Timewarp Inc – Groovy Booty (Remixes Vol. 4)

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Label: Timewarp Music
Catalogue#: TMDG 044
Style: Broken Beat / Funk
Rls Date: 18 December 2009
Quality: 320 kbps
Url: junodownload.com
played by: Timewarp, DJ Max (Globe By DJ Max & Gabb)

01. An Old Funk (Atfunk remix) 05:11
02. Cinemafilm (Deep Dive Corporation remix) 06:49
03. Dub Mi Balls (Zamali remix) 05:14
04. Funkorz (Doctormusic Project remix) 04:26

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Timewarp Music - VA - Freestyle 4 Funk 2 (Compiled by Timewarp)-2012

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Label: Timewarp Greece
Catalogue#: TMDG 100
Style: Funk / Nu Funk / Nu Disco
Rls Date: 21 Aprile 2012
Quality: 320 kbps


1. Funky Destination - Drummin Intro
2. Leon - Da Gypsy Groovy (Timewarp inc remix)
3. Breakbeat Junkie - Rock the Funky Beat (Nick Pride & Pimptones remix)
4. Zamali - What Do They Know
5. Globe by dj Max & Gabb - Afrovibes
6. Dogo Argentino - Senses (Valique remix)
7. Niles Philips feat. Tonkin - Nose Dive
8. Funky Destination - Como Musica (Timewarp inc live remix)
9. Timewarp inc - Start With An A
10. Afternoons in Stereo - El PumA
11.Tournoi - Le Jardin (The Captain Remix)
12. Timewarp inc - Back to 60's (Valique Down The Street remix)
13. AUditors DOmination - Rempeto
14. Niles Philips - Ill At Ease feat. Tonkin (AUditors DOmination remix)
15. Small Night Orchestra - Groove Massala

1. Alessandro Otiz - What You Got (Original Mix)
2. Quincy Jointz - The Place (Flashbaxx Remix)
3. Doctormusic Project - Party Has Just Begun feat. Danny Losito
4. Atfunk - Something About You feat. NavyRed (Timewarp inc remix)
5. Umbo & Balatz - Disco Thang (Valique Boogie Tech remix)
6. Dogo Argentino - 2 Minutes 2 Midnight
7. Trotter - At the Pool
8. Dogo Argentino - Daddy (Atfunk remix)
9. Trotter - Faixa Preta (B-Team remix)
10. Doctormusic Project - Party Time feat. DJ Steevo
11. Timewarp inc - Disco Frisco ft Leon
12. Flatwound - Kick Junior (Timewarp inc remix)
13. Zamali - Blue Montains (Timewarp inc remix)


Юбилейный -рекомендую ,слушается на одном дыхании!!!!

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George Kelly Mixes
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Label: Kraak
Catalogue#: KRK 056
Style: Nu-Disco / Nu-Funk
Rls Date: 17 September 2012
Quality: 320 kbps
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George Kelly selects four great songs from Timewarp Music's recent and back catalog, but unexpectedly these four songs appear, suddenly we can say, on Kraak's catalog for two major reasons:
Firstly the (re)mixes of this exciting new various artists release, feature some great re-edit-mix-working skills of the famous remixer and producer Dj Butcher aka George Kelly, whose style and music identity is Kraak records to the bone! Secondly, without any doubt this collection of mixes could be only possible to be released through Kraak Records as the heavy & busy schedule of Timewarp Music couldn't handle to have it out earlier and before 2013...!
Timewarp inc, Afternoons in Stereo, Leon and Mr. Gagun from Timewarp Music's roster appear in the mixes collection release, mixed by George Kelly. George brings out his own style, sound and groove over the original songs. Nu Disco and Soulful feeling with dance-floor in mind is the main concept behind the mixed songs. Broken Beat and Jazzy laid back organic grooves are not missing. This EP is definitely a great collection of re-mixed works.

1. Mr. Gagun - Beijo Teu (George Kelly Mix)
2. Leon - The Date (George Kelly Mix)
3. Timewarp inc - Back To The 60's (George Kelly Mix)
4. Afternoons in Stereo - Promise (George Kelly Mix)
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George Kelly Mixes

душееевно-душевно!! thumb.gif грувы тянут прям огненно, ..Бутчер молодцом!!
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George Kelly Mixes

душееевно-душевно!! thumb.gif грувы тянут прям огненно, ..Бутчер молодцом!!

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Afternoons In Stereo: Conspire To Rewire (Remixes)
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Label: Timewarp
Catalogue#: TMDG 113
Style: Funk / Funky Breaks / House
Rls Date: 19 November 2012
Quality: 320 kbps
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Canadian producer, Afternoons In Stereo, has been on hiatus since 2011, but it hasn't stopped his name appearing on a host of remixes of other acts ever since. Now the Athens-based Timewarp label has decided to collect the best of all these appearances in a one-stop-shop release. There are 11 top-notch tracks here. Some choice picks include the loungey bass grooves of "Growth Strategies", the reggae funk of "Jamaican", the retro ghetto stomp of "Step On", the almost electro-Bhangra of "Rose Of Ispahan" and the authentic disco workout "Funky Dog". A perfect stopgap release whilst we wait for this prolific producers new studio album, due 2013.

01. Niles Philips - Growth Strategies (Afternoons in Stereo remix) (5:30)
02. Funky Destination - Jamaican (Afternoons in Stereo remix) (5:00)
03. Leon - Nice To Meet You (Afternoons in Stereo remix) (4:54)
04. Dogo Argentino - Step On (Afternoons in Stereo remix) (5:28)
05. Teddy Presberg - Outcries From A Sea Of Red (Afternoons in Stereo remix) (7:24)
06. AUditors DOmination - Rose Of Ispahan (Afternoons in Stereo remix) (5:29)
07. Mr. Gagun, Susana Ruiz - Funky Dog Feat. Susana Ruiz (Afternoons in Stereo remix) (4:12)
08. Timewarp Inc - Wake Up Bossa (Afternoons in Stereo remix) (5:28)
09. Zamali - Afro Night (Afternoons in Stereo remix) (5:09)
10. Trotter - 77 Game (Afternoons in Stereo remix) (4:57)
11. Tournoi - Le Jardin (Afternoons in Stereo remix) (4:59)
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Artist: Timewarp Inc.
Title Of Album: Ghetto Drunk
Year Of Release: 2013
Label: Timewarp
Genre: Nu Funk, Breakbeat, Soul, Funky Breaks
Quality: 320 / FLAC
Total Time: 78:27 min
Total Size: 178 / 527 MB


01. Bullshit (04:57)
02. Ghetto Drunk (feat. Tonkin) (04:43)
03. Humus (04:42)
04. Start With an A (04:58)
05. Kotzak (05:43)
06. Yuil Disco Breaks (Soundsystem version) (05:45)
07. Hipsko (feat. The Time Travellas) (05:07)
08. Disco Frisco (feat. Leon) (04:57)
09. Kraakin (05:56)
10. Home Grown (04:36)
11. Chase in the Case (04:10)
12. Hot Spot (Electronic mix) (04:40)
13. Latin Cookies (03:47)
14. Projections (04:15)
15. Dubwizejah (04:41)
16. Kotzak (Revisit) (05:40)

Timewarp have been putting out bangers since 2005 on their own Timewarp Music, a Greek label dedicated to only the most alluring electronic sounds. This is their new LP and it's choc-a-bloc with surprises for you; starting from the opener "Bullshit", an irresistibly hip-swanking trip-hop number, it goes all the way through "Disco Frisco" featuring the one like Leon for a smooth but rough-ready house roller, and ends up in places never expected like "Latin Cookies", a track so joyful and packed with good vibes that it can't be properly catalogued into one genre...it has one hell of a bass line though - much like everything else on this sweet full-length from the boys at Timewarp.

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Timewarp Inc. - Ghetto Drunk [2013]
Release Info
Label: Timewarp Music (TMDG117)
Released: 18 Feb 2013
Genre: Electronic
Style: Nu Funk, Breakbeat, Soul
Quality: 320 kbps
Time: 78:35 min
Size: 179 mb
01. Bullshit
02. Ghetto Drunk (feat. Tonkin)
03. Humus
04. Start With An A
05. Kotzak
06. Yuil Disco Breaks (Soundsystem Version)
07. Hipsko (feat. The Time Travellas)
08. Disco Frisco (feat. Leon)
09. Kraakin
10. Home Grown
11. Chase In The Case
12. Hot Spot (Electronic Mix)
13. Latin Cookies
14. Projections
15. Dubwizejah
16. Kotzak (Revisit)
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Я модерирую когда захочу.
День вооооообще прошел не зря!!!!! ОГОНЬ!!!!! band.gif
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Отличный антидепрессант! В пробке самое то!)
"Музыка не может мыслить, но она может воплощать мысль"
Royal Soul Nugrooves (2012)
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Nu-Disco / Nu-Funk / Soul | Royal Soul | 320 kbps
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01. Trotter - Sunshine (4:40)
02. Stuboskop - The Funk Joint (7:21)
03. Timewarp Inc - Dubwizejah (4:42)
04. Total Cult - Nice Disco (5:58)
05. Shantisan Feat. Lilith - Shuffle (4:23)
06. Morlack - In Brasilia (4:57)
07. Trotter & Kool Hertz - Back in Time (Kool Hertz Remix) (3:59)
08. Neighbour - Something In The Heat (4:34)
09. Liquidus Ambiento - Sampa Hi Fi (Omegaman Remix) (5:49)
10. Phunk Dub Feat. Kojake - Don't Panic (3:42)
11. Stuboskop Feat. Joe Dugz - Just Chill (6:34)
12. Andre Guazzelli - Fahrenheit (6:09)
13. Phunk Dub, Zel - Into The Wild (4:28)
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Gabriel Rocca – Last Night EP (2013)
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House | Royal Soul | mp3 / 320 kbps
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1. Last Night (Original Mix) 8:29
2. Sick Of This (Original Mix) 7:44
3. Get Down With The Groove (Timewarp Inc. Remix) 5:53
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Timewarp Inc – Ghetto Drunk Remixed Vol 1

Label/Cat#: Timewarp Greece – TMDG 123
Year: 24 June, 2013
Source: WEB
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 156 mb
Genre: Electronic
Style: Nu/Ghetto Funk, Breakbeat, Nu Soul, Funky Breaks

1. Bullshit (Niles Philips remix) (04:27)
2. Kotzak (Funky Destination remix) (06:42)
3. Yuil Disco Breaks (Valique Emancipation remix) (07:02)
4. Ghetto Drunk (feat Tonkin - acidisco version) (04:43)
5. Humus (Morlack remix) (05:15)
6. Disco Frisco (Nonion Breed remix) (04:08)
7. Hipsko (feat The Time Travellas - Trotter remix) (04:50)
8. Start with An A (Zel remix) (06:16)
9. Ghetto Drunk (feat Tonkin - Mister T remix) (04:07)
10. Latin Cookies (Leon remix) (04:50)
11. Humus (AfroQBen remix) (04:02)
12. Start With An A (Niles Philips remix) (04:00)
13. Humus (Jazz K Lipa remix) (05:13)

Timewarp Inc. - Ghetto Drunk [2013] 320


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Oooh! my gosh, I know gloomood personally !

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