Artist ............: The Presets
Album .............: Girl and the Sea
Label .............: Modular
Genre .............: Indie

Rip date ..........: May-07-2005
Street date .......: 000-00-0000
Size ..............: 27,1 MB
Type ..............: Album
Time ..............: 19:12 min
Quality ...........: VBR kbps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo

01. Girl and the Sea 04:17
02. Kitty in the Middle 02:43
03. Summer of Love 05:05
04. Mia's Mouse 03:15
05. Cutters 03:52

Debut album from these cats out soon. Unf. they
put on a good live show too, my hangover can
attest to that.


Artist: The Presets
Album Name: Beams
Label: Modular
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 14/09/2005
Retail Date: 12/09/2005
Ripper: Team OZM
CD Time: 42m 42s
Size: 62mb
Bitrate: vbr

01 4:35 Steamworks
02 3:24 Are You The One?
03 3:17 Down Down Down
04 4:42 Girl And The Sea
05 1:38 Black Background
06 4:00 Worms
07 2:42 Kitty In The Middle
08 1:42 Hill Stuck
09 3:49 Girl (You Chew My Mind Up)
10 5:09 I Go Hard, I Go Home
11 4:09 Bad Up Your Betterness
12 3:42 Beams

If you could imagine a yearbook for 2005's School of Rock, The Presets
would stand out like a jet black ink blot on the page: defying
categorization in their recorded work, exceeding expectations above and
beyond in sweat-drenched live shows that leave the competition for dead,
releasing videos and artwork as beautiful as they are twisted. They would
be crowned the official class odd bods. And they like it that way.

Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes share a skewed, singular vision that
reassembles pop music into a streamlined, sexy, scary creature, lurking
in a corner entirely of its own.

Welcome to the world of Beams, debut long-player from The Presets. It's
where the wild things are.

Rewind some ten years. Two class outcasts shackled to their study of
classical music ("Jules looked like a raver with baggy pants and old
school Pumas" says Kim, "I looked like an old man in skivvies, vests and
corduroy trousers ") meet at college. In a sea of squares they blow a
gasket discovering their shared love of new music.

"By day we battled with Beethoven, Stockhausen and 18th century harmony,"
explains Julian, "by night we were out dancing to the Pet Shop Boys, New
Order and Acid House." No stone was left unturned in their passion,
running the gamut from beer swilling rock and introspective Indie pop to
high-camp Euro disco.

Like, duh, they had to make music together.

Of course all good things take time, in the case of The Presets a number
of years and bands. Gestation began in a jam session after practice with
their old band Prop; Kim and Jules uncovered a sound from outer space,
far from their regular band, but closer to their hearts.

The sound was twenty-something years of misinformation, of high and low
culture crammed into the brains of these two ne'er do wells: TV ads and
school hymns, World Series cricket chants and John Coltrane, gamelan
orchestras and glass players, pounding amyl house and sci-fi soundtracks.

In the jungle a monster had awoken: the sound of The Presets had been

The first seeds to be sprout were on 2003's Blow Up EP, which painted
dark dance circles around the eyes of seven rock songs, creating a new
genre of its own. In a pleasingly contrary mode the band followed with
the pristine melancholy of 2004's Girl and the Sea EP, featuring detached
vocals, shimmering synths and swooping pads.

Along the way the duo created a live show that straddles both rock and
dance circuits in its infectious, sweat soaked sensibilities. From
opening for the likes of Wolfmother, Colder, the Faint and the
Dissociatives to playing to packed houses of their own, the Presets have
officially come, seen and conquered (not necessarily in that order).

"We were so disappointed when we saw electro acts or DJs because
something incredibly important was always missing," explains Kim.
"Julian's performing antics are unique. We are good live because we are
musicians and performers first and foremost. Oh, and lets not forget `The
Drama'! At the moment itЖs a real anything goes policy in terms of style.
Our fans like it too. They want to jump around and act dumb like we do:
its called FUN!"

A sense of drama is no stranger to the Presets. A cursory glance at the
cover art for Beams suggests a super-staged and unreal world,
unparalleled since the cocaine castle fantasies of Fleetwood Mac sleeves
from the late 70s. Not to suggest that The Presets are anything other
than modern. Ladies and Gentlemen, without further ado, the futuristic
beast that is Beams, track by track by The Presets themselves.


ARTiST ....: The Presets
ALBUM .....: Are You the One?
YEAR ......: 2005
TYPE ......: Single
GENRE .....: Electronic
TRACKS ....: 04
ENC .......: LAME 3.90.3
RLS.DATE ..: 10-30-2005
STR.DATE ..: 10-24-2005
PLAYTiME ..: 16:32 min
BiTRATE ...: VBRkbps/44.1kHz/HQ Joint-Stereo

01. Are You the One? 03:26
02. Girl and the Sea (Cut Copy Remix) 06:40
03. Truth and Lies 04:04
04. Midnight Boundary 02:22


Artist.......: The Presets
Album........: Apocalypso
Label........: Modular
Genre........: Electronic
Catnr........: n/a
source.......: CDDA Apr-14-2008 000-00-2008
quality......: VBR/44,1Hz/Joint-Stereo
Url..........: n/a

01. kicking & screaming 05:45
02. my people 04:31
03. a new sky 04:36
04. this boy's in love 04:12
05. yippiyo-ay 04:34
06. talk like that 03:44
07. eucalyptus 03:29
08. if i know you 04:28
09. together 05:53
10. aeons 03:28
11. anywhere 06:17

Easily beat by label mates/heads Cut Copy's new
album but nice nonetheless.


Artist.......: The Presets
Album........: This Boy's In Love
Label........: Modular Recordings
Genre........: Electronic
Catnr........: n/a
source.......: Vinyl Jul-13-2008 000-00-2008
quality......: VBR/44,1Hz/Joint-Stereo
Url..........: n/a

01. this boy's in love 04:10
02. buzz factory 05:20

Having returned to the airwaves and dancefloors
with the cataclysmic club smash 'my people', the
presets pitch up with a new single of pure euphoric
electro-pop 'this boy's in love' on modular.

A transcendent blend of driving electro house,
radiant piano and soaring mirror-ball harmonies,
'this boy's in love' is high octane presets meeting
the tech-pop soul of pet shop boys and gary numan.

The super limited clear 7" vinyl comes backed by
exclusive b-side 'buzz factory'.


ARTiST : The Presets
ALBUM : Pacifica
YEAR : 2012
GENRE : Electronic
RiP.DATE : 2012-09-11
STR.DATE : 2012-09-07
ENCODER : LAME 32bits version 3.98.4 -V0
BiTRATE : 241 kbps avg
MODE : Joint Stereo

Tracks :

1 Youth In Trouble 6:20
2 Ghosts 3:29
3 Promises 4:58
4 Push 4:02
5 Fall 3:57
6 Its Cool 3:58
7 Adults Only 6:14
8 Surrender 4:16
9 Fast Seconds 5:14
10 Fail Epic 5:46


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The Presets - Hi Viz (2018)
картинка, оставленная пользователем
Label: Modular recordings
Genre: Electronic, Indie
Quality: MP3 320 / OPUS / FLAC
Total Time: 52:24
Total Size: 122 MB / 172 MB / 367 MB


01. Knuckles
02. Do What You Want
03. Martini
04. Beethoven
05. Downtown Shutdown
06. Out of Your Mind (feat. Alison Wonderland)
07. Tools Down
08. Feel Alone
09. Brains
10. Are You Here? (feat. DMA'S)
11. 14U+14ME
12. Until the Dark

The Presets - Hi Viz (2018) FLAC.rar
The Presets - Hi Viz (2018) MP3.rar
The Presets - Hi Viz (2018) OPUS.rar

лихо, 2-й трек заводной доставил
Выпил по ошибке проявитель, выпей закрепитель - дело нужно доводить до конца...
Блин, хрень редкостная. Надежды были, но не оправдались
Цитата: dethfan
Блин, хрень редкостная. Надежды были, но не оправдались
Не верьте ему, отличный , прекрасный альбом, да, кто ждал электро-рока в духе Do What You Want - разочаруются, но, в реале - бодрый танцевальный альбом , под который можно угорать на дискаче!)
Полнейший кал. Очень прискорбно, я думал ребята никогда не сдуются.
картинка, оставленная пользователем
картинка, оставленная пользователем
The Presets - Hi Viz (2018). Это не просто кал - это сборник музыки для идиотов. Если бы диснеевский Гуфи умел писать музыку, он бы писал такое дерьмо. Ужасно.

Это сообщение отредактировал YxhUx260 - 09.06.18 в 11:16
Щас бы в 2018 году пояснять за вкусы. Нормальный альбом — не лучший в дискографии, но однозначно крепкий и отлично подходящий под время, в которое он вышел. Летняя пластинка!
Альбом заходит не с первого раза, а раза эдак с 3-го, но потом долго не отпускает. Глоток хорошей музыки в июне ))
Downtown Shutdown на репите
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in good music we trust

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