The John Stamos Project

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3 piece punk band that plays melodic punk rock. We have been together a few years now and this is our first full length CD. The CD has 16 tracks on it. Sometimes the songs are fast, short, and angry while other times they are longer, varying in tempo, with some excellent changes. Lyrics about love, broken hearts, being a porn star, and hating Billy Joel (to name only a few things). Hear more tracks before buying this from Interpunk if you want by visiting our page or reinforcement's page. Just reviewed in Maximum Rock N Roll - They said "One rocking pop punk disc here. In the vein of the Queers and Weasel, this is fueled by raw production and a goofy attitude on destined to be classics like 'My Mom Still Thinks I'm Straight Edge.' A fun raw romp." It also made the reviewer's Top 10 list. There is an unreleased song on the new Interpunk item Reinforcement Records - 2002 Spring Sampler so check it out!

Location: Long Island, NY United States
Influences: Queers, Screeching Weasel, Ramones, Ataris, Weezer, Blink 182

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странно что их еще не было. Крутые.
битрейты 128?
очень нравятся, особенно альбом TAKE YOUR BEST SHOT
неплохо рубят!!! есть очень крутые песни smile.gif
The John Stamos Project - 2001 - Take Your Best Shot
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The John Stamos Project - 2006 - North American All-Stars (EP)
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Неплохая банда, песня 8/26/99 - хит.
could you reupload, please? thanks in advance
Да, залейте, пожалуйста.
John Stamos Project, The - 2001 - Take Your Best Shot 128 Kbps
John Stamos Project, The - 2002 - Demos 128-192 Kbps
John Stamos Project, The - 2004 - North American All-Stars [EP] VBR

Lika God Som Snask!

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