The Day Laborers


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Joining the lineage of other Lengendary Long Island hip hop
pioneers such as Rakim, EPMD, De La Soul, and Public Enemy.
Lyricists I.N.F. and Aspect are collectively known as The Day
Laborers. A Duo who have spent years paying dues to build a
reputation the old fashion way. Defining themselves on stage
performing at venues all over New York City. Most notably a series
of highly successful shows at the legendary CBGB's at a time when
the venue had not opened it doors to hip hop for many years until
The Day Laborers came on the scene.

Following momentum from shows. They released the Red Sky EP, then
entered the studio intent on crafting a debut album, "The Learning
Process", that encompasses the best of what underground boom bap
and raw rap has to offer with a refreshing style accessible to
mainstream appeal. Their agile flow displays a smooth delivery
interweaving intricate and articulate rhyme schemes about
introspective topics that all hard working common people can
relate to.

Whether your a blue collar worker or put on a suit and tie this
music is for you, the youth culture, and young adults coming of
age. These musicians profess "We've taken everything that was
classic to us and updated that sound into songs that currently
sound relevant, but can still be considered just as relevant years
from now." Preparing for the release of their first full album
"The Learning Process." The Day Laborers are set to make their
mark with music in a major way.
01 - Can't Stop This War 03:48
02 - I You We 02:48
03 - Burn One Ft. Mac Lethal 04:06
04 - Carbon Copies 03:17
05 - Smiling Faces 04:06
06 - Slappin Ya Senseless 03:41
07 - Confinement Ft. Louis Logic 04:14
08 - Paddling Upstream 03:29
09 - Things Oughta Change 03:31
10 - When It Rains It Pours 03:43
11 - Came In The Door 03:41
12 - Facing Days 03:38
13 - Dirty Work Ft. Nightwalker 03:32
14 - Big Bad Wolves Ft. Homeboy Sandman 03:16
15 - Nightingale Ft. Jus Dave 04:07

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The Day Laborers-The Learning Process(2009)

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cut it up fresh
Ковер радует.На "Big Bad Wolves Ft. Homeboy Sandman" рок-н-рольные проигрыши радуют. Надо тянуть.=) Thx
Понятия не имею кто такие...кавер очень зацепил...стяну. спасибо...
shut the fuck up and rap.
Не скажу, что шедевр, но раз в неделю послушать будет очень даже хорошо. thumb.gif
salut.gif salut.gif salut.gif salut.gif salut.gif не очень(((
??что ещё примечательного
вот это очень хороший альбом !!!
минуса очень мелодичные , особенно вот этот : 10 - When It Rains It Pours 03:43
Неплохо,но моментами на что-то очень похоже.Причем из последнего.Надо переслушать.Особенно голосовыми семплами.
100% pure hip hop и это за*бись! отдельного внимания заслуживает 03 - Burn One Ft. Mac Lethal
Средне-хороший альбом.
в качестве свеженького зайдет, послухаю и в стопку, в архив.
I'm not uploader
Классно! Пару трэков вобще в салат крутые! thumb.gif
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The Day Laborer - The Red Sky (EP) (2007)

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