The Grand Opening

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ARTIST: The Grand Opening
TITLE: In The Midst Of Your Drama
LABEL: Tapete Records
GENRE: Indie
BITRATE: VBR kbps avg
RELEASE DATE: 2010-00-00
RIP DATE: 2011-00-00

Track List
1. Through Your Shield 3:48
2. Habits 3:31
3. Be Steady 4:22
4. Faults And Errors 2:22
5. Exit 4:52
6. Breakdown 4:34
7. Forsaken 4:45
8. The Time Remaining 3:54
9. This Way Suits Me Well 3:26
10. In The Midst Of Your Drama 4:07

Release Notes:

‘In the Midst of Your Drama’, the compelling new album by The Grand Opening is
by far singer and songwriter John Roger Olsson’s strongest work to date.

While on previous albums the focus for JRO has been to combine and integrate
acoustic pop songs with ambient landscapes. This third outing shows a new side
of TGO. There is a real band feel to the recording. Rich instrumentation, strong
choruses, and beautiful backing vocals by Jens Pettersson and Anna Ödlund.

TGO creates a sonic environment truly their own. A feeling sustained by sounds
that couldn’t convey more beauty. And on top of it all, the warm vocals of JRO.

‘In the Midst of Your Drama’ was produced and recorded by JRO with help from
long time collaborator Jens Pettersson and the rest of the band. The recordings
took place at JRO’s very own Möre Studio in Stockholm, Sweden during 2009 and
mixed by Christoffer Roth (Caesars, Moneybrother, Britta Persson) early 2010 at
Dubious Studio, Stockholm.

Supporting the release of ‘In the Midst of Your Drama’ The Grand Opening will be
touring as a four piece in February 2011.

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Восхитительная группа. Волшебный альбом. Не пропустите это. Я серьёзно...
Реально приятные, как по звучанию, так и внешне. Без надрыва, спокойно, но при этом качественно. Уважаю таких.
может есть у кого The Late Call - это тоже с Весь гугл перерыл вообще без вариантов.
а этот альбом крутой.
Очень приятный альбом. Даже не могу сформулировать - почему, но так приятно слушать!...
too drunk to fuck

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Artist: The Grand Opening
Title: Don't Look Back Into The Darkness
Label: Tapete
Genre: Indie
Bitrate: 226kbps avg
Playtime: 0h 41m total
Release Date: 2013-00-00
Rip Date: 2013-12-20

Track List
01. Blacker Than Blue 5:03
02. False Light 4:05
03. Towards Your Final Rest 5:12
04. Free 4:36
05. There Is Always Hope 2:27
06. Old News 5:07
07. Target 4:17
08. The Living 2:23
09. Over The Fences 3:45
10. Tired Eyes 4:55


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