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ARTiST: The Rorschach Garden
TiTLE: The Toy Factory
GENRE: Electronic
LABEL: Bazooka Joe and Kaleidoskop
KHZ: 44,1
MODE: VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo
ENCODER: Lame 3.97
REL.DATE: Feb-12-2007
TiME: 49:51 min

01. Life Is A Combat 04:08
02. Joyful Life 03:22
03. Metropolis 03:43
04. Catch Your Fall 03:24
05. Different 04:18
06. The Toy Factory 03:13
07. Isolation 03:37
08. The Inner Screen 03:27
09. Society 03:45
10. Cascades 03:10
11. Tragedy 03:39
12. Holiday Site 02:47
13. Click Click 02:58
14. L'Homme Deconnectй 04:20



P.Muench :Voice, Synthesizers, Programming
B.Teichner :Synthesizers
N.Pohlmann :Synthesizers
Darrin Huss :co Vocals 01
Charles de Goal :Vocals and lyrics 14

it has been two years since rorschach gardens last album, 'our japanese
friends', but the world is still enjoying their mixture of danceable beats,
charmful melodies and unique vocals. the music hits the listener right in
the centre of their heart. it also seems that the italian division of ford
thought the same thing - an excerpt from 'robot song' was chosen as a
soundtrack for a ford fiesta tv ad. now here is trg's long-awaited
follow-up: the cd presents fourteen new tracks (except the entirely
re-recorded'society'). 'life is a combat' starts up with a bang: darrin
huss (psyche) is the vocalist and interprets philipp monch's lyrics
brilliantly. on 'l'homme deconnecte', french independent legend charles de
goal is the guest vocalist (he also wrote the lyrics). btw this is a nice
example of what myspace is good for - the contact between charles and trg
was initiated by a friend add! with 'the toy factory' trg delivers a
contemporary masterpiece of electro-pop without any 'revival' cliches. some
of the tracks have already garnered cheerful comments when they were played
live and the album will definitely elate the rorschach-fanbase.
welcome to the toy factory!

The Rorschach Garden - Transfer [2008]

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ARTiST....[ The Rorschach Garden
TiTLE.....[ Transfer
GENRE.....[ Electronic
LABEL.....[ Kaleidoskop
KHZ.......[ 44,1
MODE......[ VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo
ENCODER...[ Lame 3.97
REL.DATE..[ 11-Apr-2008

01і Move Myself
02і Let The Information Flow
03і A Lost Love
04і Doing Business
05і Your Face
06і Play Games
07і Security Exit
08і Interference
09і Into Darkness
10і Less Vast
11і Night Train
12і Turn Back
13і Nature's Last Announcement
14і Epilogue: The Decent Smile


so nice! so nice! THX!!! thumb.gif
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Poslednee vremja synth pop raduet bol'she,chem ,chto libo.Super,kstati.Zam35,spasibo bol'shoe.Ochen' melodichno.Klass.Zvuki ne ahti kakie,no tem,kto lubit melodichnye pesni v stile synth pop-kachat' odnoznachno:))!!!

Kak vsegda v etom zhanre-odni hity:)

Your face-razryvaet prosto.Oh yeah!

play game melodijami voobshe pet shop boys napominaet.
люди добрые.кто имеет Our japanese friends поделитесь.христом богом прошу...спасибо заранее..мир дому вашему....
Друзья, у кого есть альбомы:

2004 - The Rorschach Garden
2005 - The Irony Of Progress
2005 - Our Japanese Friends

поделитесь пожалуйста.

Заранее благодарен.
2004 - The Rorschach Garden
2005 - The Irony Of Progress
2005 - Our Japanese Friends

Поиск продолжается...

Группа суперская!!!
many thanks for Transfer thumb.gif
Electronic Space Pop (2002)

Format: mp3, vbr v0
Size: 49.23 MB

1. Desert Drive
2. Eight Bit Flash
3. Motor City
4. Focus
5. Searching For Perfection
6. Simple Life
7. Robot Song
8. Girlish Conspiracy
9. The Persuader

The Irony Of Progress (2002)

Format: mp3, vbr v2
Size: 90.71 MB

01. Autobiografic
02. Age Of Love
03. Maybe
04. Killer Droids
05. A Friendly Kind Of Energy
06. So Qute
07. Bizarre
08. Exposed
09. Space Journey
10. Dream
11. The White Machine
12. One More Time
13. Sweet Oblivion
14. This Is Not The End
15. Autobiografic (Floater Rmx)

Far Away From Paradise (2003)

Format: mp3, cbr 192
Size: 16.30 MB

01. Far Away From Paradise
02. Desire
03. Focus

Flow Of Life (2003)

Format: mp3, vbr v2
Size: 47.95 MB

01. Solarize V 1.1
02. Named By Numbers
03. Flow Of Life (Synth Version)
04. Flow Of Life (Beefcake's Spurspalten Mix)
05. Freedom Of Choice
06. Consuming Drugs
07. Bizarre
08. Flow Of Life (Pandem's We Are!...Are We? Mix)

The Rorschach Garden (2004)

Format: mp3, vbr v2
Size: 84.49 MB

01. State Protection
02. Consumer Electronics
03. Desire
04. Excuses
05. Small Village
06. Robot Song
07. Motor City
08. Devotional Chains
09. The Persuader
10. Fish And Honey
11. Little Gnat
12. Focus
13. 8-Bit Flash
14. Cold
15. The Chosen Few
16. Devolution
17. Morpheus
18. 25 Years

Our Japanese Friends (2005)

Format: mp3, vbr v2
Size: 65.65 MB

01. Anti Entertainment
02. Modern
03. Searching For Perfection
04. Re-Sist
05. Selling Stuff
06. Le Jour Derniere
07. Private Games
08. My Japanese Friends
09. Surgeon Song
10. Airline Personnel
11. Soon It Starts
12. The Suitcase
13. Abuse
14. Lucky Star
15. Grief
16. Clockworks

20th Anniversary Gift (2008)

Format: mp3, vbr v9
Size: 96.53 MB

01. The Emperor Of Rain
02. Dangerous Strangers
03. One Year Rostock
04. Desperate Longing
05. September
06. The Fallen King
07. Eternal Prisoner
08. Falling Into The Web
09. Complicated Spring
10. Again And Again
11. Mary's Birthday
12. Accelerate Destruction
13. Share
14. The Confession Of Truth
15. Natural
16. Rain Machine
17. Small Village (Second Version)
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pl_ огромное тебе человеческое спасибо..будем кайфовать ph34r.gif ph34r.gif
2004 - The Rorschach Garden
2005 - The Irony Of Progress
2005 - Our Japanese Friends

another link,please??

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ARTiST.... The Rorschach Garden
TiTLE..... A Place for the Lost
GENRE..... Electronic
LABEL..... bazooka joe
KHZ....... 44,1
MODE...... avgkbps / Joint-Stereo
ENCODER... Lame 3.97
REL.DATE.. 11-Sep-2009


01¦ Single Cycles ¦ 03:37 ---
02¦ New Wave is Almost Dead ¦ 03:38
03¦ Staring at the Screen ¦ 03:27
04¦ A Russian Winter ¦ 03:50
05¦ In the Meantime ¦ 03:51
06¦ Impatience ¦ 03:25
07¦ A Place for the Last ¦ 03:16
08¦ In Any Case ¦ 04:12
09¦ Homecoming ¦ 03:51
10¦ Living Under Blocks ¦ 03:54
11¦ Scares Rebuilt ¦ 03:30
12¦ All My Friends Turned into Plastic ¦ 03:21
13¦ Positive (Let the People Talk) ¦ 03:40
14¦ Antimatter Girl ¦ 04:37

TOTAL PLAYTiME (MiN):¦ 52:09


this album offers up the characteristic minimal electro pop trg
is well known for. a remarkable featured sound is the
predominant use of a korg's ds10 - a virtual music production
studio for a nintendo ds which combines legendary eighties
analogue synth tones with today's editing options - the result
is 21st century electro. exemplary song writing skills and a
mastery of electronic equipment culminates into 14 marvellous
tracks that are both captivating and deep.

once again the rorschach garden offer nostalgia and sweetness
with a dark overlay - making this album a genuine 'place for the
lost'. join them there!

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