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Artist: The Spill Canvas
Album: Formalities
Street Date: July 27th, 2010
Quality: CBR 192kbps/44,1kHz/Full Stereo
URLs: MySpace Official website

Album Tracklist:

01.Dust Storm [03:23]
02.Our Song [03:43]
03.As Long as it Takes [03:23]
04.10,000 Midnights [acoustic Version] [03:48]
05.Good Graces, Bad Influence [02:52]
06.The Bone [02:53]
07.Dust Storm [acoustic Version] [03:24]
08.Crash Course [03:17]
09.Our Song [acoustic Version] [03:52]
10.Dont Let Your Enemies Become Friends [03:39]
11.As Long as it Takes [acoustic Version] [03:27]

Release notes:

This fifth full-length from South Dakota alt-rockers the Spill Canvas came together as something of a hodgepodge, sporting tracks from their two most recent EPs, some acoustic takes on existing songs, and just a few all-new ones. Fans only.

Enjoy this release 'till FNT release it! thumb.gif

The Spill Canvas - Formalities [2010/MP3/V0 (VBR)]

The Spill Canvas - Formalities [2010/MP3/V0 (VBR)]

on mediafire plz?
COLD, You broke me from the very first night,
I'd love You 'til the day that I die,
I'm far too comfortable this time...
COLD, I love You from the very first night,
You broke me 'til the day that I die
I'm far too obvious this time...
here you are dude!!

The Spill Canvas - Formalities [2010/MP3/V0 (VBR)]

cool! thx!
COLD, You broke me from the very first night,
I'd love You 'til the day that I die,
I'm far too comfortable this time...
COLD, I love You from the very first night,
You broke me 'til the day that I die
I'm far too obvious this time...

чуваки сейчас в туре со Switchfoot и Goo Goo Dolls )

тэги жгут! никакой это не имо и не альтрок. Modern и Pop-Rock - вот так.
forever read only
does anyone have sunsets and car crashes or one fell swoop in 320?
The Spill Canvas - No Really, I'm Fine [2007] FLAC+CUE+LOG(100%)
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1. Reckless Abandonment 3:32
2. All Over You 3:23
3. Battles 3:21
4. The Truth 3:02
5. Saved 3:52
6. Hush Hush 2:59
7. Low Fidelity 3:12
8. Connect The Dots 4:07
9. Bleed, Everyone's Doing It 3:11
10. Appreciation And The Bomb 3:35
11. One Thing Is For Sure 3:38
12. Lullaby 4:43

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The members of Sioux Falls-based national recording act The Spill Canvas are taking a break. It's unclear when, or even if, they'll reunite.

"The band is on a bit of a hiatus," drummer Joe Beck responded to questions on Facebook from the Argus Leader.

"We need some time to refresh the music juices perhaps," bassist Landon Heil added in another message. "We shall see what the future holds. Not sure right now though."

The band's spokeswoman at Reprise Records has not returned several requests for information during the past few weeks about the band's future on the label. The Spill Canvas' website and Twitter account has been inactive since October, which is when the band last performed.

The band finished its tour opening for the Goo Goo Dolls in October, then played a couple of gigs without guitarist Dan Ludeman, according to fans at concerts who posted comments after noticing the change on stage.

In November, Ludeman showed up on eBay selling his trademark guitar.

"I am selling my Gibson Les Paul that was used in all our videos and on all our albums," Ludeman wrote. "If any of you have ever been to one of our shows, then you will have most definitely seen me playing it. Just wanted to let you guys know how you can get your hands on it! Stay tuned for more gear to come."

Band founder, songwriter and lead singer Nick Thomas couldn't be reached for comment.

Reach reporter Jay Kirschenmann at 331-2312.
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The Spill Canvas - Abnormalities-(EP)-2010-FNT
"Там больше гномов, там меньше гномов. Там ровно столько же гномов"
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The Spill Canvas Launch Kickstarter For New Album
The Spill Canvas have launched a Kickstarter to help funding for their upcoming new full-length album.
    It Begins...

    To say that we, The Spill Canvas, are pumped is an understatement. One year has passed since we decided it was best to break indefinitely. Shutting down the machine we built and kept alive for nearly a decade. Until recently, when the powers that be spun a tangle that echoed into each of our webs. Stitching the four of us back together to create music once more.
    With this amazing platform of Kickstarter in place our newly independant title makes way for a type of organic, limitless artistic freedom. Ever reminding us of the roots from which The Spill Canvas grew and allowing our fans the chance to help guide this new vessel/album to exciting, undiscovered territories.

    We've got 60 days to reach our pledge goal, so please take a gander at the incentive tiers and donate as you see fit. Every single cent is more than appreciated, as we've said since it began-this band wouldn't exist without the love and support of our awesome fans.
    Thank you so much for visiting our Kickstarter page. Ready? Let's do this!!!

    Love, Spill
The Spill Canvas To Release New Album "Gestalt" On May 22
We are excited to announce that our new album "Gestalt" will be released Tuesday May 22nd. Save the date! 5/22/2012. We will be unveiling some tracks from the new album in the weeks to come. Stay tuned. - TSC

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Gestalt (2012)
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VBR V0 || 80 mb

01. Whiskey Dream Kathleen
02. Chemicals
03. Parallels and Money
04. From: San Francisco
05. To: Chicago (feat. Andy Jackson)
06. Off a Cliff
07. Firm Believer
08. The Meds
09. Mariana
10. My Vicinity
11. Sabotage Internal

[] || [] || []
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как группа? на что похожа?
Цитата: (shake it baby)
как группа? на что похожа?

Что-то похожее на Yellowcard smile.gif
В целом альбом имеет достаточно позитивный мотив)
Для цифровой коллекции музыкальный файлов, думаю, что лишним эта группа не будет

The Meds из этого альбома понравился больше всех

Скиньте кто-нибудь Formalities в VBR, или 256-320, пожалуйста)

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