin' on a show
We'll stink it up, then we will need a window
Out rockin', yeah we're rockin' again
Black Mamba is my personal friend
Phil Jackson is the master of zen
We'll pick you up, keep you over the weekend
It's the rise of the phoenix
It's the call of attack
And you'll know when you've seen us
The fuckin' D is back, y'all
Lovemakin' all the way to the top
Boots smokin', but I'm not gonna stop
Bossa Nova is a beautiful dance
Hot-blooded, that's lots of romance

It's the rise of the phoenix
And we ride with the pack
It's the magic between us
The fuckin' D is back
But what if it's true?
If Tenacious D has died, what will we do?
And what will we do
About all the fans who have the D tattoo?
They'll have them removed
They'll have to laser off the D tattoos
They'll have to laser off the D tattoo, aw
Wait a minute Cage
What's that you say?
You know it's not too late
Yes it is too late
We only need one hit
Just imagine it
We could be the shit
Too legit to quit
One hit
One hit
One hit
Yeah we're hoping this is it
One hit
Top 10 hit
Top 40 hit
Top 1000 hit
Aw, we don't care, as long as we get there
We'll start anew
And you can get a new Tenacious D tattoo
You can get a new Tenacious D tattoo

Low Hangin' Fruit
Well me and Kage are hungry
We're hungry for some fruit
We wander through the garden
It would be a hoot

To eat some low hanging fruit
We're on a freaky pursuit
Don't want no high class model in designer fucking bathing suit
We want the low hanging fruit

Me and Kage are horny
Looking for a snack
Looking for a plump one
With a tasty crack

We want some low hanging fruit
She wears a bee keeper suit
She got the shit kickin boots
We need the low hanging fruit

She got the flip flops on with hot red potatoes
And a butt floss thong with fried green tomatoes
And she loves the song we sing for the ladies c'mon!

Low hanging fruit
She wears a pink parachute
She got the fly tattoo and the honky tonkin' daisy dukes
We love the low hanging fruit

Because the high class fruit is not gonna fuck me
But the low class fruit is sweet chunky monkey
When you smoke that bood it smell like a skunky c'mon! c'mon! c'mon! c'moooooon!

Deth Starr
The world is fucking turning to shit
The Earth don't stand a chance
Hurricane Typhoon will destroy the city
We got to clean up the skies and recycle
We got to stop the over-population

But most important of all
We got to build a Deth Starr

Deth Starr it's a fucking ship
It's a son of a bitch, y'all
And we're building it, it's gonna
Take us up into the sky
We don't need the Earth
We gonna fucking fly sky high

Deth Starr it's a son of a bitch, y'all
It's gonna take us into Outer Space
It's a ship where every mother fucker
Gonna start a new
Human race in the sky
In the sky

You know we will be rocking on the Deth Starr
Total eclipse of the sky

Everybody going insane
Futuristic video game
Everybody have a good time
Synthesizing water to wine

What, ahhhahaow

I hired a nerd
I fucking paid a nerd
It is absurd but
I paid him to build it, cause
I don't know how to build that shit
Come on

There's a vacuum in space
Will fucking suck your face
Day or night
Got to make it airtight
You gotta build that shit
Make it out-of-sight!

The fucking Deth Starr
You know we will be rocking on
The Deth Starr
It will be democratic on
The Deth Starr
You know we will be rocking
On the Starr

Every night have sex with my friends
Dipping candle into rear-ends
Boning on a virtual plane
Fucking 'til I'm fucking insane

We got to build more Starrs
We got to spread out far
Seven strong
We gots to bang a gong
But baby hold up
Now there's something wrong

It's a fucking squid
An evil alien squid
Join up ships
We got to let it rips
We gotta blow that bitch to
Another Dimension

Deth Starr
You know we will be rocking on
The Deth Starr
There will be lots of boning on
The Deth Starr
You know we will be rocking on
The Starr

Deth Starr
We gotta build a million of em
Deth Starr
As god invokes a Cataclysm
Deth Starr
We must divide and conquer on
The Sta-aa-aarr

Well it's 3 P.M.
Time to lug the gear
Gotta get it on the stage
My muscles flex, my fuckin' sweat will save the day

When I check the mic
I fucka' check the mic
I fucka' checka' checka' 1,2,3
I plug it in, I make it sound as good as can be

Cuz the rockers rock
But the roadie's roll
Gotta take them like it, cuz I take control
Gotta get that shit up on that fuckin' stage

Cuz the roadie knows what the roadie knows
And the roadie knows that he wears black clothes
And he hides off in the shadows of the stage

Because the roadie looks 1000 miles with his eyeeys
And when the crowd roars:
Brings a teardrop to the roadies eyeeys
Tears of pride

Because he brought you the show
But you will never know
He's changing the strings
While hiding in the wings
No matter how hard, the show must go on

Then a beautiful girl come to me she
says, "hey can i suckka your dick"
i say yes, I am in love
then she quickly said, "I sucked your dick, now gimme that backstage pass"
I do not want you roadie, I want K.G's chode

I'm standing at the threshold of your dreams
Without me there'd be now sound from those amps
Without me there'd be no lights on the stage
But you don't applaud for me

I am the roadie:
A lonesome warrior searching for a soul (no!)
I am the roadie:
I make the rock go!

Roadie, Roadie, ROAAADDDIEEEeee

Ballad of Hollywood Jack and the Rage Kage
This is the ballad of Hollywood Jack and the Rage Cage
Nothing could stop them when Jables and Rage hit the stage
And Hollywood Jack hit the big time and when to make movies
Rage Kage was left far behind in the dust of his dreams

And he grumbled and growled and watched Hollywood Jack on Jay Leno
He bellowed and said he'd be nothing without help from Kage
He burned up the photos of Jables and Kage doing mushrooms
"Fuck him, I don't need no Hollywood jack anyway"

So Hollywood Jack lived up high on a hill in a bubble
And Rage Kage live deep in the broiling valley below

Yes, the rage Kage bubbled with rage
He looked at the ground
And he looked on the stage
The lava was throwing
And boiling inside the old Kage

As Hollywood Jack climbed the ladder of stardom before him
He watched as his indie credentials flew right out the door
He'd make millions and then he'd go out and he'd make even more millions
He'd screened KG's calls and snorked coke of the ass of a whore

No one respected him
They just rejected him
No one would represent Kage
Left on the streets of his dreams
He'd would cry, and he'd rage for the stage



Then Hollywood Jack got a message that Kage was in trouble
They send Kage away cause he had gone completely insane
So Hollywood Jack jumped upon a jetplane and flew all that night through
The rain
To be with his friend to see what remained of his brain
Then Hollywood Jack told the doctors: "You got to retrieve him!"
You've got the technology, use the techniques of your trade
He grabbed their lapels and he screamed "BY GOD YOU MUST SAVE HIM!"
Because Rage Kage and I; can't you see that were one and the same!


There'd be magic inside that old name
And you know that you know
When you're going completely insane

Oh the Rage Kage!
Oh the Rage Kage!
Oh the lion will roar once again

And you know
Yes you know
When you're going completely insane

Nothing and no one could harm the old Rage Kage again,
Nothing and no one could harm the old Rage Kage again,
Nothing and no one could harm the old Rage Kage again,
Nothing and no one could harm the old Rage Kage again,
Nothing and no one could harm the old Rage Kage again,
Hollywood Jack and the Rage Kage were out once again.

Moses came down from the hill
Holding the rules in his hand
Looked all around
Suddenly found
Noone was listening

Now it's time to throw down

So throw down
Throw down
We throw down
Throw down

Jesus turned water to wine
The star in the sky was a sign
They called him a liar
You're not the messiah
Get out of the temple

Now it's time to throw down

So throw down
Yeah throw down
We throw down
Throw down

And then came a man i can't name
Because if i do i'll be maimed
They'll chop off my head
And then i'll be dead
You know who i'm talking about

It's time to throw down

So throw down
Yeah throw down
We throw down aaah
Throw down

All religions of the world today
We got to leave 'em alone
We got to use our fucking brains today
Before we're gone
Before we're gooone


The three of them fall in the rain
The world was completely insane
Zombie alarms
Nuclear advance
Crazy but i'm fucking that

It's time to throw down

So throw down
Yeah throw down
Throw down yeah
Throw down

They Fucked Our Asses
They fucked our asses,
They fucked 'em hard,
But we kept our indie cred for the whole night ?young??,
They blocked our album,
They fucked our show,
But we marched through hill and bill,
Through the ice and snow,

To Be The Best
To be the best
We got to pass the test
We gotta make it all the way
To the top of the mountain
We can do it again!
To feel the high
We got to learn to fly
We got to take it to the sky
On the wings of an eagle!

You're the best in the world!
You are the best but you say you don't know
You got the touch, now come on let it show
You call the shots
But you know that you gots to believe in
The things that you're dreaming
Your search for the meaning
Is very Revealing
The power of Being
Is what you're feeling
You gotta believe
That you're smply the best!

She's 39, but she still looks young
Not very young, but a lot of fun
She's my 39 lady in the sun

49 and I'm feelin' fine
In the sun that's a lot of fun
Drinkin' mai tais, kickin' back with my flip-flops on

I'm wearin' socks and my toe is tight
I think about her every damn night
39 year-old lady, she looks pretty good to me

I'm 49, drinkin' white wine
Not goin' out with no 19 year-old chickities no more
From now on I got my 39 year-old whore

Don't you call her a whore
I'll fuckin' tear your esophagus out
She's sweet and she's getting old
And she's mine, to have and to hold

She needs a dentist appointment quick
I pay for it and she sucka my dick
When we text each other, I fiddle with my anus

I stick the finger in it!
Then I fuckin' didariddly doo
And I fuckin' gots to spew
Upon my belly, dripped upon my shoe
Get me a tissue

Chardonnay in the setting sun
She's 39, but she's number one
Get the apartment just right, she's comin' over tonight

I like it cause I don't feel scared
She's 39, I'm in my underwear
Here she comes, comin' down the hallway
She's knockin' on my door!

I open the door
There she is, not too bad, good enough
39 year-old lady, young enough for me
Boobies droopin', but she's good enough for me
Trimmed her pussy hairs, good enough for me
Mature woman, she's my lady

Uh huh, uh huh, ooh yeah
She ain't gonna be fuckin' around with no other guys
Nanananah-nah, she's mine, she's my special lady
Special lady

We can see a fuckin' movie
And agree it's a total piece of shit
Comfortable shoes, never lose
We can fuckin' talk about some things
She don't need no diamond rings
She don't need no diamond rings

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Gay Paris, Green Jelly например wink.gif
The Roadie (with Danny McBride)

OᑎᒪY Oᑭᑌᔕ EᑭOᑎYᗰOᑌᔕ Iᔕ ᖇEᗩᒪ GᕼOᔕT
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больше всего понравилась The Ballad Of Holywood Jack And The Rage Kage, офигенна просто)

да да да!!!!

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Artist: Tenacious D
Album: Rize of the Fenix
Label: Columbia
Genre: Rock
Source: CD (LP)
Street Date: 2012-05-15
Rip Date: 2012-05-09
Quality: 243kbps / 44100Hz / Joint Stereo / VBR V0
Tracks: 13
Time: 41:16 min
Size: 75.90 MB
Url: www.cduniverse.com/productinfo.asp?pid=8707295&style=music

Track List

01. Rize of the Fenix 5:53
02. Low Hangin' Fruit 2:31
03. Classical Teacher 3:23
04. Senorita 3:08
05. Deth Starr 4:46
06. Roadie 2:58
07. Flutes & Trombones 1:28
08. The Ballad of Hollywood Jack and the Rage Kage 5:05
09. Throwdown 2:56
10. Rock Is Dead 1:44
11. They Fucked Our Asses 1:08
12. To Be the Best 1:00
13. 39 5:16

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нуууу, лично я ожидал большего sad.gif

The Ballad Of Hollywood Jack And The Rage Kage thumb.gif
Loodma Recordings <3

мне друг рассказывал, что на концерт оникса приезжали биохазард на грузовике со скинами и гасили всех негров битами
кстати флак уже в сети Tenacious_D-Rize_Of_The_Fenix-CD-FLAC-2012-BriBerY

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обложка жесть. зачем хер изображать на обложке?
Цитата: (nitrous427)
обложка жесть. зачем хер изображать на обложке?

там каждый видит в меру своей фантазии.
то, что хер - это смешно, и в стиле группы.
так что всё обосновано)
К тому же гармонирует с названием альбома. Феникс правильно пишется "Phoenix", зато "Fenix" более похоже на "Penis".
В общем такой вот каламбур в духе The D's. Да и "Rize" - это что-то среднее между "Rise" и "Size", что тоже намекает.
Впрочем, может у чуваков просто беда с правописанием smile.gif

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обложка жесть. зачем хер изображать на обложке?

ЛОЛ вот я только что это увидел, а до этого феникс и феникс... biggrin.gif
OᑎᒪY Oᑭᑌᔕ EᑭOᑎYᗰOᑌᔕ Iᔕ ᖇEᗩᒪ GᕼOᔕT
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To Be the Best типа вольный кавер на вот это

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