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could anyone upload "those the brokes" again?
Присоединяюсь к просьбе вышеотписавшегося, кроме того перезалейте ещё и The Runaway
Спасибо. Ещё бы и Those The Brokes перезалить, и тогда будет всё просто замечательно

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ARTiST: The Magic Numbers
TiTLE: Those The Brokes
LABEL: Heavenly
GENRE: Indie
TiME: 64:30 min
SiZE: 93,6 MB
RiP DATE: Nov-02-2006
RELEASE DATE: Nov-06-2006
WEBSiTE: www.themagicnumbers.net

Track List:

01. This Is A Song 05:22
02. You Never Had It 02:58
03. Take A Chance 03:32
04. Carl's Song 05:30
05. Boy 04:01
06. Undecided 06:38
07. Slow Down (The Way It Goes) 06:56
08. Most Of The Time 05:09
09. Take Me Ar Leave Me 04:41
10. Let Somebody In 03:34
11. Runnin' Out 05:02
12. All I See 04:10
13. Goodnight 06:57

Release Notes:

The second album from The Magic Numbers, Those The
Brokes find this hirsute UK foursome Ц comprised of
two brother/sister pairs, Michele and Romeo Stodart
with Angela and Sean Gannon - expanding on the
florid, harmonic pop vision showcased on their
Mercury Music Prize-nominated 2005 debut.
Importantly, Those The Brokes doesn't just mimic
that album's most obvious tricks Ц or, indeed, the
tricks of their forefathers (The Beach Boys, The
Mamas and the Papas). Indeed, these 13 tracks often
find The Magic Numbers eschewing straightforward
breezy sing-alongs for more complex outings that
boast a more nuanced understanding of shade and
space, or hide firm, beating hearts underneath their
diaphanous pop exteriors. Oh, okay, the opening
"This is a Song" prances along at a fleet-footed
tempo, all lilting, interlocking voices and tumbling
guitars. But "Take a Chance" comes on like a
candy-flavoured Sonic Youth, breathy harmonies
hiding choppy guitar crunch, while "Undecided" Ц a
mid-album delight that sees Angela take the
microphone for a bruised, bluesy paean to breaking
up and making up Ц boasts the sort of vintage soul
muscle that few, to date, have given the Magic
Numbers credit for. Time to reconsider.


The Runaway [2010]
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Label: Heavenly
Catalog#: HVNLP73
Source: WEB
Release date: 21.07.2013
Quality: MP3 256 kbps
Total Time: 00:54:13
Total Size: 101,7 Mb
01. The Pulse
02. Hurt So Good
03. Why Did You Call
04. Once I Had
05. A Start With No Ending
06. Throwing My Heart Away
07. Restless River)
08. Only Seventeen
09. Sound Of Something
10. The Song That No One Knows
11. Dreams Of A Revelation
12. I'm Sorry
13. All I Believe In
14. Dub So Good


18 августа выпустят новый альбом "Alias"

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Artist: The Magic Numbers
Album: Alias
Bitrate: 243kbps avg
Quality: EAC Secure Mode / LAME 3.98.4 / -V0 / 44.100Khz
Label: Caroline
Genre: Rock
Size: 138.21 megs
PlayTime: 1h 15min 34sec total
Rip Date: 2014-08-16
Store Date: 2014-08-15

Track List:
01. Wake Up 6:08
02. You K<NO>W 5:54
03. Out On The Streets 3:50
04. Shot In The Dark 4:45
05. Roy Orbison 4:08
06. Thought I Wasn't Ready 3:03
07. E.N.D. 3:49
08. Accidental Song 4:32
09. Better Than Him 4:10
10. Enough 5:51
11. Black Rose 4:52
12. Out On The Streets (Acoustic 4:52
13. Accidental Song (Alt Version) 4:20
14. Take A Chance/Enough (Alt 9:28
15. Throwing My Heart Away (Piano 5:52

Release Notes:

Over the course of their three albums to date; 2005’s self-titled debut, Those
The Brokes in 2006 and 2010’s The Runaway, London’s The Magic Numbers have shown
that they can consistently deliver dynamic, sentimental indie-rock better than
most. Comprising of two sets of siblings – The Stodarts (Romeo and Michele) and
The Gannons (Sean and Angela), the quartet have always exuded an unguarded
intimacy in their music that really couldn’t be achieved any other way. Their
fourth album Alias only goes to reinforce their already stellar reputation as
one of the true survivors of the mid-‘00s Brit-rock explosion.

The Magic Numbers - AliasFirst track Wake Up opens with some lilting, cinematic
piano before building to some truly ballsy post-rock with some incredible
harmonies which, thanks purely to biology, only siblings can really achieve. It
lulls and undulates in a really impactful way and sets the tone perfectly for
the rest of the record. The choruses of You K(no)w utilize some truly gorgeous
string arrangements to counterbalance the starkness in the verses and
throughout, there’s a sense of melancholy that works incredibly well. This is in
part due to Romeo Stodart’s uniquely dexterous voice, which at certain points is
hushed and plaintive, yet at others climactic and soaring.

Nowadays it’s a bold move to open any record with two songs around the 6-minute
mark as Alias does, but the concise, overdriven Rumours vibe on Out On The
Streets reels things back in wonderfully before lead single Shot In The Dark.
Beyond the gloriously ragged guitar solo, it definitely showcases why they were
chosen to support Neil Young and Crazy Horse on a recent string of European
dates and oozes with the ‘70s authenticity of a band twice their age.

The opulence of Roy Orbison is an absolutely gorgeous stylistic nod to the man
himself, yet still has a sound that can only be achieved by The Magic Numbers
alone. Thought I Wasn’t Ready starts with a groove that sits somewhere between
disco and tango but still manages to come across as a romantic spaghetti-western
soundtrack – and that’s definitely a good thing. The Fleetwood Mac comparisons
that have dogged the band since their inception are definitely low-hanging fruit
in terms of “coed-rock band”, but they’re well deserved nonetheless.

If Thought I Wasn’t Ready alluded to disco, second single E.N.D. puts it on
front-street. It’s wonderfully carefree and reverently detail-oriented in terms
of the ‘70s aesthetic that permeates most of the record. Accidental Song borrows
heavily from the sonic adventurousness of contemporaries like Elbow or Irish
institution The Frames until the restrained urgency that starts Better Than Him
builds to a pretty powerful climax by traveling from jagged indie-guitar to
alt-country and everything in between. The atmospheric guitar work on Enough
manage to save it from the age-old trope of penultimate-album-track-weakness and
the set rounds out with Black Rose – a true wonder of dynamic control and the
kind of supercharged folk at which you can imagine Neil Young knowingly smiling
from sidestage.

Alias is definitely a record that isn’t aiming to please everyone, but in doing
so, still manages to pretty damn well. It covers enough ground to not only cater
to their already loyal fanbase, but reel in some newcomers as well. You can
genuinely hear the lifelong love of real family members in each of the songs and
this – as well as being a great band who write great songs – has to be the key
to The Magic Numbers’ 12 years of success.
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The Magic Numbers - I Don't Care If It's Christmas [Single] 2014
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Artist.....: The Magic Numbers
Title......: Outsiders
Genre......: Rock
Rip date...: 2018-05-10
Runtime....: 41:07
Tracks.....: 10
Size.......: 96.42MB
Quality....: 320kbps 44.1kHz
Codec......: MP3 (MPEG-2 Audio Layer III)
Encoder....: LAME
Url........: play.google.com


01. Shotgun Wedding 03:35
02. Ride Against the Wind 03:39
03. Runaways 04:28
04. Sweet Divide 05:25
05. Wayward 02:39
06. The Keeper 02:57
07. Dreamer 03:35
08. Power Lines 03:45
09. Lost Children 04:21
10. Sing Me a Rebel Song 06:43
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вокал приятный, но уж сильно лайтово ве звучит для инди рока, второй раз слушать не хочется unsure.gif
"There’s a melody in everything, I’m trying to find a harmony, but nothing seems to work, nothing seems to fit".

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