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USA (Nashville, Tennessee)

Steve Austin
Guitar, Vocals, Sampler, Piano, Written-By, Engineer, Producer

Discography (all in CBR 320 kbps).

Supernova (xx.04.1993, Remastered 2008)

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01. Black Dahlia (3:32)
02. 6 Dementia Satyr (4:11)
03. Silver Tongue (4:19)
04. Blind Man At Mystic Lake (4:07)
05. Adult World (5:15)
06. The Begging (2:28)
07. The Kick Inside (5:47)
08. Goose Is Cooked (6:27)
09. Timeless (0:39)
10. Rise (4:43)
11. The Guilt Barber (2:08)
12. Self Portrait (9:51)
13. I Bent Scared (Bonus Track) (4:45)
14. Come On Down And Get Saved (Bonus Track) (5:07)

Steve Austin - Guitar, Vocals, Sampler, Producer
Mike Herrell - Bass Guitar
Brad Elrod - Drums

Tim MacLaughlin - Engineer, Producer [Remastered]

Remastered Version


Willpower (xx.09.1994, Remastered 2007)

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01. Willpower (3:34)
02. My First Knife (2:57)
03. Nothing To Lose (3:41)
04. Golden Calf (3:53)
05. Sidewinder (5:33)
06. Many Happy Returns (2:33)
07. Simple Touch (3:30)
08. Promised Land (3:52)
09. Amazing Grace (0:50)
10. Execution Style (Bonus Track) (2:22)

Steve Austin - Guitar, Vocals, Sampler, Engineer, Remastered By, Producer
Mike Herrell - Bass Guitar
Brad Elrod - Drums

Al Sutton - Engineer

Original Version
Bonus Track from Remastered Version (quality - VBR V2 ~ 238 kbps)


Today Is The Day (26.03.1996, Remastered 2008)

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01. Kai Piranha (1:15)
02. Marked (4:48)
03. Bugs Death March (5:22)
04. A Man Of Science (0:57)
05. Realization (4:25)
06. Black Iron Prison (1:57)
07. Mountain People (2:15)
08. Ripped Off (3:37)
09. The Tragedy (2:51)
10. She Is In Fear Of Death (4:10)
11. I Love My Woman (0:26)
12. Dot Matrix (4:28)
13. Hands And Knees (Bonus Track) (2:55)
14. Pipe Dream Zero (Bonus Track) (4:01)

Steve Austin - Guitar, Vocals, Sampler, Engineer, Producer
Scott Wexton - Synthesizer, Sampler
Brad Elrod - Drums

Remastered Version


Temple Of The Morning Star (23.09.1997)

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01. Temple Of The Morning Star (Acoustic) (2:51)
02. The Man Who Loves To Hurt Himself (4:06)
03. Blindspot (1:49)
04. High As The Sky (2:13)
05. Miracle (2:32)
06. Kill Yourself (3:15)
07. Mankind (2:41)
08. Pinnacle (1:37)
09. Crutch (1:16)
10. Root Of All Evil (3:48)
11. Satan Is Alive (2:59)
12. Rabid Lassie (2:52)
13. Friend For Life (0:25)
14. My Life With You (2:33)
15. I See You (2:59)
16. Hermaphrodite (8:19)
17. Temple Of The Morning Star (4:39)
18. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Black Sabbath Cover) (6:11)

Steve Austin - Guitar, Vocals, Sampler, Engineer, Producer
Christopher Reeser - Bass Guitar, Electronics
Mike Hyde - Drums, Percussion

Dave Shirk - Mastered By
Matthew Jacobson - Executive Producer
William J. Yurkiewicz Jr. - Executive Producer



In The Eyes Of God (20.07.1999)

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01. In The Eyes Of God (3:11)
02. Going To Hell (7:09)
03. Spotting A Unicorn (1:20)
04. Possession (1:03)
05. The Color Of Psychic Power (2:05)
06. Mayari (3:22)
07. Soldier Of Fortune (1:50)
08. Bionic Cock (1:54)
09. Argali (2:13)
10. Afterlife (1:46)
11. Himself (1:40)
12. Daddy (1:13)
13. Who Is The Black Angel? (1:27)
14. Martial Law (2:32)
15. False Reality (2:37)
16. The Russian Child Porn Ballet (1:36)
17. The Cold Harshness Of Being Wrong Throughout Your Entire Life (1:43)
18. Honor (2:18)
19. Worn Out (0:57)
20. There Is No End (8:44)

Steve Austin - Guitar, Vocals, Electronics, Recorded By, Mixed By, Mastered By, Producer
Bill Kelliher - Bass Guitar
Brann Dailor - Drums

Dave Merullo - Mastered By



Live Till You Die (15.08.2000)

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01. The Color Of Psychic Power (Live) (2:14)
02. Pinnacle (Live) (1:29)
03. Feel Like Makin' Love (Bad Company Cover) (2:08)
04. Temple Of The Morning Star (Acoustic) (Live) (2:32)
05. Wicked Game (Chris Isaak Cover) (2:11)
06. Crutch (Live) (1:12)
07. Ripped Off (Acoustic) (3:29)
08. High As The Sky (Live) (2:12)
09. In The Eyes Of God (Live) (3:07)
10. Users (0:25)
11. TDA (3:22)
12. Blindspot (Acoustic) (Live) (1:59)
13. Why Don't We Do It In The Road? (The Beatles Cover) (1:10)
14. Afterlife (Live) (2:07)
15. The Man Who Loves To Hurt Himself (Live) (4:21)

Steve Austin - Guitar, Vocals, Sampler, Engineer, Producer
Bill Kelliher - Bass Guitar
Christopher Reeser - Bass Guitar
Brad Elrod - Drums
Brann Dailor - Drums



Sadness Will Prevail (03.09.2002)

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01. Maggots And Riots (2:38)
02. Criminal (4:40)
03. Distortion Of Nature (2:45)
04. Crooked (2:59)
05. Butterflies (3:07)
06. Unearthed (3:16)
07. The Descent (4:59)
08. Death Requiem (4:17)
09. Christianized Magick (5:24)
10. Voice Of Reason: Vicious Barker (2:20)
11. Face After The Shot (4:09)
12. The Ivory Of Self Hate (3:40)
13. The Nailing (5:35)
14. Mistake (3:35)
15. Invincible (7:30)
16. Aurora (3:02)
17. Sadness Will Prevail (8:04)

01. Myriad (6:09)
02. Spaceship (1:54)
03. Flowers Made Of Flesh (3:21)
04. Your Life Is Over (4:31)
05. Control The Media (6:39)
06. Vivicide (2:33)
07. Miasma (1:01)
08. Times Of Pain (4:02)
09. Breadwinner (1:20)
10. Friend (2:08)
11. Never Answer The Phone (23:15)
12. I Live To See You Smile (4:28)
13. Sadness Will Prevail Theme (11:25)

Steve Austin - Guitar, Vocals, Sampler, Piano, Engineer, Producer
Chris Debari - Bass Guitar
Marshall Kilpatric - Drums

Seth Putnam – Vocals
Mark Morton – Guitar
Kris Force – Violin
Jackie Gratz – Cello

01:12:00 + 01:12:46

iFolder (CD1) | iFolder (CD2)

Kiss The Pig (08.06.2004)

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01. Why They Hate Us (3:35)
02. Kiss The Pig (2:00)
03. Mother's Ruin (2:27)
04. This Machine Kills Fascists (2:46)
05. Outland (1:40)
06. Don't Tread On Hope (2:25)
07. Sympathy Junky (0:44)
08. Platinum Pussy (4:43)
09. Train Train (0:40)
10. Bee's Wax And Star Wars (3:13)
11. Birthright (12:13)

Steve Austin - Guitar, Vocals, Sampler, Engineer, Producer
Chris Debari - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Mike Rosswog - Drums



Axis Of Eden (2007)

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01. Improvised Explosive Device (1:18)
02. Free At Last (3:48)
03. Broken Promises And Dead Dreams (2:00)
04. If You Want Peace Prepare For War (6:02)
05. No Lung Baby (3:57)
06. Black Steyr Aug (4:11)
07. My Wish Is Your Command (2:06)
08. Circus Maximus (3:58)
09. Total Resistance (4:10)
10. The Worst Thing That Ever Happened To Me (2:53)
11. Axis Of Eden (3:29)
12. Desolation (4:03)

Steve Austin - Guitar, Vocals, Piano, Written-By, Mixed By, Mastered By
Chris Debari - Bass Guitar, Written-By (10)
Derek Roddy - Drums

Michael Shawn "Clown" Crahan - Written-By (10)


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всё, что не убьёт меня - всё хуйня ©
классный альбом! записан почему-то на удивление хорошо - я ожидал дичи какой-нибудь для разрушения головы, а тут вполне всё удобоваримо. thumb.gif

Life is too short to listen to shitty music. (с) J.R. Hayes (PIG DESTROYER)
ага, совсем даже не трешак. крепкий альбом
Today Is The Day - Animal Mother (2014)
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Качество: mp3, 320 kbps
Размер: 104.54 Мб

01. Animal Mother
02. Discipline
03. Sick Of Your Mouth
04. Imperfection
05. Law Of The Universe
06. Outlaw
07. Godcrutch
08. Divine Reward
09. Masada
10. Heathen
11. Mystic
12. The Last Strand
13. Outlaw
14. Bloodwood

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Я, наверное, так никогда и не пойму эту группу.
Ужасный звук, ужасная музыка biggrin.gif
Отличный альбом получился ! thumb.gif
Godflesh, TITD... Ох**ть, товарищи! thumb.gif
ещё солнце с так-себе вокером и земля с так-себе ланеганом.
зажрались, перебираем)

" ...забейте что-либо своими руками - и вам полегчает"
(с) Кровосток
Godflesh, TITD... Ох**ть, товарищи!

и Tokio Hotel
Рипнул и залил бонус, а то чёрт его знает, когда будет рип Daymare, и будет ли.
Today is the Day - Zodiac (Melvins cover) 128

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Artist: Today Is The Day
Album: Animal Mother
Label: Southern Lord
Playtime: 45:16 min
Genre: Metal
URL: http://www.southernlord.com
Rip date: 2014-10-20
Street date: 2014-10-14
Size: 87.70 MB
Type: Normal
Quality: 257 kbps / 4410Hz / Joint Stereo

- Release Notes -

Here's a the highly anticipated new release from these metal visionaries.
These guys have always stood apart from the rest with their very unique take
on what they do. Also the singer seems derranged, which you can really tell
from the lyrics. Pick up all their albums and see them live!

- Track List -

01. Animal Mother ( 4:57)
02. Discipline ( 2:58)
03. Sick Of Your Mouth ( 3:32)
04. Imperfection ( 1:25)
05. Law Of The Universe ( 2:19)
06. Outlaw (Acoustic) ( 3:49)
07. Godcrutch ( 2:29)
08. Divine Reward ( 0:57)
09. Masada ( 3:45)
10. Heathen ( 2:18)
11. Mystic ( 3:15)
12. The Last Strand ( 2:35)
13. Outlaw ( 3:49)
14. Bloodwood ( 7:08)

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Сильный альбом! Три дня на репите
Кстати вот:
At 9:30 PM last night while driving to New York to meet up with our Drummer, our van was struck by an out of control car that had collided with another car. My dear friend and TITD merch man Trevor and I had just left my home in Orland, Maine after a 4 day Thanksgiving break in between tours. We had just completed 50 + Shows since October 7th, both Headlining and Main Support for EYEHATEGOD. Our band was set to play 23 more shows starting tonight in Pittsburgh.

We had been driving for 4 hours and had just crossed into Massachusetts.
Suddenly, Trevor said Look Out! I looked towards the passenger window and saw a car heading in a straight line for the side of our 15 Passenger Van. The car was within 3 feet when he saw it and it nailed us perfectly in the side spinning us around 180 Degrees, followed by flipping the Van UPSIDE DOWN. Trevor and I were thrown super hard inside the Van with Glass bursting all around us, hot transmission fluid pouring down and sparks flying everywhere as the Van was sliding backwards and upside down the Middle of I-495 interstate. I truly felt at that moment that I was going to die.

When we came to a stop, I held on tight and waited thinking the next thing that would happen would be a car finishing us off and slamming right into us. I screamed to Trevor to get out of the van immediately for fear that it would catch on fire and explode. We crawled through the Driver and Passenger windows worried that oncoming traffic would hit us. Once out, we made our way to the guard rail. Disoriented and in Shock I was emotionless. In one terrible second:

#1 New van was completely Destroyed.
#2 Equipment was Destroyed.
#3 Merch was destroyed
#4 Tour cancelled.

EMT's arrived and Fire Dept. They took me and Trevor by ambulance to the hospital. Cat Scans, X-Rays and Morphine was given. My left arm was cut up by broken glass and the left side of my body was badly beaten and bashed on. We stayed in the hospital for 8 Hours and were finally released early this morning. When we got out the room we had reserved was gone and we spent another hour trying to find shelter and a place to regroup.

It goes without saying that It was Truly a Miracle that he and I were not killed yesterday. Fuck Black Friday and all that it stands for. People had been driving wildly going from store to store to save $10 bucks in the name of xmas. The capper was that the 2 cars that had collided were full of liars that would not admit they were the ones who hit us even though the police can paint match who did.

I am beaten and bruised and recovering. With the help of my friend Aarne Victorine that plays in UXO with me and his friend, we were able to pry open the back door with a winch to be able to get our broken stuff out of the van a few hours ago and rent a U-Haul to be able to get what's left home.
I am devastated and still in shock since this happened. I am extremely sorry to the fans in the towns that we were supposed to play in over the next few weeks. If we weren't injured so badly, I would have still wanted to try to make it to you some how. But for now, I am a father with 2 kids, wife and 2 dogs trying to figure out how to move forward after losing everything yesterday. I just want to let everyone know, that Trevor and I will be ok. It will take some time. Mentally, it was just way to heavy to deal with and we will need some space and time to try to make sense of what just happened.
I leave for home in the morning and will begin to pick up the pieces after I get to feeling better and can physically address the things going on.

Take care of yourselves out there during these holidays. People are careless and drive crazy during this time of year and no matter how careful you are, the other drivers can take your life in a second. I am thankful to be alive right now and can't wait to be with my family. Again, don't worry. If what happened yesterday didn't kill me, I don't know what could. Love and Peace to everyone. If you don't hear from me, for a while it is because I am just trying to get myself back together.
Да что это за флаки такие! Они меня бесят!!!!
а LAE есть у кого-нибудь?

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