The Primeridian

Hip-Hop / Jazz / Soul / USA / Hip-Hop / Jazz / Soul / Chicago,Illinois

The primeridian, a hip-hop based, power duo consisting of Jaime Roundtree (tree tha scarecrow) and Simeon Viltz (see-me-on) hail from the eclectic, historical music scene of Chicago. With musical influences from blues and R&B, to house and acid jazz, the primeridian fuses these influences into a soulful, jazzy, acid-funk sound independent of musical genres and classification pushing hip-hop to new levels of exposure, experimentation and expressions. With thought-provoking lyrics, a touch of humor, skilled production and musicianship and years of explosive live performances, the primeridian takes a stage by storm with energy, emotion and experience moving crowds of diverse audiences (young and old)! Both artists bring a unique background to the primeridian's music.

Primeridian - I'll Meet You In Greenwich (2002)
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1 Intro (2:03)
2 Mental Void (5:13)
3 Treelude (1:29)
4 Musical Mirages (4:21)
5 Jigsaw (4:12)
6 Underlude (0:33)
7 Battle Cry (3:25)
8 Concentration (4:16)
9 Ring Around The Lyrical (4:24)
10 France Interlude (1:25)
11 Wall Street (6:34) Featuring - Boobaboobsa , Super Micro , Tarik
12 Invisibly Invincible (4:00)
13 On Tha Spot (3:36)
14 Tree Freestyle (2:01)
15 Primates (3:54)
16 How Ya Feel (4:02)
17 Wordz Of Wizdom (3:18)
18 V-Lude (2:04)
19 Home (4:26)
20 Mal-Lude (3:19)
21 Reverse Angle [Remix] (3:46)


Primeridian - On Tha Spot VLS (1997)
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01 On Tha Spot
02 On Tha Spot inst
03 Musical Mirages
04 Invisibly Invincible
05 Primates
06 Primates inst


Primeridian - Zero Degrees Longitude VLS (1999)
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A1 Mental Void (Scratches - DJ Archive)
A2 Mental Void (instrumental)
B1 Jigsaw (Scratches - DJ Joe-Kaze)
B2 Jigsaw (instrumental)


Primeridian - Ring Around The Lyrical VLS (2000)
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A1 Ring Around The Lyrical. (4:30)
A2 Ring Around The Lyrical. (Instrumental) (4:26)
B1 Reverse Angle. (3:33)
B2 Reverse Angle. (Instrumental) (3:28)
B3 Reverse Angle. (Remix) (3:46)


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The Primeridian - Da Midnite Snack 2008 (Mixtape Before Album)

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Artist: The Primeridian
Title: Da Midnite Snack
Year: 2008
Label: All Natural Inc.
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Jazz Hop, Soul, Mixtape

1. (00:00:38) The Primeridian - Intro
2. (00:00:54) The Primeridian - Posetolude
3. (00:01:32) The Primeridian/Dj Kwest_On - Pose To Do
4. (00:00:22) Dj Kwest_On/The Primeridian/Dj Kwest_On - Candy
5. (00:01:51) The Primeridian/Dj Kwest_On - Reverse The Angle(Rmx)
6. (00:02:54) Dj Kwest_On/The Primeridian/Dj Kwest_On - Trumpets Of Zion
7. (00:03:34) The Primeridian/Dj Kwest_On - Smoke Signals(rmx) feat. GQ, Naledge From Kidz In The Hall
8. (00:02:25) Dj Kwest_On/The Primeridian/Dj Kwest_On - Bucktown(Kwest_OnRmx)
9. (00:00:46) Dj Kwest_On/The Primeridian/Dj Kwest_On - Floatintro
10. (00:02:28) The Primeridian/Dj Kwest_On/The Primeridian/Dj Kwest_On - Floatin’(K-Kruzrmx)
11. (00:01:15) Dj Kwest_On/The Primeridian/Dj Kwest_On - Computer Games
12. (00:01:10) Dj Kwest_On/The Primeridian/Dj Kwest_On - Strawberry Fields
13. (00:03:06) Dj Kwest_On/The Primeridian/Dj Kwest_On - High Noon Stank(Kwest_Onrmx)
14. (00:01:26) The Primeridian - Frank LLoyd Wright
15. (00:01:41) The Primeridian/Dj Kwest_On - From The Go
16. (00:00:37) The Primeridian - Battle Crylude
17. (00:01:08) The Primeridian - Battle Cry
18. (00:02:44) The Primeridian - Hang On(Madlib Version)
19. (00:01:38) The Primeridian - Soul Controllin’

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The Primeridian are back with their new album Da Mornin Afta, produced exclusively by beat-maker from the UK & Europe. Giving this album a different vibe from their previous works. They still showcase their soulful and smooth vibe with songs like Take You There featuring Imani from The
Pharcyde and Melodic Healing featuring the soulful vocals of Yaw who recently graced the cover of Straight No Chaser. However on Da Mornin Afta they show an edgier side with cuts like Hang On produced by world renown Nicolay for the Netherlands and High Noon Stank produced by Willow from the UK. Others featured on Da Mornin Afta are J-Rose from Norway, DJ Steady from France, and Knowledge from Kids in the Hall. To add vocal variety Simeon and Tree have added a third mc to fold Race. Some tracks feature all 3 mc's others just feature 2 of the 3 mc's. For followers of The Primeridian they won't be disappointed in Da Mornin Afta, as they stay close to their roots keeping the music soulful and

The Primeridian - Da Mornin Afta [2008]

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Label: Allnatural

01 Mornin' Afta Intro
02 Change The Meridian (Hard Rock) Ft. No Mercy
03 High Noon Stank
04 Bucktown (City Of Wind) Ft. Naledge From Kidz In Da Hall
05 Hang On (Nicolay Remix)
06 Takuthere Ft. Yaw, Iomas Marad And Uncle Imani From The Pharcyde
07 Count Tac Acts A Fool Ft. Countacula
08 Melodic Healing Ft. Yaw
09 Whistle While You Work
10 Let's Go
11 Mario Speaks Ft. Howmanysyllabesmario
12 Trust Ft. Ka-Di
13 Shoutro Ft. Uneqka, Mreid And Mal Caffeine


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Waterfall Inside Me
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▀█▀ █■█ █ ▄█▀ ▄█▀ █■█ █ ▀█▀ █ ▄█▀ █ █ █
чувак, ты сам походу не понял какой [censored] подгон мне лично сделал...)
просто [censored]
как будто на заказ для меня музыку делали
я тебя люблю!
предупреждение за мат
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Спасибо всем , кто выкладывал!
не торопись с выводами biggrin.gif
горький чай, сладкая жизнь
тема под номером 06 примитивна, но это лучшее, что я за последнее время услышал.
ну, может, не лучшее, но так меня давно уже не вставляет.
даже обидно, что она такая простая.

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Прошу сердечно залить их альбом Tha Allnighta
Ох какие отличные ребята.
Полностью поддерживаю, сделайте оф. альбомы ещё раз.
ждем маны
недавно их открыл для себя, последний альбом апокалипсис просто
заходи, френдь, качай. сука.
Нашел в одном блоге их альбом, который очень давно искал и хочу поделиться радостью

The Primeridian - Da Allnighta

Year..........: 2005
Genre.........: Hip-Hop
Ripper........: halfamazing
Grabber.......: EAC (Secure Mode)
Encoder.......: Lame 3.97
Quality.......: VBR / 44,1 / Joint-Stereo
Rip Date......: 12/13/2008


01. Close The Door [ 04:09 ]
02. Floatin [ 03:20 ]
03. Smoke Signals [ 04:30 ]
04. Trumpets Of Zion [ 03:19 ]
05. Yeah, Yeah We Know [ 03:46 ]
06. When We First Kissed [ 01:21 ]
07. Pose To Do [ 03:26 ]
08. Tatuduhendi (Boogie Man) [ 04:49 ]
09. Broken Wings [ 04:15 ]
10. Social Studies Pt Two [ 03:01 ]
11. Off Tha Track [ 04:21 ]
12. Brain Power [ 04:12 ]
13. Midwest Grit [ 03:03 ]
14. Our Life+s Passion (Ooo-Lala) [ 03:26 ]
15. Wisdom (Reprise) [ 02:02 ]
16. Melody [ 04:29 ]
17. From The Go [ 03:45 ]
18. Shoutro [ 02:19 ]
19. Tatuduhendi (Reprise) [ 11:40 ]

Total Playing Time: [ 75:13 ] min
Total Size: [ 90,5 ] MB

Ссылка -

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love these guys
don't sleep
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artist ........ The Primeridian & Tall Black Guy
title ......... Darling Lure
release date .. 2011
label ......... All Natural
cat. no ....... AN 060
url ...........
rip date ...... 27-09-2011
genre ......... Hip-Hop
quality ....... 244 kbps (average) / 44100Hz
time .......... 49:54
size .......... 91,83 MB
source ........ WEB


01. Into The Mornin 2:21
02. Change The Meridian 3:31
03. High Noon Stank 5:09
04. Bucktown 3:20
05. Hang-On 3:25
06. TakeUThere 4:57
07. Countacula 1:39
08. Melodic Healing 4:37
09. Whistle While You Work 3:26
10. Let's Go 4:27
11. Trust 3:43
12. Shoutro 5:37
13. Love Hurts 3:42

release info:

In the 95' hip hop classic, "Survival of the Fittest" by Mobb
Deep, Prodigy leads off by stating "There's a war going on
outside/no man is safe from..." and although he was talking
about life in the streets, these words couldn't be any truer
when looking at the war being fought within the music industry.
Entertainers of all facets are faced with the evils that exits
throughout, and sadly to those on the outside who admire the
glitz and glamour - it's not so very appealing. And since so
many of the popular ones are leaders along with radio and media
programming praying on the minds of children and adults alike,
there grows a cultish like community that seems sometimes
unavoidable and impenetrable.

Having said that, there are forces of good putting in work to
set a new standard and give the world something of substance.
In steps the three man collective known as Darling Lure. Now if
you're a fan of this blog or frequent from time to time, you'll
find quit a few posts about producer, Tall Black Guy. The
architect behind the soundscapes of Eighties Babies,
BlacKeys/Circle of BlacKeys a plethora of instrumental projects
and remixes, and now the mastermind behind the boards
contributing to the illustrative verbal paintings of emcees
Race & Simeon Viltz of The Primeridian.

Yesterday (9-13-11) marked the release of their self-titled
debut album, Darling Lure - an assorted gem filled collection
of 13 tracks addressing good times, spirituality, Chicago life,
attack of the "real", domestic relations and much more. Joined
by a few Chicago comrades and other respected artists from
cities beyond, Darling Lure presents a cohesive project with
the perfect balance of hypnotic beats and substantial rhymes to
have the album in heavy rotation.

Since yesterday up 'til now, I haven't listened to anything
else (w/the exception of some meditation music). I did that
primarily to be able to review the album without bias. Now
don't expect a breakdown of each song cause opinions will
surely vary. But let me just start with the "Intro in The
Mornin'" which opens the album with a highly interesting
thought. Over what I think was inspired by the beat of Anthony
David's, "Let me in," (maybe not), Tall Black Guy inserts two
audio clips from a pastor and another speaker who both reveal a
particular practice seriously plaguing pop culture - backwards
and encoded messages that find way into the listeners
subconscious causing them to believe or act out in ways not
typical of ones normal behavior. Sounds strange? Well, it can
also be very disturbing when you hear or see these messages
played out for self. This intro sets the tone which in turn
leads Race and Simeon to confront these practices without

On tracks like "Change The Meridian" Race fires off on these
candy land rappers who rhyme of false lifestyles stating:
"Shell toes the only time you seen shells bro/and hell no these
dudes and criminal or poppin' pistols the only time they pop
lead/they was young poppin' pencils." No need to say names
just pick any one of your favorites and the sentiment fits.
"Hang on" speaks to people of all life's and encourages them to
hold on to those valuable lessons learned amidst the ignorance
and wicked forever surrounding them.

Halfway through the contents lighten up a bit, bringing us to
the stressless narrative, Whistle While You Work - the current
fun spirited single from the project. You can peep the video
for it here. Wasting no time shifting back to a more serious
note, "Trust" ft. ADaD & G.G, with it's creepy like production
touches on predators of innocent women and men who physically
and mentally instill fear and harm upon them through various
deceitful measures, but also to trust in God and the greatness
you envision.

Closing out the album is "Love Hurts," a short tale of how a
connection between two was formed right up 'til the time when
things go wrong and trust is lost. Sad? Yes, but the jazzy vibe
Tall Black Guy produces eases the pain one may feel as they
travel down the path of their lost love.

Coming in at right about 50 minutes, I assure you, you will not
be disappointed. Darling Lure is a great debut pairing two of
the dopest indie emcees with an equally dope producer whose
soul purpose is to bring quality and sincerity to a genre and
market lead by quantity and deception. Give it a listen and
support these brothers.


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Похоже на альбом года. Это нечто невероятное. Невозможно остаться равнодушным к этому произведению. Я аж подпрыгиваю на стуле, когда слушаю этот альбом. biggrin.gif

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