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Terry Riley - (1966) Reed Streams - L'Infonie in C (Mantra)

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01 - Terry Riley - Untitled Organ (1964-1966)
02 - Terry Riley - Dorian Reeds (1966)
03 - Terry Riley - In C (1964&1970)

PS Вот эта единственная вещь которую мне сложно слушать wacko.gif
Terry Riley and Arte Quartett
Assassin Reverie

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Gloria Cheng-Cochran
Piano Music of John Adams & Terry Riley
(June 16, 1998)

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01-The Walrus in Memorium [Terry Riley]
02-China Gates [John Adams]
03-The Heaven Ladder, Book 7 - Misha's Bear Dance [Terry Ri~1
04-The Heaven Ladder, Book 7 - Venus in '94 [Terry Riley]
05-The Heaven Ladder, Book 7 - Ragtempus Fugatis [Terry Ril~1
06-The Heaven Ladder, Book 7 - Fandango on the Heaven Ladde~1
07-The Heaven Ladder, Book 7 - Simone's Lullaby [Terry Rile~1
08-Phrygian Gates [John Adams]

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Part 1 ifolder
Part 2 ifolder

TERRY RILEY The Descending Moonshine Dervishes/ The Ten Voices of the Two Prophets

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CD1 Descending Moonshine Dervishes
CD2 Songs for the Ten Voices of the Two Prophets


Artist > Terry Riley
Year of Release > 1983
Genre > Minimalism, New Age, Ethnic

  Disk 1 (Descending Moonshine Dervishes): 
1 Descending Moonshine Dervishes 51'48"
  Total Time: 51'48"
  Disk 2 (Songs for the Ten Voices of the Two Prophets):   
1 Embroidery 22'09"
2 Eastern Man 11'19"
3 Chorale of the Blessed Day 11'23"
  Total Time: 45'18"

John Cale & Terry Riley - Church Of Anthrax (1971)

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A one-time-only collaboration between former Velvet Underground co-founder John Cale and minimalist composer Terry Riley, 1971's Church of Anthrax doesn't sound too much like the solo work of either. Around this time, Riley's works were along the lines of "A Rainbow in Curved Air" or "Poppy Nogood and the Phantom Band": pattern music with an obsessive attention to repetition and tricks with an analogue delay machine that gave his music a refractory, almost hallucinogenic quality. Though Cale was trained in a similar aesthetic (he played with La Monte Young, surely the most minimal of all minimalist composers), he had largely left it behind by 1971, and so Church of Anthrax mixes Riley's drones and patterns with a more muscular and melodic bent versed in both free jazz and experimental rock. Not quite modern classical music, but not at all rock & roll either, Church of Anthrax sounds in retrospect like it was a huge influence on later post-minimalist composers like Andrew Poppy, Wim Mertens, and Michael Nyman, who mix similar doses of minimalism, rock, and jazz. On its own merits, the album is always interesting, and the centerpiece "The Hall of Mirrors in the Palace at Versailles" is probably the point where Riley and Cale approach each other on the most equal footing. The low point is Cale's solo writing credit, "The Soul of Patrick Lee," a slight vocal interlude by Adam Miller that feels out of place in these surroundings.

01 Church of Anthrax 9:05
02 The Hall of Mirrors in the Palace at Versailles 7:59
03 The Soul of Patrick Lee 2:49
04 Ides of March 11:03
05 The Protege 2:52

Источник | Полиграфия 1 | Полиграфия 2


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1969 - In C:

1969 - Poppy Nogood and the Phantom Band:

1973 - Persian surgery dervishes:

1978 - Shri camel:

1989 - Terry Riley with the Shanghaï Film Orchestra

1992 - The Padova concert

1994 - Chanting the light of foresight
Based on true story when England invades all their neighbours,Terry Riley composed this ode to the victims.

Terry Riley - Cadenza on the Night Plain (Kronos Quartet) - 256kbps ane.part1.rar.html ane.part2.rar.html

Terry Riley - Descending Moonshine Dervishes 160kbps
Trippy time-lag accumulation stuff. Beautiful material by my favorite American composer, Terry Riley. _Dervishes.mp3

Terry Riley - La Secret de La Vie and No Man's Land
Two separate albums here, the first from '75, the second from '85.
These albums used to be available on, but were sadly removed.

Terry Riley - Songs for the Ten Voices of the Two Prophets (1982)

А надо было, на радостях поспешил, а они все дохлые оказались sad.gif
От себя скажу что если вы не слушали The Ten Voices of the Two Prophets то значит вы не знаете что такое Terry Riley wink.gif
Ага, в принципе уже эта иллюстрация многое поясняет:

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Terry Riley & Stefano Scodanibbio Lazy afternoon among the crocodiles (1997)

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01 - lazy afternoon among the crocodiles
02 - en la siesta el gladiador
03 - orfeo

А теперь парочку раритетов так что на качество не роптать))

Terry Riley - Chants 1982 - Live Metz France
Это, можно сказать, концертная версия альбома Songs for the Ten Voices of the Two Prophets, а скорее похоже на вариант этой программы приспособленный к живому исполнению. Звучит также завораживающе, но с приятной грубоватостью. Райли опять поёт. Кстати он учился вокалу у знаменитого PANDIT PRAN NATH.

Terry Riley - Movie Soundtrack - Musique Du Film - les Yeux Fermes - closed Eyes Tv
Саундтрек к фильму les Yeux Fermes. Не знаю можно ли этот фильм ещё гдето найти. Ощущается фильм, время, настроение. Вставки звуковых отрывков из фильма разбавляют монотонность и придают этой записи некий шарм.
Эмм... ну что касается последнего есть его переиздание:

Terry Riley - (2006) Les Yeux Fermes & Lifespan

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1. Yeux Fermes (The Eyes Closed)/Journey from the Death of a Friend
2. Yeux Fermes (The Eyes Closed)/Happy Ending
3. Secret de La Vie (Lifespan)/G Song
4. Secret de La Vie (Lifespan)/M(Usic) I(nside) C(urved) E(ntrances)
5. Secret de La Vie (Lifespan)/Slow Melody in Bhairavi
6. Secret de La Vie (Lifespan)/In the Summer
7. Secret de La Vie (Lifespan)/The Oldtimer
8. Secret de La Vie (Lifespan)/Delay


Terry Riley - (1986) The Harp Of New Albion

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01 - The New Albion Chorale-The Discovery
02 - The Orchestra of Tao
03 - Riding the Westerleys
01 - Cadence on the Wind
02 - Premonition Rag
03 - Return of the Ancestors
04 - Ascending Whale Dreams
05 - The Magic Knot Waltz
06 - Circle of Wolves
07 - Land's End


Terry Riley - (1998) Music For The Gift

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01 - Terry Riley - Music for the Gift l
02 - Music for the Gift II
03 - Music for the Gift III
04 - Music for the Gift IV
05 - Music for the Gift V
06 - Bird of Paradise l
07 - Bird of Paradise II
08 - Bird of Paradise III
09 - Bird of Paradise IV
10 - Bird of Paradise V
11 - Mescaline Mix
12 - Concert for Two Pianists and Five Tape Recorders


Terry Riley - (1971) Persian Surgery Dervishes (Performance One)

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A - April 18 1971 Los Angeles pt 1
B - April 18 1971 Los Angeles pt 2


Terry Riley - (1972) Persian Surgery Dervishes (Performance Two)

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C - May 24 1972 Paris pt 1
D - May 24 1972 Paris pt 2


Terry Riley - (1967) Olson III Organ Of Corti

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01 - Terry Riley  - Olsen III Live in Stockholm 1967

Редкие птицы):

Terry Riley - Rova - Chanting The Light Of Foresight

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mp3 256

Label: New Albion
Country: US
Released: 1994
Genre: Classical 
Style: Contemporary 
Credits: Composed By - Ochs* (tracks: 4) , Adams* (tracks: 4) , Terry Riley (tracks: 1 to 3, 5, 6)
Edited By - Robert Shumaker , Steve Adams
Engineer - Robert Shumaker
Performer - Rova Saxophone Quartet
Producer - Rova*
Saxophone [Alto, Sopranino] - Steve Adams
Saxophone [Baritone] - Jon Raskin
Saxophone [Soprano] - Bruce Ackley
Saxophone [Tenor, Sopranino] - Larry Ochs 
Notes: Subtitled "Imbas Forasnai (1987)".
Recorded on April 15, 16; May 9, 10; July 21, 1993 at St. Stephens Church, Belvedere.

1  The Tuning Path (17:12)
2  The Pipes Of Medb / Medb's Blues (7:01)
3  Song Announcing Dawn's Combat (8:49)
4  The Chord Of War (5:36)
5  Ferdia's Death Chant (4:11)
6  Chanting The Light Of Foresight (8:49)

Terry Riley - No Man's Land Conversation With The Sirocco

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mp3 160

Label: Plainis Phare 
Country: Switzerland
Released: 1996
Genre: Electronic 
Style: Abstract, Minimal 
Notes: Recorded And Mixed At Aquarius Studios Nov.1984

1  Jewel Movement (7:00)
2  Medusa's Refrain (Part Two) (8:20)
3  A Spark From The Infinite (Part Two) (4:20)
4  Return From The Dream Collector (2:30)
5  Jaipur Local (6:20)
6  Blue Anthem (3:20)
7  A Spark From The Infinite (Part One) (5:15)
8  Medusa's Refrain (Part One) (4:05)
9  Conversation With The Sirocco (7:02)
10  Sri Moonshine Transcontinental Blues (15:50)

Terry Riley - Poppy Nogood And The Phantom Band "All Night Flight" Vol.1

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mp3 320

more images Label: Cortical Foundation 
Country: US
Released: 1996
Genre: Electronic 
Style: Minimal, Experimental 
Credits: Artwork By - Bruce Conner
Artwork By [Design] - Tom Recchion
Producer - Gary Todd
Saxophone [Soprano], Organ, Effects [Time-lag Accumulator] - Terry Riley 
Notes: Live recording of "Poppy Nogood and the Phantom Band All Night Flight" from the "Purple Modal Strobe Ecstasy with the Daughters of Destruction All Night Flight" concert at S.U.N.Y, Buffalo, N.Y., March 22, 1968.
Comes with 18-page booklet / poster insert and wrap-around card.

1  Untitled (8:21)
2  Untitled (8:57)
3  Untitled (8:30)
4  Untitled (8:25)
5  Untitled (6:07)

Terry Riley - You're Nogood

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mp3 256

Label: Cortical Foundation 
Catalog#: organ of Corti 5 
Format: 2 x CD
Country: US
Released: 2000
Genre: Electronic 
Style: Minimal, Experimental 
Credits: Artwork By [Design] - Tom Recchion
Producer - Gary Todd
Synthesizer [Moog], Tape [Manipulation, Tape-loops] - Terry Riley 
Notes: Terry Riley made "You're No Good" in 1967, but it wasn't released untill 2000. Commissioned by an experimental Philadelphia nightclub, the song is a fantastic, and stunning reworking of the R&B track 'You're No Good' by Harvey Averne.

Using Tape Delay and Moog synths, Riley starts the song of as a noice/drone composition, only to come into a more familiar sounding version in which the song is then multiplied and put of against itself using tape manipulation, delay and echo. Near the end, the electronica comes back in to create a song that is drawn between sharp sinustones and a distorted r&b vibe.

1-1  You're Nogood (20:30)
2-1  Poppy Nogood (62:25)

Terry Riley - Atlantis Nath

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mp3 192

Label: Sri Moonshine Music 
Country: US
Released: 2002
Genre: Electronic 
Style: Experimental 
Credits: Composed By - Luc Martinez (tracks: 2, 4, 8) 
Notes: Limited edition 1000 copies.

1  Crucifixion Voices (5:43)
2  Mosque (1:06)
3  Devershum Carnivalis (3:06)
4  Wedding Song (2:08)
5  Emerald Runner (13:18)
6  Gha Ten In Darbari (4:35)
7  Ascencion (15:23)
8  Ascencion Final Chord Rising (2:22)
9  Remember This (6:01)
10  Only A Day (6:04)
    Guitar [Acoustic] - Frederic Lepée 
11  Even Your Beloved Wife (4:53)
12  The Crucifixion Of My Humble Self (9:22)
    Voice [Spoken Text] - John Deaderick 

Terry Riley & Stefano Scodanibbio - diamond fiddle language (wergo cd, 2005)

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mp3 224

composer: Pandit Pranh Nath - Terry Riley - Stefano Scodanibbio
interpreter: Terry Riley - Stefano Scodanibbio
booklet writer: Sarah Cahill

Terry Riley: synthesizer, voice / Stefano Scodanibbio: double bass

Recorded over a period of a year and a half in three separate locations around the globe, this album highlights a pair of musicians at the height of their powers. Terry Riley and Stefano Scodanibbio have mastered their instruments to the point of tran-scending them, so that it would be simplistic to define their work together as duets for contrabass and keyboards. Each of them coaxes such a complex range of timbres, hues and textures from their instruments that it’s hard to believe such a variety of sounds is created by only two interpreters. European avant-garde meets American minimalism; an 18th-century double bass teams up with a 21st-century synthesizer; jazz, Indian raga and extended techniques are inextricably linked. Riley and Scodanibbio each bring a wealth of diverse experiences from their very separate backgrounds.
Further information: and

Diamond Fiddle Language I (Huddersfield 1998)
Tritono (San Sebastian 2000)
Diamond Fiddle Language II (Lanzarote 1999)

В этом переиздании Terry Riley - (2006) Les Yeux Fermes & Lifespan в отличие от Terry Riley - Movie Soundtrack - Musique Du Film - les Yeux Fermes - closed Eyes Tv нет кусочков из фильма тоесть это студийная версия, а я выложил саундтрековую, она как раз только этим и отличается.
В этом переиздании Terry Riley - (2006) Les Yeux Fermes & Lifespan в отличие от Terry Riley - Movie Soundtrack - Musique Du Film - les Yeux Fermes - closed Eyes Tv нет кусочков из фильма тоесть это студийная версия, а я выложил саундтрековую, она как раз только этим и отличается.

Не спорю - мне рип даже больше понравился wink.gif

p.s. такими ударными темпами мы всю дискографию соберём biggrin.gif
Terry Riley and Don Cherry. 1975, Koln Concert
01- descending moonshine dervishes
02- sunrise of the planetary dream collector
03- untitled

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Terry riley - the padova concert

1. The New Albion Chorale - The D... 19:00
2. Cadenza On The Wind 04:34
3. Premotional Rag 13:10
4. The New Albion Chorale (repris... 02:12
5. Peace Dance 12:20
6. Turning 06:09
7. Mongolian Winds 08:40
8. The Magic Knot Waltz 05:27
9. The New Albion Chorale (final ... 02:10
10. Land's End 04:16

Terry Riley - In C (Bang on a Can)

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Terry Riley In C [Ictus] (2000)

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Terry Riley - Moscow Conservatory Solo Piano Concert(2001)
Label: Long Arms Records

Год выпуска: 2001
Время звучания: 73:34

1. Introduction 3.57
2. ARICA which segues to HAVANA MAN 23:06
3. NEGRO HALL 13:31
4. THE ECSTACY which segues to MISSIGONO 14:47

Recorded live in Moscow Conservatory on April 18th, 2000

The following pieces appear without any editing of the performance. Large sections of these pieces are improvised and I have attempted to preserve the spontaneity of this special evening by presenting my first concert in Moscow exactly as it was played.

ARICA is a composition that is based on an earlier work of mine, A RAINBOW IN CURVED AIR and shares some of the 14 beat cycle structure although having very different tonalities and overall approach to improvisation. It alternates the Lydian and Phrygian modes with tonal centers 1/2 step apart.

HAVANA MAN dates from the late 1980"s although some of the themes I composed as early as 1966 in Sweden. It is intentionally Latin in temperament and contains many themes, which are sometimes reordered in sequence according to spontaneous choices that are made during performance.

NEGRO HALL was composed for a scene of my opera THE SAINT ADOLF RING, and is based on the writings and drawings of Adolf Woelfli, the great Swiss Artist, Musician, Poet who created a vast body of work during his 35 years stay in a mental institution. This solo piano rendition is an abbreviated concert version of the music that appears in the Opera.

THE ECSTACY was first written for the KRONOS String Quartet as one of the quartets in the SALOME DANCES FOR PEACE cycle, a large 2-hour work. Here the themes are reworked in an improvisatory manner for solo piano.

My grand daughter, Simone Riley who has a large cast of imaginary playmates, inspired MISSIGONO. I liked the sound of the made-up name and so starting with this title I created the music. It has a companion piece called Uncle Jard which is also the name of one of her imaginary playmates.

REQUIEM FOR WALLY was written in memory of Wally Rose, a great American Rag Time piano player and a close friend and teacher. In the early 1960"s Wally and I played together at the Gold Street Saloon on San Francisco"s Barbary Coast. Some of the interior themes are unusual for Ragtime as they are written in 7/8 time instead of 4/4.

SONG FROM THE OLD COUNTRY dates from around 1978 and has numerous sections including some song"s with vocals. All the sections are in 5/4 or 10/4 time and I used this piece often as an exercise to learn what I could do with this meter. In the USA everyone except Native Americans have immigrated or have ancestors that have immigrated from some other country and this song honors those memories we have of our country of origin.

It was a great honor and personal thrill to have the chance to present my work at the Moscow Conservatory, a legendary music shrine, in May 2000. I hope in some way my offering of this evenings music reflects the deep respect I hold for the great musical traditions of Russia and the Masters who have reached for the stars before me with their awesome genius.

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