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Artist.....: The Sea and Cake
Title......: Any Day
Genre......: Indie
Rip date...: 2018-05-10
Runtime....: 38:05
Tracks.....: 10
Size.......: 88.3MB
Quality....: 320kbps 44.1kHz
Codec......: MP3 (MPEG-2 Audio Layer III)
Encoder....: LAME


01. Cover the Mountain 02:51
02. I Should Care 03:17
03. Any Day 04:53
04. Occurs 04:32
05. Starling 03:30
06. Paper Window 03:22
07. Day Moon 03:18
08. Into Rain 03:53
09. Circle 03:36
10. These Falling Arms 04:53
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The Sea And Cake - Any Day

9 / 10, смотри-ка ты
Мемчи́ки - эта абщение с илитай. Эта не толька шутки пра тваю мамашу, но и шутки пра мамашу админа. Мемчи́ки - эта гигабайты тральских шутак. Мемчи́ки - эта абщение. Мемчи́ки - эта тралинк лалак. Мемчи́-и-и-и-и-и-ки!!!
anyone else super let-down by this album?! feel like i'm alone, here, but i think aside from the single and another song or two, the album is a total flop. really disliked the runner, but actually loved the moonlight butterfly. also really didn't care for car alarm or everybody, but loved every album prior to everybody. really wanna see em live when they come to town in a lil over a wk, but does anyone know if they've been playing mainly stuff off the new album, or are their sets more varied?

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