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The Sufis - The Sufis (2012) V0

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There's a fine line between pastiche and curation, and The Sufis toe it with confidence.

This Nashville band recreate late 60s psychedelic rock so lovingly you'd swear Pink Floyd ripped them off. They're signed to Cornershop's Ample Play label – apparently because Cornershop can't be expected to do everything themselves – and have turned up with a debut steeped in paisley, patchouli and drunken, disorientating effects. Its success depends on your stomach for phased guitar and trippy Wurlitzer, but if you're prepared to turn off your mind, relax and float downstream, it'll take you somewhere wonderful.

That much is obvious from first track Where Did She Go which takes a strong whiff of The Beatles' game-changing psych masterpiece Tomorrow Never Knows and adds organ, harpsichord and maracas to stir a heady brew that infuses the jumbling, woozy Sri Sai Flora and fairy-like Wake Up.

Occasionally The Sufis return to somewhere near Earth for the more straightforward motorik grooves of Lemming Circle Dance and Downtrace, whirring futuristically like we've moved on to 1974, but their hearts are stuck firm in head-spinning psychedelia – and that's where they sound most free.

It means you can wait an age for something approaching a recognisable melody but the trip alone is worth it, and tantalising piano and sitar cameos on See The Way and I Don't Know only add to the mystery. A warped gem.

1 Where Did She Go
02 Sri Sai Flora
03 Wake Up
04 Lemming Circle Dance
05 In The Ashram
06 Rosalie's Garden
07 Downtrace
08 Light Tunnel
09 See The Way
10 I Don't Know

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The Sufis - Inventions (2013) 320

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1. All of the Time (02:16)
2. Most Peculiar Happening Cat (01:58)
3. She Said to Me (02:06)
4. I'll Come to See You (02:52)
5. Turn Around (01:39)
6. The End (02:20)
7. Alone (01:54)
8. No Expression (02:18)
9. Gotta Get Away (03:03)
10. Wallflower (01:21)
11. Nothing More to Say (02:48)
12. Washed Away (02:25)
13. Different Views (Bonus Track) (02:42)

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The Sufis - After Hours [2018]

01. After Hours
02. Made Me Leave / Crispy Grapes II
03. Anymore
04. Another Way
05. Mercy
06. One of a Kind
07. It's Hard
08. Watch Out
09. Till I Get Home
10. All Knowing
11. Take Care of Yourself

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Погонял альбом - ничего особенного...Выделять какие-нибудь 1-2 трека с альбома не буду, так как всё очень усреднёно и дефолтно, без изюминки совсем.

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