One of my favourite UK groups this, sterling hip hop in all elements,+The

Very little information floating round about the living legends in my eyes.. This is me hunting out things i've got on vinyl, just cos it's easier to download something than it is for me to rip the wax, which is more often than not my motive in this.. I'm looking for the LP 'The opening' << BRILLIANT!... But all i could find was this, which i've never heard of. And i'm having problems with my connection so i won't be able to download and test this untill tomorrow, but i'd be surprised if it's not The Planets that i'm thinking of.

The Epic

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No probs bruv, do uz a favour mate and if your downloading, get back in the thread about what the LP is or what it's like n stuff?

MAN i can't even find a decent site to buy 'The Opening' from, must be a rare LP like.. I'll keep looking , maybe a funky souls brother has it on MP3

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Yeah after digging about on their site, this is the group that the threads intended for.

You can buy both The Epic EP & The Opening for 18 quid here

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Re Upload to rapidshare pliz

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I'm out on that score. i havn't been able to upload anything to Rapidshare for days now, i've contacted them about the problem but i havn't recieved a response yet...... I promised Steaming i'd up him some Pharcyde but everytime i try it won't let me
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The Planets / The Opening
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Label: Red Sea Entertainment
Year: 2002

Track Title
1. The Opening
2. Set Flames
3. Footsteps
4. Open Your Mind
5. Solar Featuring Planetarium
6. Global Featuring Atmosphere & Musab
7. Cecil All Good Show
8. M.I.C.
9. The Medicine Featuring Binary Star
10. Knowledge Of Self
11. Bop To This
12. N.O.M.A.D. Interlude
13. Conversation With Malcolm Featuring Malik El Shabazz
14. Food For Tought
15. On Fire Featuring Planet Asia & 427
16. Hip Hop Love Song
17. Hip Hop Featuring Ghetto Children
18. Can't Stop Featuring Zion I
19. Questions
20. The Closing
21. Outro / Rhyme Odyssey

Ссылка: Planets - The Opening [2002].rar
обажаю эту групу, может ктото перезальет альбом ЭПИК

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You diamond mate. I've been asking about for this for ages!!! I lost it in my hard drive crash n I hate ripping stuff let alone stuff I've already done. I'll be listening to this loads like before the crash. Thanks!!!

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Anybody who hasn't got this, take it quick.
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The Planets - The Epic
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Track Title
1. Trees Featuring Prince Po'
2. Moving Along
3. Full Metal Jacket Featuring Jnr Reid + Ikwon
4. Essence
5. Trees
6. Full Metal Jacket Remix Featuring Jnr R + Ikwon
7. Stop
8. Trees Instrumental
9. Moving Along Instrumental
10. Full Metal Jacket Instrumental
11. Essence Instrumental
12. Trees Remix Instrumental
13. Full Metal Jacket Remix Instrumental
14. Stop Instrumental

Ссылка: Planets - The Epic.rar
Отвратительный коллектив.. просто плоское дерьмицо.. 3 трека замиксованные по три раза.. геройство прям.. текст ваще - Агния Барто..

З.Ы. негативные отзывы тоже ведь нужны, правда..
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GENRE: Hip-Hop
LABEL: Red Sea Ent.
PLAYTiME: 66:17 min
SiZE: 74,5 MB
QUALiTY: VBR Kbps / 44,1Khz
RiP DATE: Aug-02-2007


01 travellers intro
02 thoro borough
03 its on
04 sociology
05 nothing matters (ft. hasan salaam)
06 sunrise
07 my life
08 inner city life
09 message (ft. the planets)
10 aura
11 this is for music (ft. maya azucena)
12 struggle (ft. killah priest)
13 gotham
14 pen
15 not a game
16 stand up (ft. granddaddy i.u)
17 total experience


Password: zblk
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