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2001 - Rise And Fall (US Release)(BOMP!)

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1 Jam Of The Witches
2 House Of Glass
3 Skull Death Drum Jam
4 Whips Of Mercy
5 Song For Nico
6 Left And Right Of The Moon
7 Motorcycles
8 Heavy Bomber
9 Laser Beam


2002 - The Phoenix Album (US Release)(Birdman Records)

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1. Shake The Dope Out
2. Hurricane Heart Attack
3. Baby Blue
4. Stickman Blues
5. Cosmic Letdown
6. The Dope Feels Good
7. Moving And Shaking
8. Inside Outside
9. Stone Hearts
10. Oh Shadie


2003 - The Phoenix Album (UK Release)(Mute Records)

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1 Shake The Dope Out
2 Hurricane Heart Attack
3 Inside Outside
4 Isolation
5 Cosmic Letdown
6 Red Rooster
7 Baby Blue
8 The Dope Feels Good
9 Stickman Blues
10 Oh Shadie


2005 - Surgery (Mute Records)

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1 Come Save Us
2 It's Just Like Surgery
3 Gypsy Nightmare
4 Angels In Heaven, Angels In Hell
5 We Need Starpower
6 Thursday's Radiation
7 Evil Eyes Again
8 The Tangent
9 Above Earth
10 Bleed Without You Babe
11a Suicide Note
11b Untitled


2007 - Heavy Deavy Skull Lover (The Pee Records)

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1 The Valley Of Death
2 Moving Mountains
3 So Paranoid
4 Slip Beneath
5 Zombie Like Lovers
6 Dreamless Days
7 Interlude In Reverse
8 Death, I Hear You Walking
9 Hidden Track 1
10. Hidden Track 2


2009 - The Mirror Explodes (The Pee Records)

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1 Red Camera
2 The Midnight Sun
3 Slowly Disappearing
4 There Is A Formula To Your Despair
5 Standing Between The Lovers Of Hell
6 You Make Me Wait
7 Frequency Meltdown
8 Static Eyes


EP's & Singles

2000 - The Warlocks (EP)(BOMP!)

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1 Cocaine Blues
2 Song For Nico
3 Jam Of The Zombies
4 Caveman Rock
5 Angry Demons
6 Jam Of The Warlocks


2002 - Phoenix (EP)(Birdman Records)

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01. Baby Blue
02. Oh Sandy
03. Stone Hearts
04. Minneapolis
05. Mad Man


2006 - Red Camera / Isolation (Single)(BOMP!)

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01. Red Camera
02. Isolation


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my deep noise
Native American Drone'n'Roll
The Warlocks - Surgery (2005)
RLS NAME : The_Warlocks-Surgery-(Proper_Advance)-2005-RNS

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ARTIST : The Warlocks
TITLE : Surgery
LABEL : Mute
GENRE : Rock
BITRATE : 214kbps avg
PLAYTIME : 0h 59min total
RELEASE DATE : 2005-08-23
RIP DATE : 2005-07-01

Track List :
01. Come Save Us
02. It's Just Like Surgery
03. Gypsy Nightmare
04. Angels In Heaven, Angels In Hell
05. We Need Starpower
06. Thursday's Radiation
07. Evil Eyes Again
08. The Tangent
09. Above Earth
10. Bleed Without You Babe
11. Suicide Note

Release Notes :
It was 2003 when the Warlocks first crashed your consciousness. Layers of
guitar, multitudes of drums, immeasureable amounts of aural narcotic.
That was Phoenix. Two years have passed, and the Warlocks have used the
time to steep their psychedelic gloom in rich texture reminiscent of Phil
Spector's greatest works. Holed up in warm California studios, frontman
Bobby Hecksher translated his current listening (Shangri-Las, Ronnettes)
into modern tales of life and death; his own heartbreak and rollercoaster
existence serving as roadmaps for the band's trademark gritty melody.
This is Surgery. "The aim was to create some new rock n' roll hybrid:
sonic space-age doo-wop! I wanted the album to sound bigger, fuller,
sicker than before," enthuses Hecksher.

The band's make-up has changed only slightly, with original bassist Jenny
Fraser and new drummer Bob Mustachio coming to the fold. As before, the
rest of the group lines up as: JC Rees (guitar), Corey Lee Granet
(guitar), Laura Grigsby (tambourine and organ), Jason Anchondo (drums)
and Bobby Hecksher (guitar, lead vocals).

In gearing up for the AUGUST 23 release of Surgery on MUTE, the Warlocks
will play selected dates with fellow dreamers and sonic brethren, the
Brian Jonestown Massacre, as well as making an appearance at this year's

Download ~ 91.5 Mb :

альбом ,скажем, жесткий, для тру гера пати

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Название: Warlocks - Rise And Fall (2001).rar
Размер: 77.22 Мб
Ссылка для скачивания файла: http://ifolder.ru/1162737
i do not like warlocks tongue.gif
Can anybody upload Phoenix?
The Warlocks - Surgery (2005)

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The Warlocks - Phoenix (2002)

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The Warlocks - Rise And Fall (2001)

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reup please.
на рапиду, если возможно.
The Warlocks - Surgery (2005)
I was looking for Phoenix album for a long time. Thanks a lot!
The Warlocks - Heavy Deavy Skull Lover (2007)

Track listing:
01 The Valley Of Death
02 Moving Mountains
03 So Paranoid
04 Slip Beneath
05 Zombie Like Lovers
06 Dreamless Days
07 Interlude In Reverse
08 Death, I Hear You Walking

mp3 / vbr v0 / 93.06 mb / 3% rar recovery record
pass: underay.livejournal.com
Согласно новостной строке на teepeerecords.com релиз альбома намечен на конец октября

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ARTiST: The Warlocks
ALBUM: Heavy Deavy Skull Lover
BiTRATE: 192kbps avg
QUALiTY: EAC Secure Mode / LAME 3.97 Final / -V2 --vbr-new / 44.100Khz
LABEL: Tee Pee Records
SiZE: 73.63 megs
PLAYTiME: 0h 50min 32sec total
RiP DATE: 2007-10-22
STORE DATE: 2007-10-23

Track List:
01. The Valley Of Death 5:03
02. Moving Mountains 10:59
03. So Paranoid 6:27
04. Slip Beneath 8:07
05. Zombie Like Lovers 4:50
06. Dreamless Days 5:31
07. Interlude In Reverse 3:11
08. Death, I Hear You Walking 6:24



Release Notes:

Not so quietly, or subtly, continuing the work of The Jesus & Mary Chain, The
Warlocks has been a consistent presence on the Neo-Psychedelia scene since 2000.
Fans of the genre have reveled in the nostalgia mash presented by front man
Bobby Hecksher and his eight piece for the better part of this decade, and the
band's new release Heavy Deavy Skull Lover, is par for the course in its album a
year journey. The goth rock octet with a heart of jam band gives it the ole
college try for the sixth time, if college were Evergreen State in the late
1960s, and issues another solid set of drug culture inspired death rock with a
Sonic Youth kicker.

"So Paranoid" is meant, it seems, to be the record's centerpiece, offering more
of a hook than any of the other tracks, and a dreamy vocal that is meant less to
be ingested than absorbed through the pores. "Death, I Hear You Walking" is a
more than solid track, and is exactly what went through Art Garfunkel's head
when he was on acid, including an inappropriate amount of harmonizing and
buzzing, the presence of which only serves to strengthen the song. "Interlude in
Reverse" offers up a vocal performance the bastard child of Robert Plant ("In
the Light" Plant, not "Heartbreaker" Plant) and Thom Yorke would be mighty proud
of. "Slip Beneath," while not as exciting as a Machines of Loving Grace tune,
does manage to employ a good amount of decent electric guitar work, worth
mentioning because by the time you get there, you will miss it, and the Velvet
Underground reputation they have enjoyed until now. The most exciting track on
the album comes from "Zombie Like Lovers," which offers a driving percussion
section reminiscent of the man Bonham, bringing the marriage of Sixties and
Nineties full circle, and gives the album a kind of catharsis.

"Dreamless Days" almost manages to recall some Pink Floyd, circa The Piper at
the Gates of Dawn, the trippy mess of guitars taking us back to our fathers'
LPs, while the rhythm section plants us firmly in the early nineties when kids
didn't know whether to wear flannel or eye liner. In fact, if The Warlocks had
made their appearance on the scene any earlier, you might have counted on seeing
them on The Crow soundtrack, and that is not exactly a criticism, except perhaps
for the fact that we have seen this act before, and the improvements they bring
to it are either far too subtle to make a difference, or simply serve to muddy
the mix.

The strength of The Warlocks comes in its ability to revel in black light
psychedelia without indulging in the brooding atmosphere so often associated
with it. If your girlfriend just dumped you, you'll find little comfort here,
but certainly look to immerse yourself in androgynous good times, as Bowie fans
come of age, and Radiohead fans take a step back from pretentiousness. The album
is a must buy for purists, but in all offers the same fare as previous releases.
For a better introduction to the band, check out The Phoenix Album. I promise,
you'll still get all of the skulls, but with more of the listenability.
The Warlocks - Rise And Fall (2001)
The Warlocks - Phoenix (2002)
The Warlocks - Surgery (2005)

перезалейте альбомы

Ссылка на Rise And Fall (2001) отсюда - The Warlocks - все еще живая; если не можете скачать с Айфолдера, указывайте это.
I'm a girl.
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The Warlocks - Heavy Deavy Skull Lover (2007)

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After losing their deal with Mute Records because of Surgery's initial lack of success, the West Coast neo-psych stoner rockers' long, strange trip was nearly at an end. Fortunately, longtime allies Brian Jonestown Massacre came through for the guys, encouraging their label, Tee Pee Records, to add the Warlocks to its roster. Looser than their prior label, their new home enabled the Warlocks to record Heavy Deavy Skull Lover at their leisure under the guidance of Rod Cervera, who recorded their first record. As on each of their other albums, new territories are explored and musical influences have changed significantly. There are still hints of Spacemen 3 and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, but now the focus of the project is gloomy shoegaze that conjures up images of the Swirlies on bad brown acid. Part of the reason for this is that the band has been whittled down to half of its size, and now the power dual-drummer setup is gone. Where they were once thunderous, now they sound fragile. Also, trippiness has replaced melody, and when eight songs are elongated for nearly 60 minutes, it can seem like an eternity. "The Valley of Death" disappears into "Moving Mountains," which stretches out over ten minutes with several head-fakes and suggested endings, eventually building to a fiery climax that results in the album's peak moment and prettiest song, "So Paranoid," a creamy mock-Jesus and Mary Chain swirl. If only the entire album were this strong. At times, druggy pretension saturates the concept, and the band favors overly artistic choices like the inclusion of "Interlude in Reverse," a song that didn't sound proper in its original state, so it's played backwards. Sorting through the rambling murk can seem like an unreasonable chore for the listener, but the bleak, angry guitar buzzsaws can make those forgiving moments of relief that much more rewarding. The moment at just past the three-minute mark of "Slip Beneath," when the vocals finally bleed into the foreground, is sheer exquisiteness, but the jarring vehemence of the song directly after may make you reach for the fast-forward button. As uneven as the experience is, the album probably makes most sense in its entirety, but listening straight through can be an exercise in endurance. You'll only try this once or twice, though. After that, you'll be searching through to find your favorites.

1 The Valley of Death
2 Moving Mountains
3 So Paranoid
4 Slip Beneath
5 Zombie Like Lovers
6 Dreamless Days
7 Interlude in Reverse
8 Death, I Hear You Walking

70 mb / VBR
apologies, I don't speak Russian, and Babelfish is a shitty translator!
The Warlocks - Red Camera & Isolation 7" [2006]
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01 Red Camera
02 Isolation



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