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Tool is an American rock band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 1990. Since their inception, the band's line-up has included drummer Danny Carey, guitarist Adam Jones, and vocalist Maynard James Keenan. Since 1995, Justin Chancellor has been the band's bassist, replacing their original bassist Paul D'Amour. Tool has won three Grammy Awards, performed worldwide tours, and produced albums topping the charts in several countries. Tool emerged with a heavy metal sound on their first studio album Undertow in 1993, and later became a dominant act in the alternative metal movement with the release of their second effort, Ænima, in 1996. Their efforts to unify musical experimentation, visual arts, and a message of personal evolution continued with Lateralus (2001) and the most recent album 10,000 Days (2006), gaining the band critical acclaim and success around the world. Due to Tool's incorporation of visual arts and relatively long and complex releases, the band is generally described as a style-transcending act and part of progressive rock and art rock. The relationship between the band and today's music industry is ambivalent, at times marked by censorship and the band members' insistence on privacy.
Nevertheless, Tool has won three Grammy Awards and continues to perform worldwide and receive critical acclaim. Lateralus and 10,000 Days both debuted number one on the US Billboard 200 as well as topping the charts in numerous other countries. Between album releases, the band takes extended breaks that allow for collaboration with other artists in designing award-winning album packaging, the creation of elaborate light shows, and band member involvement in notable side-projects.

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Tool was described by Patrick Donovan of The Age as "the thinking person's metal band. Cerebral and visceral, soft and heavy, melodic and abrasive, tender and brutal, familiar and strange, western and eastern, beautiful and ugly, taut yet sprawling and epic, they are a tangle of contradictions." Tool has gained critical praise from the International Herald Tribune's C.B. Liddell for their complex and ever-evolving sound. Describing their general sound, Allmusic refers to them as "grinding, post-Jane's Addiction heavy metal", and The New York Times sees similarities to "Led Zeppelin's heaving, battering guitar riffs and Middle Eastern modes". Their 2001 work Lateralus was compared by Allmusic to Pink Floyd's Meddle (1971), but thirty years later and altered by "Tool's impulse to cram every inch of infinity with hard guitar meat and absolute dread".
A component of Tool's song repertoire relies on the use of odd time signatures. For instance, bassist Justin Chancellor describes the time signature employed on Lateralus' first single, "Schism", as 6.5/8, and that it later "goes into all kinds of other times". Further examples include the album's title track, which also displays shifting rhythms, as does 10,000 Days' "Wings for Marie (Pt 1)" and "10,000 Days (Wings Pt 2)".
Beyond this aspect of the band's sound, each band member experiments within his musical scope. Bass Player magazine described Chancellor's bass playing as a "thick midrange tone, guitar-style techniques, and elastic versatility". As an example of this, the magazine mentioned the use of a wah effect by hammering "the notes with the left hand and using the bass's tone controls to get a tone sweep", such as on the song "The Patient" (Lateralus 2001).
Completing the band's rhythm section, drummer Danny Carey uses polyrhythms, tabla-style techniques, and the incorporation of custom electronic drum pads to trigger samples, such as prerecorded tabla and octoban sounds.
Maynard James Keenan's ability as a vocalist has been characterized more subjectively by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer: After his performance during an Alice in Chains reunion concert in 2005, freelancer Travis Hay saw him as "a natural fit at replacing Layne Staley". Regarding his role in A Perfect Circle and Tool, The New York Times wrote that "both groups rely on Mr. Keenan's ability to dignify emotions like lust, anger and disgust, the honey in his voice adding a touch of profundity".
According to Guitar Player magazine, Adam Jones does not rely on any one particular guitar-playing technique but rather combines many techniques. For example, Allmusic wrote that he "alternately utiliz[es] power chords, scratchy noise, chiming arpeggios, and a quiet minimalism" in "Sober". Additionally, the band uses forms of instrumental experimentation, like the use of a "pipe bomb microphone" (a guitar pickup mounted inside a brass cylinder) and a talk box guitar solo on "Jambi".

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The band puts an emphasis on the sound of their songs and attempts to reduce the effect lyrics can have on the perception of songs by not releasing song lyrics with any album. Lyrical arrangements are often given special attention, such as in "Lateralus". The number of syllables per line in the lyrics to "Lateralus" correspond to an arrangement of the fibonacci numbers and the song "Jambi" uses and makes a reference to the common metrical foot iamb. The lyrics on Ænima and Lateralus focused on philosophy and spirituality-specific subjects range from organized religion in "Opiate", to evolution and Jungian psychology in "Forty-Six & 2" and transcendence in "Lateralus". On 10,000 Days, Keenan wanted to explore issues more personal to him: the album name and title track refer to the twenty-seven years during which his mother suffered from complications of a stroke until her death in 2003.
The band has named the group Melvins as an influence on their development, but the most-publicized influence is progressive rock pioneer group King Crimson. Longtime King Crimson member Robert Fripp has downplayed any influence his band had on Tool. In an interview, Fripp touched on how the two bands relate to each other, stating "Do you hear the influence? There's just one figure where I hear an influence, just one. It was a piece we were developing that we dropped. And it's almost exactly the same figure: three note arpeggio with a particular accent from the guitar. So I do not think you could have heard it. That's the only thing. "He also said, "I happen to be a Tool fan. The members of Tool have been generous enough to suggest that Crimson has been an influence on them. Adam Jones asked me if I could detect it in their music, and I said I couldn’t. I can detect more Tool influence in King Crimson, than I can hear King Crimson in Tool."
Writers Harvey Newquist and Rich Maloof attribute to Tool an influence on modern metal in their book The New Metal Masters. Sean Richardson of The Boston Phoenix sees System of a Down, Deftones, and Korn as examples of Tool's "towering influence" on the genre. Moreover, Keenan's unique style of singing has been repeatedly seen as influencing artists such as Pete Loeffler of Chevelle, Will Martin of Earshot, and Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit.

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Band Members:
Maynard James Keenan (1990 - )
Adam Jones (1990 - )
Danny Carey (1990 - )
Justin Chancellor (1995 - )
Paul d'Amour (1990 - 1995)

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72826 Demo (1991)

Format: Demo Tape
Released: December 21, 1991
Length: 22:49
Label: Toolshed Music

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01. Cold And Ugly (3:50)
02. Hush (2:41)
03. Part Of Me (2:59)
04. Crawl Away (4:49)
05. Sober (4:33)
06. Jerk-Off (4:01)

Source: 4-track recorder "In Somebody's House?"
Mixdown -> Original Demo Cassette -> Technics RS-BX501 (cassette deck) -> Tascam DA20 (A-D converter) -> Nuendo Mastering -> Wave (0) -> Flac (0) -> BT

scans included



mp3 / 320 / 52MB

flac (tracks :: waffles.fm) / 149MB

Opiate EP (1992)

Format: EP
Released: March 10, 1992
Length: 26:52
Label: Zoo Entertainment / BMG / Volcano

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01. Sweat (3:47)
02. Hush (2:48)
03. Part Of Me (3:17)
04. Cold And Ugly (Live) (4:10)
05. Jerk-Off (Live) (4:22)
06. a: Opiate (5:22)
06. b: The Gaping Lotus Experience (2:16)

"Cold And Ugly" was recorded December 31, 1991 at the Jello Loft in Hollywood, California
"Jerk-Off" was recorded January 1, 1992 at the Jello Loft in Hollywood, California
"Opiate" ends at 5:20. The hidden track, "The Gaping Lotus Experience" begins at 6:06

scans included



mp3 / 320 / 62MB

flac (tracks+.cue+.log :: what.cd) / 185MB

Undertow (1993)

Format: LP
Released: April 6, 1993
Length: 69:07
Label: Zoo Entertainment / BMG / Volcano

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01. Intolerance (4:54)
02. Prison Sex (4:56)
03. Sober (5:06)
04. Bottom (7:13)
05. Crawl Away (5:29)
06. Swamp Song (5:31)
07. Undertow (5:21)
08. 4° (6:02)
09. Flood (7:45)
69. Disgustipated (15:47)

"Disgustipated" is track 69 on most pressings in North America (tracks 10-68 are silent and are about 1 second in length). It also appears as track 39, track 10 (mostly in Europe) or as a hidden track following "Flood" on track 9. On certain Japanese imports, "Disgustipated" is track 70, with a short live version of "Flood" as track 71

scans included



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Ænima (1996)

Format: LP
Released: September 17, 1996
Length: 77:23
Label: Zoo Entertainment / BMG / Volcano

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01. Stinkfist (5:11)
02. Eulogy (8:29)
03. H. (6:03)
04. Useful Idiot (0:39)
05. Forty Six & 2 (6:03)
06. Message To Harry Manback (1:53)
07. Hooker With A Penis (4:34)
08. Intermission (0:56)
09. Jimmy (5:24)
10. Die Eier Von Satan (2:17)
11. Pushit (9:56)
12. Cesaro Summability (1:26)
13. Ænema (6:40)
14. (-) Ions (4:00)
15. Third Eye (13:47)

scans included



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Salival (2000)

Format: LP
Released: December 12, 2000
Length: 73:17
Label: Volcano / Tool Dissectional

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01. Third Eye (Live) (14:05)
02. Part Of Me (Live) (3:32)
03. Pushit (Live) (13:57)
04. Message To Harry Manback II (1:12)
05. You Lied (Peach Cover) (Live) (9:16)
06. Merkaba (Live) (9:48)
07. No Quarter (Led Zeppelin Cover) (11:12)
08. a: L.A.M.C. (6:43)
08. b: Maynard's Dick (3:45)

"L.A.M.C." ends at 6:41. The hidden track, "Maynard's Dick" begins after 25 seconds of silence and is not listed in the liner notes.



mp3 / 320 / 169MB

flac (tracks+.cue+.log :: what.cd) / 452MB

Lateralus (2001)

Format: LP
Released: May 15, 2001
Length: 78:51
Label: Volcano / Tool Dissectional

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01. The Grudge (8:36)
02. Eon Blue Apocalypse (1:04)
03. The Patient (7:13)
04. Mantra (1:12)
05. Schism (6:47)
06. Parabol (3:04)
07. Parabola (6:03)
08. Ticks & Leeches (8:10)
09. Lateralis (9:24)
10. Disposition (4:46)
11. Reflection (11:07)
12. Triad (8:46)
13. Faaip De Oiad (2:38)

scans included



mp3 / 320 / 180MB

flac (tracks+.cue+.log :: what.cd) / 456MB

10,000 Days (2006)

Format: LP
Released: April 28, 2006
Length: 75:50
Label: Volcano / Tool Dissectional

картинка, оставленная пользователем

01. Vicarious (7:06)
02. Jambi (7:28)
03. Wings For Marie (Pt.1) (6:11)
04. 10,000 Days (Wings Pt.2) (11:13)
05. The Pot (6:21)
06. Lipan Conjuring (1:11)
07. Lost Keys (Blame Hofmann) (3:46)
08. Rosetta Stoned (11:11)
09. Intension (7:21)
10. Right In Two (8:55)
11. Viginti Tres (5:02)

scans included



mp3 / 320 / 173MB

flac (tracks+.cue+.log :: what.cd) / 449MB


Prison Sex CDS (1993)

Format: CDS
Released: 1993
Length: 21:36
Label: Zoo Entertainment

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01. Prison Sex (LP Ver.) (04:55)
02. Undertow (Live) (05:31)
03. Opiate (Live) (06:08)
04. Prison Sex (Edit) (04:55)



mp3 / 320 / 49MB

flac (tracks+.cue+.log :: what.cd) / 153MB

Sober: Tales From The Darkside CDS (1994)

Format: CDS
Released: 1994
Length: 46:30
Label: Zoo Entertainment

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01. Sober (Album Ver.) (05:06)
Tales From The Darkside:
02. Undertow (Live) (05:42)
03. Sober (Live) (05:10)
04. Opiate (Live) (06:17)
05. Flood (Live) (03:40)
06. Prison Sex (Live) (04:50)
07. Jerk-Off (Live) (04:18)
08. Prison Sex (Live) (05:01)
09. Bottom (Live) (06:24)

This is an extended version of the Sober single that was released in Italy and contains many live tracks with great sound quality. An excellent example of the live shows at the beginning of Tool's career



mp3 / 320 / 106MB

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Parabola CDS (2002)

Format: CDS
Released: 2002
Length: 15:16
Label: Volcano

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01. Parabola (Radio Edit) (06:08)
02. Parabol (03:04)
03. Parabola (Album Ver.) (06:02)



mp3 / 320 / 35MB

flac (tracks+.cue+.log :: what.cd) / 94MB

Bootlegs, rarities etc.

Lollapalooza (1993) Barrie, ON, CA

Format: LP
Released: July 10, 1993
Label: Bootleg

01. Intro (1:11)
02. Intolerance (5:32)
03. Undertow (5:41)
04. Sober (5:47)
05. Prison Sex (5:45)
06. Part Of Me (3:43)
07. Swamp Song (6:37)
08. Opiate (5:41)
09. Jerk-Off (4:26)

Live at Molson Park


mp3 / 320 / 101MB

all tnx 2 Ziggy Pop

Third Leg (1996) Philadelphia, PA, US

Format: LP
Released: November 23, 1996
Label: Bootleg

01. Third Eye (12:51)
02. Stinkfist (5:49)
03. Forty Six & 2 (06:20)
04. Eulogy (09:49)
05. Prison Sex (07:09)
06. Pushit (10:26)
07. H. (07:59)
08. Merkaba / Sober (11:28)
09. Opiate (08:17)
10. Ænema (08:09)

Live at The Electric Factory
This bootleg is also known as: Dirge / Third Leg / Third Eye / Vagina Whistles


mp3 / 320 / 202MB

flac (tracks) / 561MB

all tnx 2 third_eye

Mid Hudson Civic Center (1997) Poughkeepsie, NY, US

Format: LP
Released: January 3, 1997
Label: Bootleg

01. Third Eye (13:51)
02. Stinkfist (6:41)
03. Forty-Six & 2 (7:18)
04. Crawl Away (5:49)
05. Eulogy (10:39)
06. Jimmy (6:17)
07. 4° (6:20)
08. #break# (1:15)
09. H. (9:34)
10. Merkaba (6:41)
11. Sober (6:56)
12. Opiate (8:36)
13. Ænema (7:08)

Live at Mid Hudson Civic Center


flac (tracks) / 534MB

all tnx 2 Ziggy Pop

Kalamazoo (1998) MI, US

Format: LP
Released: July 15, 1998
Label: Bootleg

01. Flood (3:45)
02. Hush (3:28)
03. Forty Six & 2 (7:07)
04. Stinkfist (ft. Buzz from Melvins) (8:32)
05. Stranglehold (Ted Nugent Cover) (ft. Buzz from Melvins) (7:54)
06. Merkaba / Sober (13:06)
07. Pushit (Alt. Ver.) (13:29)
08. Eulogy (9:52)
09. Ænema (7:50)
10. Jerk-Off (6:00)

Live at Wings Stadium


flac (tracks) / 534MB

all tnx 2 Ziggy Pop

Akasaka Blitz (1st night) (2002) Tokyo, JP

Format: LP
Released: April 10, 2002
Label: Bootleg

01. Tuva (Intro) / 02 The Grudge (15:23)
03. Stinkfist (White Lines) (6:34)
04. Forty Six & 2 (6:02)
05. Parabola (8:28)
06. Schism (7:50)
07. Disposition (7:36)
08. Reflection / 09 #Intermission# (17:12)
10. (Parabola video world premiere) (10:40)
11. Triad (8:41)
12. Ænema (7:33)
13. Lateralus (12:15)

Live at Akasaka Blitz
pass: T-2002-04-10-V1


flac (tracks) / 531MB

all tnx 2 VainSalvation

Akasaka Blitz (2nd night) (2002) Tokyo, JP

Format: LP
Released: April 11, 2002
Label: Bootleg

01. Announcer (In Japanese) / Tuva (Intro) (8:02)
02. The Grudge / (-) Ions (8:45)
03. Stinkfist (Suspicious Minds) (7:06)
04. 4° (8:26)
05. Parabol (3:08)
06. Parabola (7:10)
07. Schism (8:10)
08. Sober (6:15)
09. Disposition (5:25)
10. Reflection (10:42)
11. #Intermission# (6:25)
12. (Parabola video screening) (10:13)
13. Triad (9:42)
14. Eon Blue Apocalypse (1:07)
15. The Patient (8:22)
16. Lateralus (10:25)

Live at Akasaka Blitz


flac (tracks) / 662MB

all tnx 2 Ziggy Pop

Arco Arena (2002) Sacramento, CA, US

Format: LP
Released: July 13, 2002
Label: Bootleg

01. Tuva (Intro) (4:01)
02. Sober (5:43)
03. Ticks & Leeches (7:38)
04. The Grudge (8:14)
05. (-) Ions (1:08)
06. Stinkfist (6:29)
07. H. (7:24)
08. Schism (8:56)
09. Parabola (6:26)
10. Eon Blue Apocalypse (1:28)
11. The Patient (7:46)
12. Opiate (6:19)
13. #Intermission# (8:09)
14. Disposition (5:31)
15. Reflection (11:34)
16. Triad (10:52)
17. Lateralus (9:42)

Live at Arco Arena
The 4th Leg of Lateralus tour


flac (tracks) / 703MB

all tnx 2 Ziggy Pop

Brixton Academy (2002) London, UK

Format: LP
Released: May 12, 2002
Label: Bootleg

01. Ticks & Leeches
02. The Grudge
03. Stinkfist / (-) Ions
04. Parabola
05. Schism
06. Four Degrees
07. Jimmy
08. Disposition
09. Reflection
10. Triad
11. Ænema
12. Lateralus

Live at Brixton Academy


flac (tracks) / 625MB

all tnx 2 Ziggy Pop

Live bootlegs. All tnx 2 karaspunk

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Prison Sex.vob


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Очень олдово, без прогресса и фантазии. Топтание на месте. Очередная вариация на тему. Вингс фо Мэри парт 2 парт 2. Хочется надеяться, что всё-таки всего лишь сырой черновик.. dry.gif
Они же этот отрывок уже года три на концертах играют. Descending называется, если мне память не изменяет
asoqer, да, это все знают. Вопрос в том, обсуждаемый выше кусок, - уже официально записанный или все-таки черновой набросок.
Кек, только сейчас заметил, что в начале записи аплодисменты. Значит, это не студийка
Мемчи́ки - эта абщение с илитай. Эта не толька шутки пра тваю мамашу, но и шутки пра мамашу админа. Мемчи́ки - эта гигабайты тральских шутак. Мемчи́ки - эта абщение. Мемчи́ки - эта тралинк лалак. Мемчи́-и-и-и-и-и-ки!!!
Цитата: subtle
Очень олдово, без прогресса и фантазии. Топтание на месте. Очередная вариация на тему. Вингс фо Мэри парт 2 парт 2.
Я об этом ещё 5 лет тому назад писал, очень вторично и скучно. Треку 100 лет в обед. Единственное, что вызывает интерес, так это упоминание того факта Джонсом, что Descending это всего лишь небольшой кусок из длинного трека минут на 13 вроде, или сколько он там говорил тогда в интервью, 15. Не суть важно, лишь бы развитие было хоть какое-то, а не повторение пройденного.
Цитата: AlexzanderVL
Япония о*уеть
Оззфест о*уеть
Тool о*уеть
Зигги упоротый самурай

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Мемчи́ки - эта абщение с илитай. Эта не толька шутки пра тваю мамашу, но и шутки пра мамашу админа. Мемчи́ки - эта гигабайты тральских шутак. Мемчи́ки - эта абщение. Мемчи́ки - эта тралинк лалак. Мемчи́-и-и-и-и-и-ки!!!
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Tool Finish Tracking Drums for New Album

The wait for a new Tool album has been grueling and just two days ago (May 2), their last album turned 12 years old. There’s dozens of memes out there about when this new record will finally arrive and the prospect of this anticipated release just got a bit sweeter as a post on their Facebook page has revealed they’ve finished recording drums.

With the drums in place (save for a segue), we can be certain that Tool have committed to the songs they’ve painstakingly written and tweaked throughout the years. In the past, Maynard James Keenan had been presented with supposedly finished versions, wrote lyrics and then the instrumentation was altered, forcing him to discard newly written lyrics.

Мемчи́ки - эта абщение с илитай. Эта не толька шутки пра тваю мамашу, но и шутки пра мамашу админа. Мемчи́ки - эта гигабайты тральских шутак. Мемчи́ки - эта абщение. Мемчи́ки - эта тралинк лалак. Мемчи́-и-и-и-и-и-ки!!!

Цитата: Icerty
не грози Мадридскому Реалу, попивая сок у себя в квартале
Мне кажется че бы они не выпустили, какашками закидают, слишком у народа высокие ожидания, тул эт всетаки не радиоголовые которые могут и выдержать планочку, хорошая альтернатива из 90х..
Ехидно Добрый
Жырдяй клевый
Мемчи́ки - эта абщение с илитай. Эта не толька шутки пра тваю мамашу, но и шутки пра мамашу админа. Мемчи́ки - эта гигабайты тральских шутак. Мемчи́ки - эта абщение. Мемчи́ки - эта тралинк лалак. Мемчи́-и-и-и-и-и-ки!!!
Цитата: Lorken
Мне кажется че бы они не выпустили, какашками закидают, слишком у народа высокие ожидания
Буду рад любой ссанине, огорчит только одно - банальный самоповтор.

Жду гранж.
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TOOL Members Hold Their First Music Clinic

According to The Pulse Of Radio, the members of TOOL hosted their first in a series of musical clinics in St. Paul, Minnesota on Friday night (May 11). The intimate event, which starred guitarist Adam Jones, drummer Danny Carey, and bassist Justin Chancellor, featured a discussion and demonstration of the band's songwriting process, along with questions from the audience and information about the band's long-awaited new LP.

The bandmembers confirmed that every song on the new LP is more than 10 minutes long (via Reddit). The drums have already been tracked, with Chancellor to lay down his bass parts next, followed by Jones. Singer Maynard James Keenan will record his vocals last.

The band was also asked why they rarely change their set list, to which they responded that "certain songs are fucking horrible for [Keenan's] voice," adding, "Also, songs that they related to and wrote when they were young and angry just don’t translate to who they are today."

Further clinics will be hosted in Chicago, Indianapolis, Royal Oak, Columbus, Cleveland and Pittsburgh before finishing in Philadelphia on May 23.


И еще

Tool Reveal Why They Refuse To Change Setlist, How Drugs Influenced Music

Tool members Adam Jones, Justin Chancellor, and Danny Carey recently held their first Music Clinic event in St. Paul. Peanut Arbuckle/cooltoolguy posted highlights on the Tool Reddit, including Tool’s members explaining why original bassist Paul D’Amour quit the band and who almost replaced him.

Q: Third Eye includes an excerpt from Bill Hicks describing drugs helping produce great music. How have psychedelics enhanced Tool?

A: Justin, I believe it was, answered that drugs have both good and bad to them and that the war on drugs doesn’t take into account both sides. Danny explicitly said that yes, drugs may help create good music and that when they were much younger they used psychedelics. Adam talked about individuals abusing acid and using it every day. While these individuals saying that they’re “awake” or something like that, Adam says they’re frying their brain “like that one commercial.”

Also, Adam explicitly states that Sober is about an artist or musician who creates “just out of their mind” (in a good way) while intoxicated. Hence, this artist/musician wishes he could not be sober.

Jambi was created off a riff Justin made that he was really into. Adam thought it was too simple a riff to be that excited about, but since Justin was really fuckin digging it, Adam went along with it.

Adam would cry while playing wings for marie even before the vocals were added.

The Fibonacci sequence showed up accidentally when Justin was jamming, and Danny picked up as something neat. Maynard liked it too so he made the lyrics based off it as well.

And the real hard-hitting best question of the day: why don’t you change your set list up? As you can imagine, there was a lengthy response. To summarize: if Justin, Adam, and Danny feel sick or they’re hungover, they can still perform. Maynard, as the vocalist, is simply unable to do so. Certain songs are fucking horrible for his voice. If they want to do these difficult songs, they have to make adjustments like lowering the pitch in which Maynard sings. See: The Pot. Also, songs that they related to and wrote when they were young and angry just don’t translate to who they are today. They feel as if performing certain songs would be like acting like they are who they were 30 years ago and it wouldn’t have integrity.

Finally, one more funny anecdote: Adam watched a documentary about prison sex, and how inmates described it as being “hot.” Adam told Maynard “prison sex is hot”. The title is essentially an inside joke.

Мемчи́ки - эта абщение с илитай. Эта не толька шутки пра тваю мамашу, но и шутки пра мамашу админа. Мемчи́ки - эта гигабайты тральских шутак. Мемчи́ки - эта абщение. Мемчи́ки - эта тралинк лалак. Мемчи́-и-и-и-и-и-ки!!!
Maynard James Keenan Calls Out Tool Bandmates Onstage For New Album Delays

Tool performed at Northern Invasion over the weekend, and the band performed “Sober” live for the first time since 2014. Maynard James Keenan also called out his bandmates Danny Carey, Adam Jones, and Justin Chancellor onstage to finish recording their parts for the band’s 12 years in the making new album so he can record his parts and finally finish it.

“I’m afraid of bananas, and other forms of fruit, because eventually you wonderful people are going to run out of fucking patience. So I beg you Danny, Adam, and Justin, please finish your parts so I can finish mine.”

Мемчи́ки - эта абщение с илитай. Эта не толька шутки пра тваю мамашу, но и шутки пра мамашу админа. Мемчи́ки - эта гигабайты тральских шутак. Мемчи́ки - эта абщение. Мемчи́ки - эта тралинк лалак. Мемчи́-и-и-и-и-и-ки!!!
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