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The Delta Mirror - Machines That Listen [2010 / 320]

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The Delta Mirror is a cocktail of all your past loves, the ones you wish had stuck around, and check up on from time to time even though you’ve moved on. They were made from the sprained fingers and broken records of mid 90’s hip hop. They were made from the bent circuits of electronica, dead IDM lap tops and broken shoegaze strings. They were made from the injured spirit of a folk singer’s broken heart. Alongside bands like The Big Pink and The Fuck Buttons, The Delta Mirror see’s the things that made our past relationships work and brings them together creating the ideal love. Craig Gordon and David Bolt started out as a hip hop two piece in the late 90’s and have been writing music in some form ever since. With the addition of Karrie K on bass, their sound has progressed to an ambient mix of shoegazy guitar and gothic vocals, but their production has held onto the same boom bap button pushing they started with. Machines That Listen is The Delta Mirror’s debut long play. Each song on this 9 track collection is a story that takes place in a different room of a hospital. Track 2 “and the radio played on” tells of a dying elderly man and his wife’s last moments together, while “hold me down just don’t let me go” is told from the perspective of an ER nurse treating a stab victim. Listening to this record is like walking through the halls of Bellevue or Cedars Sinai listening to a score that is re-written daily. The Delta Mirror has shared the stage with bands like Sleepy Sun, Voices Voices, EGADZ!, Jogger, Odd Nosdam, Tape Deck Mountan, The Mathematicians, Oliver Future and Healamonster & Tarsier. Later this year Lefse will release a collection of remixes from Machines that Listen put together from an all star cast of bands and producers.

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01. It Was Dark And I Welcome The Calm
02. And The Radio Played On
03. Going To Town
04. He Was Worse Than The Needle He Gave You
05. A Room For Waiting
06. Hold Me Down Just Don't Let Me Go
07. Malpractice
08. We Got It All
09. A Song About The End



очень интересное и разнообразное звучание ...скачал обязательно .

фото впечатлило больше, чем превью)
citycelebrity.ru - ищем творческих людей!
огромное спасибо за подгон такого музыкального окрытия ...просто обалденно звучат
на здоровье smile.gif
thanks a lot!

beautiful music
спасибо за отличную музыку!
Музыка — отличная.
хороший релиз. только вот с годом выпуска не всё ясно: в тэгах файлов указан 2008 год
да, тег с ошибкой, релиз 2010
new album co-produced by alias from anticon, guest included: tarsier, blue sky black death, drops august 6th,peep game


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