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Hollywood Town Hall [Expanded Edition] / Tomorrow the Green Grass [Legacy Edition] (2011)

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The liner notes to the Jayhawks' career-making 1992 album, Hollywood Town Hall, were written by friend-of-the-band Joe Henry, then a struggling musician himself (and now one of the most prolific producers around). In just a few short paragraphs, Henry evokes not so much the music made by the Minneapolis band, but presumably what the music was about: wayward drifters with sad histories who disappeared, hitting the road in search of better times. The Jayhawks were never so down on their luck as their characters, but they were drifters just the same, ostensibly headquartered in the Twin Cities but always traveling to the next show and the next show after that. In the late 1980s and early 90s, they stayed on the road almost constantly, paying their dues and gradually playing to larger and larger audiences. They were alt-country merely by coincidence, gestating in isolation and predating the movement by several years. The band incorporated a wide range of styles and influences into their stately Americana, not just country and certainly not punk, but classic rock, folk, power pop, and lots of feedback from Gary Louris fuzzbox-filtered guitar-- all seemingly absorbed with every mile of road traveled and every city played.

What the Jayhawks never drifted toward was success-- at least not the kind that they and their fans felt the music warranted. Even so, a full 25 years after forming, the Jayhawks don't come across as also-rans, which is itself a minor miracle. Hollywood Town Hall and Tomorrow the Green Grass still live and breathe, and these two new, long-awaited reissues sound like the logical conclusions of a legacy-shaping campaign that began with 2009's career retrospective, Music From the North Country. Neither of these albums was a hit, exactly, but they have endured to become something more impressive. They show the Jayhawks unmoored from any one particular trend or style, devising new ways to combine roots and rock without skimping on either.

Hollywood Town Hall is, appropriately, a good road-trip album, moving from pre-dawn departure ("Waiting for the Sun") to a hard-won destination ("Martin's Song", with its chorus, "I've been working all night, I go long into day"). Louris' guitar cuts elegant swathes through these songs, and the new remaster brings out the rich tones in the instruments themselves, especially Benmont Tench's organ on "Crowded in the Wings". The songs have a greater live feel, but Hollywood Town Hall remains primarily a vocal album, with the harmonies of Louris and Olson at the center. Their approach is based on old-time country sibling acts like the Louvin and Stanley Brothers, yet those tightly intertwined vocals are reset in a dusty, electrified setting, marking perhaps the Jayhawks' greatest innovation.

The five bonus tracks neither distract from nor add to the original, but they do reveal the tracklist as a model of economic editing and sequencing. Every song sounds ideally and carefully concise, adding to the effect of the whole. Because it is so economic, Hollywood Town Hall becomes the Jayhawks' greatest statement. By contrast, Tomorrow the Green Grass sprawls to 13 tracks, representing a looser, more experimental tack. The band tinkers with some new sounds and ideas-- some of which are revelatory, others not so much. Opener "Blue" is the hit that should have been, a rambling lament that soars on the band's most majestic chorus, and "I'd Run Away" opens and closes with a string section that revs the song to a fleet gait that underscores, not undermines, the lyrics' loneliness.

As Tomorrow proceeds, the Jayhawks pursue those experiments too doggedly, or they simply don't anchor them to especially compelling songs. "Miss Williams' Guitar", a mash note to Olson's future wife, Victoria Williams, is sweet but shrill, and the bar-rock riffing of "Real Light" doesn't sound especially believable in this setting. The album's final half sounds particularly scattershot: The abrasive "Red's Song" and the sappy "Ann Jane" would have sounded better as B-sides at the time and bonus tracks in the future. Tomorrow is one or two tracks too long, a generous gesture that nevertheless lessens its impact, making it an uneven follow-up to Hollywood Town Hall.

Similarly, this Tomorrow reissue sprawls with a second disc of bonus tracks, comprised of what have become known among fans as the Mystery Demos. A collection of acoustic run-throughs whose origins were until recently unknown, they feature Louris and Olson tackling a career's worth of songs on acoustic guitar, with Mike "Razz" Russell on fiddle and mandolin. Some, like an especially sadsack version of "Blue", are well-known Jayhawks songs; others, like the power-pop "Won't Be Coming Home", would show up later as Golden Smog songs. Some were revived for Olson and Louris' reunion album, Ready for the Flood, and still others have never been heard before. While the reissue includes barely half of the entire Mystery Demos collection (which deserves its own release), these eighteen tracks comprise their own Jayhawks retrospective, an alt-universe greatest hits that sums up the group's appeal as persuasively as any of their proper albums. Stripping the band down to its essentials-- just two voices singing ruminatively and forlornly-- these bonus tracks show just how unnecessary everything else was and just how much direction there was in the band's constant drifting. <pitchfork>

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The Jayhawks – Hollywood Town Hall [Expanded Edition] (2011)

mp3 VBR~256 kbps | 116 MB (5% recovery inf.) | Release Date: January 18, 2011
The Jayhawks' breakthrough album is a roots rock classic. "Like folk music, but really loud," is how guitarist Gary Louris liked to describe the Jayhawks, but the reality is more complex--try the country-rock sound of the Flying Burrito Brothers, Neil Young, or the Band married to white-boy soul, bar band rawness, and a slight alternative edge. Hollywood Town Hall is a masterpiece of American songwriting, blending irresistible melodies, ringing guitars, and Louris and Olson's gorgeous harmonies with moody, imagery-rich lyrics. Best cuts: "Waiting for the Sun," "Take Me with You (When You Go)." ...Hollywood Town Hall, The Jayhawks Def American debut from 1992, features the original album's 10 songs augmented with five bonus tracks, two of them previously unreleased, another two tracks previously commercially unavailable in the U.S. (B-sides from a foreign single release), and one track previously commercially unavailable.

1. Waiting For The Sun
2. Crowded In The Wings
3. Clouds
4. Two Angels
5. Take Me With You (When You Go)
6. Sister Cry
7. Settled Down Like Rain
8. Wichita
9. Nevada, California
10. Martin s Song
11. Leave No Gold
12. Keith And Quentin
13. Up Above My Head
14. Warm River
15. Mother Trust You To Walk To The Store


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The Jayhawks – Tomorrow the Green Grass [Legacy Edition 2CD] (2011)

mp3 VBR~256 kbps | 246 MB (5% recovery inf.) | Release Date: January 18, 2011
Legacy's release of Music From The North Country in July 2009, the band's career-spanning double-CD anthology, came with a promise of future Jayhawks catalog projects to arrive in 2011. This 2011 Legacy Edition of Tomorrow The Green Grass, personally overseen by Gary Louris and Mark Olson, has been remastered and expanded with several sought-after bonus tracks. Disc 1 features the original tracklisting with 5 additional bonus tracks including non-album b-sides and previously unreleased tracks. Disc 2, The Mystery Demos, features 18 tracks recorded by Olson and Louris in 1992, all previously unreleased and the the ultimate treasure for collectors and aficionados. <Amazon>

Disc: 1
1. Blue
2. I d Run Away
3. Miss Williams Guitar
4. Two Hearts
5. Real Light
6. Over My Shoulder
7. Bad Time
8. See Him On The Street
9. Nothing Left To Borrow
10. Ann Jane
11. Pray For Me
12. Red s Song
13. Ten Little Kids
14. Tomorrow The Green Grass
15. You And I (Ba-Ba-Ba)
16. Sweet Hobo Self
17. Last Cigarette
18. Sleep While You Can

Disc: 2
1. Pray For Me
2. Won t Be Coming Home
3. No Place
4. Precious Time
5. Poor Michaels Boat
6. Ranch House In Phoenix
7. Cotton Dress
8. She Picks The Violets
9. Bloody Hands
10. Up Above The River
11. Over My Shoulder
12. Blue From Now On (take 2)
13. Hold Me Close
14. Turn Your Pretty Name Around
15. You And I (Ba-Ba-Ba)
16. Red s Song
17. Nothing Left To Borrow
18. White Shell Road

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The Jayhawks - Rainy Day Music (2003) (320 kbps)

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1. Stumbling Through the Dark
2. Tailspin
3. All The Right Reasons
4. Save It For A Rainy Day
5. The Eyes of SarahJane
6. One Man's Problem
7. Don't Let the World Get In Your Way
8. Come To The River
9. Angelyne
10. Madman
11. You Look So Young
12. Tampa To Tulsa
13. Will I See You In Heaven
14. Stumbling Through the Dark (Reprise)





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ARTiST..[ The Jayhawks
TiTLE...[ Mockingbird Time
GENRE...[ Alternative
GRABBER.[ Grabber Inc.
LABEL...[ decca
YEAR....[ 2011
QUALiTY.[ avg. 248kbps
MODE....[ Joint-Stereo
PLAYTIME[ 50:44 min
REL.DATE[ 08.22.2011
TRACKS..[ 12
SiZE....[ 90,7 MB

T R A C K L i S T

01 Hide Your Colors 04:02
02 Closer to Your Side 03:38
03 Tiny Arrows 05:54
04 She Walks in So Many Ways 02:38
05 High Water Blues 05:08
06 Mockingbird Time 05:10
07 Stand Out in the Rain 03:57
08 Cinnamon Love 03:56
09 Guilder Annie 03:43
10 Black Eyed Susan 05:27
11 Pouring Rain at Dawn 03:26
12 Her Mr. Man 03:45

TOTAL: 50:44


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The Jayhawks - Sound of Lies
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My favorite Jayhawks record. Great songs, great arrangements, great everything. Except for the cover art, which rivals Leatherface's "Dog Disco" for the Worst Ever Album Cover By A Respectable Band. Also, I feel like the chorus in "The Man Who Loved Life" should have been in a James Bond theme of some sort.
I'm way off topic. Just jam this.

1 The Jayhawks - The Man Who Loved Life 5:01 6 161
1 Jayhawks - The Man Who Loved Life 4:59 508
2 The Jayhawks - Think About It 5:36 3 751
2 Jayhawks - Think About It 5:36 392
3 Jayhawks - Trouble 4:48 479
3 The Jayhawks - Trouble (album verison) 4:48 42
4 The Jayhawks - It's Up to You 3:37 6 253
5 The Jayhawks - Stick In The Mud 3:33 3 419
5 Jayhawks - Stick In The Mud 3:33 395
6 Jayhawks - Big Star 4:25 437
6 The Jayhawks - Big Star 4:23 5 580
7 The Jayhawks - Poor Little Fish 3:54 2 986
7 Jayhawks - Poor Little Fish 3:54 324
8 Jayhawks - Sixteen Down 5:21 322
8 The Jayhawks - Sixteen Down 5:21 2 900
9 The Jayhawks - Haywire 5:19 3 478
9 Jayhawks - Haywire 5:19 322
10 The Jayhawks - Dying On The Vine 5:50 4 088
11 The Jayhawks - Bottomless Cup 4:13 3 045
11 Jayhawks - Bottomless Cup 4:13 336
12 The Jayhawks - Sound Of Lies 3:54 3 097
12 Jayhawks - Sound Of Lies 3:57 332

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The Jayhawks ‎– 2016.Paging Mr. Proust

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01. Quiet Corners & Empty Spaces (03:06)
02. Lost the Summer (03:31)
03. Lovers of the Sun (03:15)
04. Pretty Roses in Your Hair (04:20)
05. Leaving the Monsters Behind (03:47)
06. Isabel's Daughter (03:26)
07. Ace (05:36)
08. The Devil is in Her Eyes (03:36)
09. Comeback Kids (04:00)
10. The Dust of Long-Dead Stars (03:37)
11. Lies in Black & White (03:35)
12. I'll Be Your Key (03:48)

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The Grasshopper lies heavy
The Jayhawks - Back Roads And Abandoned Motels (2018) 320kbps
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01. Come Cryin' To Me
02. Everybody Knows
03. GonnaBe A Darkness
04. Bitter End
05. Backwards Women
06. Long Time Ago
07. Need You Tonight
08. El Dorado
09. Bird Never Flies
10. Carry You To Safety
11. Leaving Detroit

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