The Human Project

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1. Trials 3:10
2. The Best Form Of Defence 4:13
3. The Fall 3:21
4. How? 2:33
5. Control 6:40
6. Bee’s Knees 3:58
7. The Battle Of Wastings 4:28


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Two new songs from the upcoming EP "Origins": is offering an exclusive full album stream for one week:

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ARTiST ...: The Human Project
TiTLE ....: Origins
LABEL ....: Bomber Music LTD
GENRE ....: Punk Rock
RDATE ....: 2014-01-20
QUALiTY ..: 285kbps/4410kHz
MODE .....: Joint Stereo
SiZE .....: 68,30 MB
PLAYTiME .: 33:19 min
URL ......:


01. Criticise the feign 3:08
02. Send me mental 2:10
03. Tragedy of the commons 4:26
04. Seance fiction 2:37
05. Origins 4:20
06. No brainer 2:11
07. Impatient bastard 1:36
08. Anti-pathetic 3:08
09. One god further 3:40
10. At what point 2:08
11. The beautiful shame 3:55

Leeds', The Human Project self release their full length
debut and it’s a tornado of politically charged tech punk,
thrash and melodic hardcore. They fire with all cylinders on
'Origins'. A rising mist of guitar fuzz bursts into thrash
and harmonic cacophony, with a precision reminiscent of A
Wilhelm Scream on the opening track. There’s a lot of A
Wilhelm Scream influence in the way the songs build and
break, big harmonizing guitars and the breaks into double
time. Song to song there is diversity within this record.
There are some serious beat-down moments to balance with the
melodi-punk wizardry, kind of in the same vein as later
Propagandhi albums.

Lyrically there is an intelligence and thoughtfulness that
you could compare to Bad Religion’s Greg Graffin or
Propagandhi’s Jesus H. Chris. They manage to utilize a
divers vocabulary and rhythmic and melodically soaring vocal
style to translate political and social issues into a
personal and fluid bombardment of emotive vocal hooks. All
this being said there is a clear English (dare I say
Northern?) flavor to their delivery which retains them an
authenticity in a very American arena.

The production is immaculate. Recording with Andy Hawkins at
Cottage Road Studios in Leeds (Hawk Eyes, Pigeon Detectives,
Humanfly) and mastered by Jason Livermore and Andrew Berlin
at The Blasting Rooms, Colorado (Strike Anywhere, NOFX, Rise
Against, A Wilhelm Scream) have produced the kind of power
and depth a band with as many layers as The Human Project
need to fully express the talent and passion that this band
is brimming with.

Origins is a record that will keep you coming back to
discover more. It’s an exciting and powerful
melodic-hardcore album that will surely see them step up
their already prolific and prestigious touring schedule.

Nice one!

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