Thy Infernal

Thy Infernal - 2001 - Warlords Of Hell

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01. Armageddon
02. Rotting in Hell
03. Wolfstorm
04. Dark Wings Unfurl
05. Immortal Satanic Spirit
06. Night of the Full Moon
07. Warlords of Hell
08. Lord of the Abyss

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Hf with it thumb.gif
great, thx man, black metal from US is interesting thumb.gif

Big Thanks. Great album from great band. I couldnt remember any other american BM band
who could put some melodies in their songs. I especially enjoyed 2.Rotting in hell.

Anyway,thanks once more
this album sounds great !!
thx man thumb.gif
Death Metal Forever - In blood we trust
Glad to see you guys enjoyin' the album.
Always good to keep motivated sharin' this kind of stuff smile.gif thumb.gif

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