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Tokyo Police Club is a Canadian indie rock band from Newmarket, Ontario,
consisting of singer and bassist Dave Monks, keyboardist Graham Wright,
guitarist Josh Hook, and drummer Greg Alsop.

Albums, EPs
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2006 - A Lesson In Crime (EP)

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01 - Cheer It On
02 - Nature Of The Experiment
03 - Citizens Of Tomorrow
04 - Shoulders & Arms
05 - If It Works
06 - Be Good
07 - La Ferrassie

2007 - A Lesson In Crime (EP)-JUST

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Artist : Tokyo Police Club
Album : A Lesson in crime
Label : Naive
Genre : Indie
Catnr : n/a
source : CDDA
rip.date : Dec-07-2006
str.date : Feb-2007 (France)
quality : VBR/44.1Hz/Joint-Stereo

Track List :
01. Cheer it on
02. Nature of the Experiment
03. Citizens of Tomorrow
04. Shoulders and Arms
05. If it Works
06. Cut Cut Paste (Bonus)
07. Be Good
08. La Ferrassie

Runtime : 18:14 min
Size : 28,3 MB

Release Notes
If there were ever a movement for an indie farm
system, somewhere to designate those young, raw
bands needing more time in the oven, Tokyo Police
Club would be the poster children. This
blogger-approved Toronto quartet has the potential
to become a real five-tool player in indie for a
long time; Pretty Girls Make Graves' agility, Les
Savy Fav's curveball, the Strokes' sweet swing--
there's no questioning the latent talent here.
Strangely, most bands follow a developmental arc
similar to those of professional athletes. Just as
the minor leagues help hone those nascent all-star
skills, there's almost an unwritten rule that bands
should become road-tested to refine their
power-chord angst into slick, nuanced songwriting.
Without even knowing Tokyo Police Club's ages, you
can hear the greenness in their excessive
handclaps, their ham-handed sci-fi narratives, and
their opening alarum, "Operator, get me the
president of the world!" The band may have spawned
some of these tracks from a bored biology class
daydream, but when they're on musically, the
post-adolescence imbued in their sound doesn't even

For all the raging hormonal awkwardness, the Club
knows how to self-edit like the most scrupulous
adults. The seven songs here contain no extra
gristle, each weighing in around a svelte two
minutes. Even tighter are the twitchy micro-Strokes
riffs adorning tracks like "Cheer It On" and
"Nature of the Experiment". Frontman Dave Monks
even apes Casablancas' vox-via-megaphone a bit,
though with more nasal, less growl. The Strokes
comparisons only hold for so long though as the
EP's second half forks off into Pretty Girls/Q and
Not U hyper post-punk and straight-laced emo.
"Shoulders & Arms" demonstrates the band's ability
to pull off the former, a bustling juggernaut of
stratospheric guitars and squalling synths.
Meanwhile, "Citizens of Tomorrow" headlines the
emo-minded selections, swelling to a futuristic
climax that's three parts Sunny Day Real Estate,
one part Sparta.

While for now any genre may be their oyster, I hope
these guys stick to the prickly garage rock
prominently featured early on the EP. Not only do
they do it best, but the cushy-sounding stuff
closing the release lacks the idea density of the
rest of Crime, and choosing to pursue more of this
ethereal fluff could result in an overblown LP
letdown not unlike that of Rahim's or the Chinese
Stars'. Either way, we-- and the rest of the indie
rock world-- are waiting and listening for their
next move.


2006 - A Lesson In Crime (320 CBR)

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EP released Aug 2006

1. Cheer it on
2. Nature of the Experiment
3. Citizens of Tomorrow
4. Shoulders & Arms
5. If It Works
6. La Ferrassie


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2008 - Elephant Shell (320 CBR)
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2008 - Elephant Shell

Artist: Tokyo Police Club
Album Title: Elephant Shell
Label: Saddle Creek
Format: CD
Released: 22 Apr 2008
Style: Indie Rock
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 65 Mb

Track List:
1. Centennial
2. In a Cave
3. Graves
4. Juno
5. Tessellate
6. Sixties Remake
7. The Harrowing Adventures Of...
8. Nursery Academy
9. Your English Is Good
10. Listen to the Math
11. The Baskervilles


2008 - Elephant Shell (Bonus Disc) VBR V2
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2008 - Elephant Shell (Deluxe Edition Bonus Disc)

Artist: Tokyo Police Club
Album Title: Elephant Shell (Bonus Disc)
Record Label: Mean Beard Recordings
Rip Date: 2008-04-22
Source: CD
Encoder: LAME 3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
Quality: 186 kbps avg / 44.1KHz / Joint Stereo
Playtime: 00:18:15
Size: 25.81 Mb

Track List:
01. Centennial (Remixed by Dntel) 4:36
02. Tessellate (Remixed by Tom Campesinos!) 4:16
03. Nursery, Academy (Remixed by Flowers Forever) 2:38
04. Listen to the Math (Remixed by The Good Life) 3:17
05. Tessellate (Remixed by Field Music) 3:28


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2010 - Champ (VBR V0)
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Bitrate: V0 249-281 kbps
Size: 77,5 Mb
Total Time: 00:40:11

Track List:
01. Favourite Food
02. Favourite Colour
03. Breakneck Speed
04. Boots of Danger (Wait Up)
05. Bambi
06. End of a Spark
07. Hands Reversed
08. Gone
09. Big Difference
10. Not Sick
11. Frankenstein
12. Boots of Danger (Passion Pit Remix)


2010 - Champ (320 CBR)
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artist: Tokyo Police Club
album: Champ
year: 2010
country: Canada, Newmarket, Ontario
genre: Indie Rock |Alt. Rock
bitrate: 320 kbps
size: 91,79 Mb

01. Favourite Food
02. Favourite Colour
03. Breakneck Speed
04. Boots of Danger (Wait Up)
05. Bambi
06. End of a Spark
07. Hands Reversed
08. Gone
09. Big Difference
10. Not Sick
11. Frankenstein
12. Boots of Danger (Passion Pit Remix)


2010 - Champ (FLAC)
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Формат: FLAC
Качество: Lossless
Размер: 283 Mb

01. Favourite Food [03:55]
02. Favourite Colour [02:38]
03. Breakneck Speed [03:44]
04. Wait Up (Boots Of Danger) [03:08]
05. Bambi [02:46]
06. End Of A Spark [03:37]
07. Hands Reversed [03:19]
08. Gone [03:04]
09. Big Difference [02:58]
10. Not Sick [02:58]
11. Frankenstein [03:31]
12. Wait Up (Passion Pit Remix) (Bonus Track) [04:33]


Singles, Promo CDs

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2007 - Cheer It On (7" Single)

Artist: Tokyo Police Club
Title: Cheer It On
Label: Memphis Industries
Genre: Indie
Source: 7 inch
Bitrate: 203 kbps avg
Playtime: 4:55
Rip Date: 2007-02-07

Track List:
1. Cheer It On 1:59
2. Citizens Of Tomorrow (Space Ballad Version) 2:56


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2007 - Your English Is Good (Single)

Artist: Tokyo Police Club
Title: Your English Is Good
Label: Memphis Industries
Genre: Indie
Source: Vinyl
Quality: VBRkbps/44,1kHz
Rip date: 16-07-2007
Size: 6,8 MB
Time: 04:40 min

Track List:
01. Your English Is Good 02:53
02. Swedes In Stockholm 01:47

Release Notes
The gentlemen of Tokyo Police Club grew up dreaming of rock
stardom—playing air guitar, lip syncing to songs in front of
the mirror, and practicing interviews before bed.

One fateful day, Dave, Graham, Greg, and Josh decided to
learn some instruments and write some songs. It took a few
years and a few bands before the four friends created Tokyo
Police Club. The first ten shows or so attracted crowds of
friends and parents. There were plenty of cupcakes to go
around. Soon a reputation for infectious songs and exuberant
live performances added to the decadent baked goods and an
unstoppable musical force was born.

After a Pop Montreal showcase, Tokyo Police Club made some
new friends: Toronto’s esteemed Paperbag Records. Surprised
by their good fortune, but intent on turning out a stellar
collection of songs, the boys worked like madmen, spending
their days working ‘real jobs’ and their nights banging out
tune after tune. The band hit the studio with Jon Drew, and
after three long days, staggered back into the harsh
sunlight clutching their new EP: A Lesson in Crime. Clocking
in at a mere 16 minutes, A Lesson in Crime hits like a
tornado, from the thunderous drums of “Cheer it On” to the
cathartic screaming coda to “La Ferrassie.” The EP is a
relentless barrage of pummeling bass and drums, stabbing
keyboards, and sheets of delayed guitar, peppered with
furious handclaps and lively group vocals.

Released in the United States and Europe, the EP received a
glowing review by Rolling Stone, “If only all young guitar
bands were smart enough to rock out this fast, banging out
seven first-rate mod-punk party starters in barely more than
sixteen minutes.” Then came NME, “Tokyo Police Club are a
bold, inventive, brilliant band, And that’s the absolute
truth,” and Pitchfork, “This blogger-approved Toronto
quartet has the potential to become a real five-tool player
in indie for a long time; Pretty Girls Make Graves agility,
Les Savy Fav’s curveball, the Strokes’ sweet swing—there’s
no questioning the latent talent here.” Whether playing in
small clubs or at massive festivals like Glastonbury or
Coachella, Tokyo Police Club is known for boisterous live
shows that manage to exceed the joy and energy of their
recordings. The boys have spent the past year touring with
bands like Art Brut, Cold War Kids, and Enon. Their first US
headlining tour kicks off on July 17.?

We could go on and on about how A Lesson in Crime stayed on
the Canadian College Charts longer than any other album
released in 2006 or about how “Nature of the Experiment” got
a stranglehold on mainstream Toronto radio and refused to
let go, outlasting serious competition like Red Hot Chili
Peppers…or about how the video for “Cheer it On” won a
MuchMusic Video Award in 2007, resulting in one of the most
awkward acceptance speeches in the program’s history. We
could go on…and on…and on…but, at the end of the day, the
important thing is that these four friends are doing just
what they always dreamed of—making something special. They
are writing and performing music that draws people in, music
that demands attention. Listen to the songs. Can rock
stardom really be that far away?


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2007 - Smith (Promo EP)

Artist: Tokyo Police Club
Album: Smith
Label: Paper Bag Records
Source: CDR-EP
Genre: Indie
Rip Date: 2007-05-09
Store Date: 2007-03-20
Encoder: LAME 3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
Quality: 158 kbps AVG VBR 44.1/Joint Stereo
Url: www.paperbagrecords.com

Track List
01. Box 2:35
02. Cut Cut Paste 1:48
03. A Lesson In Crime 3:30


2007 - Smith (CD EP)

Artist: Tokyo Police Club
Title: Smith
Label: Paper Bag Records
Genre: Indie
Source: CDEP
Bitrate: 170 kbps AVG VBR 44.1/Joint Stereo
Encoder: LAME 3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
Release Date: 2007-10-23
Rip Date: 2007-10-24
Time: 10:28 min
Size: 12,2 MB

Track List:
1. Box 2:29
2. Cut Cut Paste 1:44
3. A Lesson In Crime 3:29
4. Be Good (RAC Remix) 2:46

Release Notes
Catapulting from the unknown with last year’s ‘A
Lesson In Crime’, Tokyo Police Club rapidly
gained a reputation for infectious songs and
exuberant performances. Across the nation and
abroad, these boys stole the show at festivals
and club dates alike, commanding main stage at
Coachella, Lollapalooza, and bumbershoot, to name
a few. The year was spent tirelessly touring with
Cold War Kids and Art Brut, among others, thus
garnering legions of ardent followers. What do
these devotees demand? More Tokyo Police Club!

Smith is here to fulfill the demand. Four songs
and three videos, this is a piece essential to
every TPC fan. From the vaults: two UK 7” vinyl
B-Sides, ‘Box’ and ‘Cut Cut Paste’ (also found on
the 12”). Next, ‘A Lesson In Crime’, only
previously available as a bonus track on the
Japanese version of the debut EP. EXCLUSIVE to
this CD, a RAC remix for ‘Be Good’: still
including the lively, oft repeated “Hey!”s and
furious hand-claps so known and loved, while
somehow making a stellar track even more
pop-worthy. The award winning video for ‘Cheer It
On’, as well as that of ‘Nature of the
Experiment’ and MTV2/MTVUs pet, ‘Citizens of
Tomorrow’ are all physically available on Smith
for the first time.


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2008 - Elephant Shell (Promo CD)

Artist: Tokyo Police Club
Album: Elephant Shell
Bitrate: 193 kbps avg
Source: CD
Label: Saddle Creek
Genre: Indie
Rip date: 2008-04-01
Store date: 2008-04-22
Encoder: LAME
Size: 40.91 Mb
Playtime: 28:01

Track List:
1. Centennial 1:53
2. In A Cave 2:49
3. Graves 2:35
4. Juno 2:14
5. Tessellate 2:39
6. Sixties Remake 2:05
7. The Harrowing Adventures Of 2:50
8. Nursery Academy 2:26
9. Your English Is Good 3:11
10. Listen To The Math 2:58
11. The Baskervilles 2:21

Release Notes

Elephant Shell delivers on every bit of promise in Tokyo Police Clubs
rapid-fire barrage of material to date. The opening one-two of
Centennial and In A Cave barely evaporates before Graves and
Juno pack innumerable hooks and what-does-that-remind-me-of glimmers
into meager 2-minute-and-change frameworks, while Tessellate and
Sixties Remake encapsulate everything great about the manic TPC live
experience: soaring guitar signatures and keyboard figures, driving
backbeats and irresistible singalongs abound.


2007 - Cheer It On.avi Download
2008 - Graves.mov Download
2008 - In A Cave.mov Download

Tokyo Police Club - Glastonbury 2007 (DVD Video)

Rarities, Live

2006 - Live
Tokyo Police Club - Live at Great Scott in Allston, MA, Thursday, August 23rd, 2006

01 - Cheer It On (live)
02 - Box (live)
03 - It Works (live)
04 - New Song (live)
05 - Cut Cut Paste (live)
06 - Citizens Of Tomorrow (live)
07 - Shoulders And Arms (live)
08 - Nature Of The Experiment (live)
09 - Be Good (live)
<a href='http://forum.funkysouls.com/go.php?http://whydontyoujust.by.ru/Tokyo%20Police%20Club/ Tokyo%20Police%20Club,%20Live%20at%20Great%20Scott%20in%20Allston,%20M
A,%20Thursday,%20August%2023rd,%202006/' target='_blank'>Download</a>

2007 - New Songs

#2. New Songs.
Просто, оцените списочек песен, находящихся в этом архиве:
1. Elephant Shell
2. Famous
3. Sixties Remake
4. Sixties Remake (yeah theres 2, different lengths)
5. Tesselate
6. New Song
7. New Song (live)
8. Graves

Size: 16.92 Mb
Password: indiepeople
Download: http://ifolder.ru/2795438

картинка, оставленная пользователемкартинка, оставленная пользователемкартинка, оставленная пользователем
хрень, последний трек, разве что...
Выпил по ошибке проявитель, выпей закрепитель - дело нужно доводить до конца...
эх, как первые епихи были хороши(
всегда был фанбоем этих ребят, но после нового альбома поставлюка на них крест
а мне понравился альбом, конечно, ето уже не те TPC, что были на первых епихах и логплее, но все равно весьма неплохо, лучше предыдущего.
gonna be ready - крутая!
"Движущая сила человечества - дух творческой неудовлетворенности" Айзек Азимов

Goodbye, Mark.
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- Release Info -

Artist: Tokyo Police Club
Album: Forcefield
Label: MOM POP
Playtime: 33:24 min
Genre: Indie
URL: http://www.tokyopoliceclub.com/
Rip date: 2014-03-25
Street date: 2014-03-25
Size: 68.36 MB
Type: Normal
Quality: 273 kbps / 4410Hz / Joint Stereo

- Release Notes -
Tokyo Police Club took their time delivering the follow-up to their
heart-on-sleeve second album, Champ. Though they began writing songs in 2011,
Forcefield didnt arrive for another three years; during that time, they also
recorded Ten Days, Ten Covers, Ten Years, which found them reworking a
decades worth of songs from artists ranging from Moby to Miley Cyrus in quick
succession. That fondness for pop surfaces in these songs, which are among the
bands most crafted in a number of ways. The ambitious Argentina (Parts I,
II, III) begins Forcefield with a tale of wanting, having, and leaving as it
moves from punchy to tender to purposeful over the course of nearly nine
minutes. By contrast, Hot Tonight echoes the riff from Cyrus Party in the
USA and delivers Tokyo Police Clubs version of a summertime hit. Both tracks
are big changes from Champs vulnerability and emphasize Forcefields slick
production, which takes some of the sting out of the albums darker tracks;
Gonna Be Readys tumbling riffs are closer to Taylor Swifts insanely hooky
I Knew You Were Trouble than the rawness of the bands previous album. Tokyo
Police Club worked with co-producer Doug Boehm, who has also collaborated with
the French Kicks, and Forcefield often recalls how that band managed to sound
sophisticated and unpretentious at the same time. This is particularly true of
Through the Wire and Feel the Effect, which glides along so prettily that
its easy to miss -- and forgive -- the fact that David Monks admits to his
bad behavior but never apologizes for it.

- Track List -

01. Argentina (Parts I, II, III) ( 8:32)
02. Hot Tonight ( 3:05)
03. Miserable ( 2:46)
04. Gonna Be Ready ( 2:53)
05. Beaches ( 3:20)
06. Toy Guns ( 3:11)
07. Tunnel Vision ( 3:02)
08. Through The Wire ( 2:53)
09. Feel The Effect ( 3:42)

Это сообщение отредактировал spect - 26.03.14 в 1:39
Слишком незамысловато играют, как мне показалось. Изюминки не хватает.
Цитата: Icerty
не грози Мадридскому Реалу, попивая сок у себя в квартале

"There’s a melody in everything, I’m trying to find a harmony, but nothing seems to work, nothing seems to fit".
Tokyo Police Club - Melon Collie and the Infinite Radness, Pt. 1 [EP] (2016)

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Artist: Tokyo Police Club
Album: Melon Collie And The Infinite Radness, Part One [EP]
Year: 2016
Bitrate: MP3 (320kbps) / FLAC


1. Not My Girl (2:59)
2. PCH (3:13)
3. The Ocean (3:41)
4. Losing You (3:35)
5. Please Don't Let Me Down (3:11)

[Zippyshare (MP3, 320kbps)]
[Zippyshare (FLAC)]
Tokyo Police Club – Melon Collie and The Infinite Radness Part Two (2016)

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01 My House
02 Awesome Day
03 Hang Your Heart
04 Living Like This
05 Vertigo


можно перезалить альбомы пожалуйста?(
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label: Team 8
genre: Indie
year: September 23/16
quality: 320 kbps
size: ~ 82mb
type: 10 tracks

Part 1
01. Not My Girl (2:59)
02. PCH (3:13)
03. The Ocean (3:41)
04. Losing You (3:35)
05. Please Don’t Let Me Down (3:11)
Part 2
01. My House (02:51)
02. Awesome Day (03:50)
03. Hang Your Heart (04:43)
04. Living Like This (03:38)
05. Vertigo (03:30)

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Очень нравятся гитарки на A Lesson in Crime - посоветуйте что-нибудь подобное. Даже совсем очевидное можно, а то все это инди нулевых мимо меня прошло.
Цитата: NerdPunk
посоветуйте что-нибудь подобное. Даже совсем очевидное можно
The Strokes biggrin.gif
Цитата: Icerty
не грози Мадридскому Реалу, попивая сок у себя в квартале

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