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bitrate: 192 kbps

Always (1992)
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1. The mirror waters 7:10
2. Subzero 6:53
3. In sickness and health 7:00
4. King for a day 6:33
5. Second sunrise 6:43
6. Stonegarden 4:53
7. Always... 2:40
8. Gaya's dream 6:04

by Blue Lines

Almost A Dance (1993)
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1. On A Wave
2. The Blue Vessel
3. Her Last Flight
4. The Sky People
5. Nobody Dares
6. Like Fountains
7. Proof
8. Heartbeat Amplifier
9. A Passage To Desire

by Blue Lines

Mandylion (1995)
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1. Strange Machines
2. Eléanor
3. In Motion #1
4. Leaves
5. Fear the Sea
6. Mandylion
7. Sand and Mercury
8. In Motion #2

Nighttime Birds (1997) (Remastered, 2007)
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01. On Most Surfaces
02. Confusion
03. The May Song
04. The Earth Is My Witness
05. New Moon, Different Day
06. Third Chance
07. Kevin's Telescope
08. Nighttime Birds
09. Shrink
10. The May Song (Radio Edit)
11. The Earth Is My Witness (Edit)
12. Confusion (Live In Krakow)
13. The May Song (Live In Krakow)
14. New Moon, Different Day (Live In Krakow)
15. Adrenaline (Live In Krakow)

01. New Moon, Different Day
02. Kevin's Telescope (Instrumental)
03. Shrink
04. The Earth Is My Witness
05. Diamond Box (Instrumental)
06. Nighttime Birds
07. On Most Surfaces
08. Hjelmar's (Instrumental)
09. In Power We Entrust The Love Advocated (Dead Can Dance cover version)
10. When The Sun Hits (Slowdive cover version)
11. Confusion (Demo, Eroc session)
12. Shrink (Alternative version)
13. Adrenaline
14. Third chance (Alternative version)



How To Measure A Planet? (1998)
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Disc 1 (53:50)
1. Frail (5:04)
2. Great Ocean Road (6:20)
3. Rescue Me (6:22)
4. My Electricity (3:33)
5. Liberty Bell (6:01)
6. Red is a Slow Colour (6:26)
7. The Big Sleep (5:01)
8. Marooned (5:56)
9. Travel (9:07)

Disc 2 (49:29)
1. South American Ghost Ride (4:25)
2. Illuminating (5:41)
3. Locked Away (3:24)
4. Probably Built in the Fifties (7:26)
5. How to Measure a Planet? (28:33)

part 1: http://ifolder.ru/9413807
part 2: http://ifolder.ru/9414493

by Blue Lines

If Then Else (2000)
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1. Rollercoaster 04:45
2. Shot to Pieces 04:10
3. Amity 05:57
4. Bad Movie Scene 03:49
5. Colorado Incident 04:53
6. Beautiful War 02:32
7. Analog Park 06:05
8. Herbal Movement 04:10
9. Saturnine 05:11
10. Morphia's Waltz 06:37
11. Pathfinder 04:38


Souvenirs (2003)
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1. These Good People
2. Even The Spirits Are Afraid
3. Broken Glass
4. You Learn About It
5. Souvenirs
6. We Just Stopped Breathing
7. Monsters
8. Golden Grounds
9. Jelena
10. A Life All Mine


Home (2006)
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1. Shortest Day 04:11
2. In Between 04:44
3. Alone 04:56
4. Waking Hour 05:38
5. Fatigue 01:48
6. A Noise Severe 06:06
7. Forgotten 03:25
8. Solace 03:48
9. Your Troubles Are Over 03:45
10. Box 04:42
11. The Quiet One 02:16
12. Home 05:57
13. Forgotten Reprise 07:22



bitrate: 192 kbps

The Gathering - Superheat (Live) (2000)
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1. Big Sleep
2. On Most Surfaces
3. Probably Built in the Fifties
4. Liberty Bell
5. Marooned
6. Rescue Me
7. Strange Machines
8. Nighttime Birds
9. My Electricity
10. Sand and Mercury


The Gathering - Sleepy Buildings - A Semi Acoustic Evening (Live) (2004)
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1. Locked Away
2. Saturnine
3. Amity
4. Mirror Waters [Version 2003]
5. Red Is a Slow Colour
6. Sleepy Buildings
7. Travel
8. Shrink
9. In Motion, Pt. 2
10. Stonegarden [Version 2003]
11. My Electricity
12. Eléanor
13. Marooned
14. Like Fountains [Version 2003]


ANNEKE Van Giersbergen - Full Concert Greece 2015


Agua de Annique - Day After Yesterday 3 cd compilation
I need the lyrics to Adore! thumb.gif
Anneke van Giersbergen @ Cultuurkapel Deurne


TG 25: Diving into the Unknown (3CD compilation)

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The Gathering – TG25 Live at Doornroosje (2015)
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CD 1:
1. Saturnine (5:40)
2. Strange Machine (5:50)
3. Meltdown (7:55)
4. Nighttime Birds (6:42)
5. The Mirror Waters (7:19)
6. King For A Day (6:38)
7. Even The Spirits Are Afraid (6:00)
8. Broken Glass (5:24)
9. Heroes For Ghosts (9:42)
CD 2:
1. Afterwords (4:02)
2. Amity (6:13)
3. On Most Surfaces (Inuit) (6:06)
4. Paper Waves (5:34)
5. Leaves (6:10)
6. In Motion I (6:03)
7. Travel (8:40)
8. Waking Hour (5:41)
9. I Can See Four Miles (11:01)

CD 1
CD 2
Fantastic live album, thanks a lot thumb.gif

for whom prefers @256 - hitfile/rapidgator links here
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странно, но голландские и немецкие женщины для меня почему-то выглядят всё больше сексуально после 40.
аннеке конечно бомба ща

'Blueprints - demos and outtakes'

Almost 16 years ago we started writing, rehearsing and the pre-production for our 7th studio album called 'Souvenirs'. In 2002 we also released an EP called 'Black Light District'. This triggered a lot of inspiration and energy to create 'Souvenirs'. Together with producer Zlaya Hadzich we needed more than 2 years to finish 'Souvenirs', and it wasn't an easy process, but we had a lot of joy making it. After a long period of touring, we wanted to work again with our former producer Attie Bauw ('How To Measure A Planet'). So in 2005 we recorded the album 'Home' in a portable studio at an old chapel in a town called Maurik.

During the process of creating an album, there are always a lot of remaining bits and pieces. We kept all these recordings, which are songs in an early demo phase, songs we couldn't combine with other album material, live jams and experimental soundscapes. We felt we wanted to share these never released tracks, so you can listen to the 'blueprints' from that particular TG period.

'Blueprints - demos and outtakes' comes as a double cd, beautiful designed digi-pack with artwork made by Gema Perez. The release is accompanied by a 16 page booklet with liner notes written by René, Frank, Anneke and Hans.

Pre order now at our the Gathering webshop, also available as a discount package: CD with limited edition T-shirt:


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Tracklist 'Blueprints demos and outtakes' :

Скрытый текст / Hidden text
CD 1
1. Blister
2. Alone (demo)
3. Waking Hour (demo)
4. Converted Shuffle
5. Shortest Day (demo)
6. Fatigue (demo)
7. A Noise Severe (demo)
8. In Between (demo)
9. Silent Hymn
10.Forgotten (demo)
11.Inner Combat
12.Box (demo)

CD 2
1. Mokaka
2. Monsters (rough mix)
3. Zion (early ‘In Between’ version)
4. The Intangible
5. These Good People (rough mix)
6. Disarm (demo version of ‘You Learn About It’)
7. We Just Stopped Breathing (rough mix)
8. A Life All Mine (demo)
9. Oil
10.Debris (rough mix)
11.Film Glass
12.Out Of Breath (‘We Just Stopped Breathing’ live jam)


also this: VUUR
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Новая группа Ханса и Рене. Планируют к концу года выпустить альбом.
Blueprints lossless? ph34r.gif
Finally on vinyl again!

It took us some time, but here they are! The Gathering's re-issues of 'Home' and 'Souvenirs' on vinyl. The albums come in a limited edition pressing of colored vinyl, including bonus tracks, remastered, and with beautiful new art work.
Additional 4 bonus tracks on both albums; songs recorded during that particular period. Also available in various package deals with some very nice new 'Home' and 'Souvenirs' T-shirt designs and a free Tote bag! Check our webshop now! Note that both items are currently in production, and shipping will happen towards end of july.

'Home' & 'Souvenirs'
Both classic TG albums recorded in 2003 ('Souvenirs') and 2005 ('Home'). A very interesting phase in their career. By creating experimental sounds and combining them with their characteristically song writing skills, TG made 2 very special albums in a row.

'Souvenirs' is the first full-length release from The Gathering since parting ways with Century Media, and the first full-length release for Psychonaut Records. Many speculate that it was the new experimental directions of the group, as well as the inability of the label to market them that signaled the end of their contract with Century Media.This is the final studio album to feature original bassist Hugo Prinsen Geerligs.

'Home' is TG's eighth album. The album was released on 15 April 2006 by Sanctuary Records through its heavy metal label Noise.
'Home' was produced, mixed and engineered by Attie Bauw, who also was at the helm during the ‘How to measure a planet?’ recordings. The album was recorded in a little church in Maurik, the middle of the Netherlands.
It was the last album to feature lead singer and lyricist Anneke van Giersbergen.

They were out of print for a very long time. ‘Home’ 10 years, and ‘Souvenirs’ even 13 years.
But they are back now!
‘Souvenirs’ comes in beautiful gatefold sleeve, colored transparent green and black mixed vinyl, and with printed inner sleeves.
‘Home’ has beautiful gold foil front cover artwork, comes as solid gold vinyl and has printed inner sleeves as well. Both albums have 4 bonus tracks, songs recorded during that particular period.


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Souvenirs (2LP vinyl version)

1. These Good People
2. Even The Spirits Are Afraid
3. Broken Glass

1. You Learn About It
2. Souvenirs
3. We Just Stopped Breathing

1. Monsters
2. Golden Grounds
3. Jelena
4. A Life All Mine

1. Mokaka
2. Zion (demo version of In Between)
3. Disarm (demo version of You Learn About It)
4. A Life All Mine (demo version)

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Home (2LP vinyl version):

1. Shortest Day
2. In Between
3. Alone
4. Waking Hour

1. Fatigue
2. A Noise Severe
3. Forgotten
4. Solace
5. Your Troubles Are Over

1. Box
2. The Quiet One
3. Home
4. Forgotten (reprise)

1. Blister
2. Waking Hour (demo version)
3. Inner Combat
4. Alone (demo version)
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Вышел альбом Habitants

A Sound Relief

A Sound Relief is the first official independent concert recording by international well known Dutch rock band the Gathering. This album contains the live concert audio extracted from the master of the original DVD release. The album is recorded at the famous Paradiso in Amsterdam in front of an international audience on May 23rd, 2005. It shows the band in a more intimate, semi acoustic setting. Note: the audio has 2 bonus tracks (Saturnine and Kevin's Telescope) that are not issued on the DVD version.

released August 29, 2018

Live Concert At Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL - May 23rd 2005
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The Gathering - A Sound Relief (2018)
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01. The Big Sleep
02. Alone
03. Travel
04. Saturnine
05. Amity
06. Golden Grounds
07. A Life All Mine
08. Broken Glass
09. Marooned
10. Souvenirs
11. Red Is a Slow Colour
12. Like Fountains
13. Rescue Me
14. In Motion II
15. Kevin's Telescope
16. Herbal Movement

MP3 320 kbps

Release Date: Aug 29, 2018


rqst in pm - https://t.me/SVFLC - flac`s

Открытие января CLANN - Seelie (2017) - Violin, Downtempo, Female Vocal, Trip-Hop

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