The Legends – It’s Love (2015)

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Artist: The Legends
Title: It’s Love
Year: 2015
Genre: Indie Pop
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 46 MB

01 Keep Him
02 Smoke and Mirrors
03 Love You
04 Something Left to Die For
05 The Great Unknown
06 All About Us
07 Winter Is the Warmest Season

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Artist The Legends
Title It's Love
Genre Indie
Format Album
Source CDDA
Time 27:41
Label Labrador Records
Store 2015
Catalog LAB153
Rip 2015
Bitrate 245 kbps
Size 51.25 MB
Freq 44.1 kHz
Encoder Lame 3.98.4


01. Keep Him 3:05
02. Smoke And Mirrors 3:23
03. Love You 1:50
04. Something Left To Die For 4:07
05. The Great Unknown 3:00
06. All About Us 3:08
07. Winter Is The Warmest Season 3:35
08. Up And Away 3:03
09. The Embrace 2:30


The Legends are one of several indie pop projects masterminded by Swedish
producer/musician Johan Angergard, whose other bands include the Acid House
Kings (the group for whom he is best known) and Club 8. Initially conceived
as a fuzzy, gutsy indie pop act (something like a rougher, fierier version
of the Acid House Kings), the group made its live debut in 2003 as an
opening act for the Radio Dept.

Club 8 mastermind and Swedish pop legend Johan Angergard has a restless
musical soul, and his work with the Legends has reflected that from the
start. Beginning as a noise pop band in the vein of The Jesus And Mary
Chain, then moving through icy synth pop, bopping new wave, and slick
dance-pop, his solo project has covered a lot of ground. After a long break
(which saw him exploring African pop on Club 8's 'The People's Record' and
mainstream radio pop with Eternal Death), the fifth Legends album, "It's
Love", is a quiet, introspective synth pop album that details both the
breakup of his long-term relationship and his angst about turning 40.

The lyrical content is bleak, sometimes even harsh, but delivered with
understated passion. Both Angergard's restrained vocals and the sparsely
chilly, but never cold, musical backing keep things from getting too heavy.
The songs veer from almost bouncy, as on the duet with Club 8's Karolina
Komstedt "Winter Is the Warmest Season", to slow and sad, like on the
heart-bending "All About Us". It mostly leans toward the sad end of the
spectrum, which isn't a surprise considering the record's subject matter,
but the lively near-disco track "The Great Unknown" goes a long way toward
breaking up the gloom.

Throughout, Angergard displays his usual sure hand at crafting memorable
melodies and pitch-perfect arrangements. The layering of vocals and synths
is smoothly beautiful, the use of lo-fi drum machines is a nice humanizing
touch, and the overall feel of the album is wonderfully melancholic. He
wasn't planning to make another Legends album after 2009's noisy "Over And
Over", but anyone who's a fan of thoughtful pop music that takes its time
and reaches deep for real emotions should be glad he relented and made
"It's Love".


Killer indie, this.
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ARTIST.....: The Legends
TITLE......: Nightshift
GENRE......: Rock
RIP DATE...: 2017-04-20
RUNTIME....: 44:29
TRACKS.....: 16
SIZE.......: 104m
QUALITY....: 320kbps 44.1kHz
CODEC......: MP3 (MPEG-2 Audio Layer III)

01. Cash 03:14
02. There Is A Light That Soon Goes Out 03:44
03. Summer In The City (Living Is For Somebody Else) 02:43
04. Riding The Waves 03:00
05. In Love With Myself 02:49
06. Diamonds 02:05
07. Say what? 02:32
08. Space Jam 02:39
09. Motorway 01:50
10. The Phone Call 02:52
11. Automan 01:47
12. Midnight Sun 03:17
13. Roses 03:50
14. Cocaine 02:47
15. City Lights 02:55
16. Messages 02:25


Перезалейте The Legends "It’s Love" 2015, пожалуйста!

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Genre: Indie
Format: Album
Source: CDDA
Time: 43:55
Label: Labrador Records
Store: 2017
Catalog: LAB161
Rip: 2017
Bitrate: 256 kbps
Size: 84.92 MB
Freq: 44.1 kHz
Encoder: Lame 3.98.4


01. Cash 3:12
02. There Is A Light That Soon Goes Out 3:42
03. Summer In The City (Living Is For Somebody Else) 2:41
04. Riding The Waves 2:58
05. In Love With Myself (Feat. Elin Berlin) 2:46
06. Diamonds 2:03
07. Say What? 2:30
08. Space Jam 2:37
09. Motorway 1:47
10. The Phone Call (Feat. Kristina Borg) 2:50
11. Automan 1:45
12. Midnight Sun 3:15
13. Roses 3:48
14. Cocaine (Feat. Maria Usbeck) 2:45
15. City Lights 2:53
16. Messages (Feat. Rose Suau) 2:23
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