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Band Members

Tilian Pearson - Vocals / Guitar
Spencer Gill - Guitar
Adam A Sene - Guitar
Alan Jaye - Bass
Josh Gould - Drums
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Tides Of Man is a progressive, indie rock band from Tampa, Fl. Their first album, “Empire Theory” came out on Rise Records in August of 2009.

Over the course of the past year, Tides of Man have set their sights on wowing audiences with a pristine debut album and an even more impeccable live show. Once more, the cross hairs are centered on fans of progressive melodic rock with their second LP “Dreamhouse”. Working with powerhouse producer Kris Crummett (Dance Gavin Dance, Emarosa, Closure In Moscow) has enabled every impressive element of this band to be amplified five times over, most notably lead singer Tilian Pearson’s mind blowing vocal range. “Dreamhouse” drops September 14th, 2010.

Tides of Man have trailed the nation back and forth with bands like of AFI, Dance Gavin Dance, Emarosa, A Skylit Drive, Of Mice and Men, Oh Sleeper, From First To Last, We Came As Romans, Broadway, Vanna, Asking Alexandria, A Static Lullaby and Eye Alaska several times and have no intentions of letting up. “Dreamhouse” has the quality of true craftsmanship that anyone who has been moved by music with absolute sincerity, will positively find something lovable about the new Tides of Man record. For fans of Circa Survive, Radiohead and Coheed & Cambria.

Tides Of Man is on tour with Australian progressive rock powerhouse, Karnivool, in August and September. Following that they hit the road with The Sleeping and PmToday.
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2008 - Tides of Man (EP)
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1. Not My Love
2. We Take Oaths to Lie
3. And Again
4. Descent from Destiny
5. Create Couldnt Keep Up


2009 - Empire Theory (Album)
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| Artist: Tides Of Man |
| Album: Empire Theory |
| Rip date: 2009-08-11 |
| Source: CD |
| Grabber: EAC V0.99 prebeta 4 |
| Encoder: LAME v3.97 |
| Bitrate: 177 kbps avg |
| Size: 63.68 megs |
| | [Release Info]
| |
| Label: Rise Records |
| Year: 2009 |
| Genre: Rock |
| Store date: 2009-08-04 |
| | [Track List]
| |
| 1. Knowing That You've Already Arrived 3:39 |
| 2. Create Couldn't Keep Up 7:11 |
| 3. Empire Theory 4:15 |
| 4. Descent 4:40 |
| 5. Colors Speak True 4:06 |
| 6. I Saw Mercy Conquer Hate 4:02 |
| 7. Not My Love 4:13 |
| 8. Western Science 5:39 |
| 9. Contents Within 6:06 |
| 10. Rescue 3:57 |
| ----- |
| 47:48 |
| | [Release Notes]
| |
| Tides of Man is a progressive rock band from Tampa, Florida. Their debut |
| album, Empire Theory, was released August 4th, 2009. They draw |
| influence from bands like: Radiohead, The Sound Of Animals Fighting, |
| Closure In Moscow, and Coheed and Cambria, among others. |
| |
| Sorry, but i guess whoever pressed this didnt know what they were doing |
| so the bitrates are kinda low. oh well, enjoy |

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2010 - Dreamhouse (Album)
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ARTiST : Tides Of Man
ALBUM : Dreamhouse
LABEL : Rise Records
GENRE : Rock
RELEASE : 2010-09-15
STREET : 2010-09-14
ENCODER : LAME v3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
QUALiTY : 230kbps avg / 44.1kHz / Joint Stereo
SiZE : 62.23 MB
PLAYTiME : 00:37:43


1. Not My Love 2 4:13
2. Statues 3:46
3. Home 2:41
4. Sunshine 3:19
5. Dreamhouse 3:20
6. Salamanders And Worms 3:43
7. Chemical Fires 3:58
8. Echoes 3:27
9. A Faint Illusion 4:44
10. Only Human 4:32

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сканы и лирика
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Not My Love 2 (Behind the Scenes)
Live at Chain Reaction

в "похожих" остальной сет
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Цитата: (3dd01)
Последний альбом хорош, есть неплохие атмосферные треки, но, думаю, месяца через два о нем все забудут, т.к. выйдет что-нибудь гораздо более сильное
К сожалению, в последние годы в пост-роке крайне редко появляется что-то сильное. Поэтому как знать... unsure.gif
Цитата: Icerty
не грози Мадридскому Реалу, попивая сок у себя в квартале
Кто нибудь залейте пожалуйста на ifolder нормальный рип без косяков, а то слушать невозможно, сплошная математика. Заранее спасибо!
А чем на предыдущей странице iTunes-версия не устраивает? Качество отличное.
Цитата: (Alex H.D.)
А чем на предыдущей странице iTunes-версия не устраивает? Качество отличное.

Не могу скачать почему-то. Ошибка на 99%ах.

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Tides Of Man have officially begun the writing process for a new studio album, which will follow their 2014 instrumental effort, Young And Courageous.
Цитата: Icerty
не грози Мадридскому Реалу, попивая сок у себя в квартале
У кого-нибудь есть Tides of Man EP (2008)?
lpXaNdRpr, есть


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Can anyone re-up


Tides of Man's New Album - Out Summer, 2018!
Tides Of Man’s new album ‘Every Nothing’ is an album 4 years in the making.
It was recorded at Vudu Studios in Port Jefferson, NY with producer Mike Watts and Cleartrack Studios with producer Spencer Bradham between the months of August 2017 and January 2018.

We hope you enjoy our short video announcement. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more news coming soon!

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сингл Static Hymn выйдет 29 июня, скорее всего появится и предзаказ альбома

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