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Проверь, пожалуйста, мой wishlist
Буду рад приглашению на DesiCD \ HQMusic \ LzTr \ NotWhatCD
А кто в итоге стал заменой ваты ? ph34r.gif
Апо явно не тянет, к сожалению, даже рядом. sad.gif
Вафли порой выручают, а вообще чаще рутрекер smile.gif
очень тяжко без ватсиди, как без "свинки" в своё время sad.gif

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Цитата: @GunMasterFlash
А кто в итоге стал заменой ваты ?
Цитата: @frogjab
блин, а где там куда к кому обратиться ? ph34r.gif
я ж правильно понимаю - попасть туда можно с помощью интервью ?
дайте пожалуйста ссылку smile.gif
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Цитата: шапка
за инвайтом на RED дружно идем сюда ⇒ https://interviewfor.red
Есть какие-нибудь свежие новости про аполло?
Последние новости про Аполло:

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Timestamp is about 22.00 GMT August 31.
Аполло wink.gif
Новость недельной давности.

Apollo Update, if you're not all tired of them already
News from today:[Edit; One week, one day ago]

<Spine> Hello, tl;dr no news from O.
<Spine> Longer summary, we had a Staff meeting last night with all the mods and admins and mapped out the way forward, once we get the database, to get the site running as soon as possible.
<Spine> And a contest and incentives to bring the seeders back.
<Spine> The exact details of which will be revealed when it is time ;-)
<a802> will infohashes be transferred?
<Spine> At the current time, it appears that we won't obtain the authority on the domain name. This means the announcement urls will need to change, but that isn't part of the hash, so yes, infohashes will be transferred.
<Spine> We are working on something to help the non-tech savvy change all their torrents easily.
<BarcodeKiller> Does this mean apollo will continue under new staff and name for real?
<BarcodeKiller> or do i hear things
<Sundblum> So now you're waiting to put hands on a recent database backup, right?
<Spine> BarcodeKiller: as soon as O hands over the backup.
<Spine> Correct, Sundblum
<a802> is that likely to even happen?
<BarcodeKiller> Who will pay the site then, i heard this kind of thing has happened before biggrin.gif
<Spine> We are very optimistic it will happen, but less optimistic that it will happen today ;-)
<Spine> Staff will foot the bill. We will not grovel for donations.
<Spine> If and when the members consider we are doing a good job and don't feel that they would be pissing money down the toilet, they will of course be welcomed to donate and that will be most appreciated.
<Sundblum> ..a well-meaning question (which I believe lots would ask); He haven't given it to you yet, what makes you think he'll ever give it to you? He is ready to collaborate, but unavailable or something..?
<Spine> Sundblum, we are quite certain we will get the backup (otherwise I for one wouldn't be here). We just have no leverage to make things move more quickly.
Аполло (часть 3) wink.gif
just now on the apollo false-hope irc:
15 hours ago

<Pisces> We <the tracker formerly known as apollo> are alive and well. We're in a chrysalis undergoing transformation, preparing to re-emerge as a beautiful butterfly
<Pisces> It will be worth the wait
<david_acm> is that code for "we have the db now?"
<david_acm> please say yes
<Pisces> I can't say any more than I said

The staff have announced the domain name
on their IRC network.

Apollo will return as Orpheus!
As all of you have noticed, Apollo.rip has been down for about a month now. This is due to the personal circumstances of both original sysops, O and W. Because of these circumstances (we won't go into it here for their privacy), it was not possible for them to pay the server bills on time which resulted in the host shutting down our backend server, and eventually, wiping everything on it.

However, there is hope. Before the backend server (which contained the site code and database) was wiped, O and W were able to make a backup which is currenlty in their posession. They have agreed on giving this backup to the remaining staff. However, due to the afforementioned circumstances, we are not sure how long that will take. We are confident that it will happen though since we've had contact with O mulitple times during the last 3 weeks.

Even though we cannot give you an exact ETA on when we will receive the backup, we can give you an ETA on how long it will take for us to revive the site after receiving it, which will be approximately 7 days. 7 days might sound like a long time, but it isn't, considering that we all have jobs and this new server infrastructure will be quite complicated to ensure maximum security.

Spine and Athena will be the new sysops and leaders of Apollo.rip, which will be rebranded to Orpheus.network. TheGodParticle will remain administrator and staff leader while itismadness will continue their duties as lead developer. Most of the staff will also stay aboard with some new additions. O and W have stated their desire to move on. We wish them well.

We are not asking for your donations. We understand that many of you might be upset, which is why we are funding this ourselves. CloudFlare will be gone (It already is; resolve the DNS if you want) and we are making no compromises on security whatsoever.

We will be updating this site as soon as we have news regarding the database, the site, and any ETAs. If you have any questions, or if you just need a chat, you can join our IRC network:

port +7000 for SSL (6667 for non-SSL)

Please hang on and keep your torrents in your client, you will need them again!

Orpheus.network Staff
Новости ex-APOLLO

There is a way forward! (Update at 24-09)
Although we never had access to any of the main Apollo servers or the domain, one of our staff had access to the IRC server. While browsing this server out of curiosity (Athena was bored), we stumbled upon a full site backup that was taken in June 2017. That is a long time ago, but we estimate that this backup still contains about 70% of all current torrents, and about 80% of all current users. We have secured this backup, and have confirmed that it is intact.

With this backup, it will be possible to revive a large part of the site with relative ease. Our current plan is to start from scratch, and to use this old database to regain the userbase and torrents. If you were a member of Apollo as of mid-june 2017, you will be able to receive an invite to Orpheus on the email address you used for Apollo. We will publish the details when the site launches. Stats (buffer, amount of uploads, notifications, ...) will be transferred to Orpheus as well.

Many people acquired huge amounts of buffer during the initial global freeleech and this created serious distortion in the economy. This will be redressed after we have crunched the numbers. While some people will lose varying amounts of buffer, they will still be in a comfortable position to participate in the economy.

If you signed up to Orpheus later, we will provide other options which to allow you to receive an account. You will need your original invitation email (if the email server was working at the time) or a screen shot of your profile page.

There will be no open signups.

The new site will start without any torrents, but as soon as you begin to seed your Apollo torrents on the new tracker, torrents that appear in the 2017 database will automatically be added to the site. This way, there will no dead torrents from the old site. We are developing a GUI tool that will work on all operating systems and with most popular clients, to mass-change all Apollo tracker URLs to Orpheus tracker URLs. A CLI tool for seedboxes and servers will also be provided.

We still hope that the original sysops will make the final database dump available to us. If that happens, we will replace the 2017 database with the newer one, allowing more members to join easily and more torrents to be rescued.

The ETA for getting the site up from this point is 2 weeks. We realize that this is a week longer than originally planned, but a lot of code needs to be written and tested in order to ensure a smooth transition.

Это сообщение отредактировал -=J-Scar=- - 24.09.18 в 19:54
А если вкратце?
rqst in pm - https://t.me/SVFLC - flac`s

Открытие января CLANN - Seelie (2017) - Violin, Downtempo, Female Vocal, Trip-Hop
сам не читал но вангую что надо ждать у моря погоды wink.gif
(как обычно)

чисто имхо не вижу смысла тянуть проект, рэд уже давно впереди по всем показателям, аплоадить на два трекера - запарно (даже с js).
против монополии в этой области ничего не имею, единственный минус если федералы накроют опять придется восстанавливаться,
ну я надеюсь стафф учитывает опыт предшественников. вобщем за то время пока трекер в дауне можно было пицот интервью на рэде пройти.
Цитата: @Free9Man
А если вкратце?
Не были оплачены счета сервера вовремя. Это привело к отключению.
Есть надежда. Прежде чем сервер сотрут, смогли сделать резервную копию, которая в настоящее время находится в их(?) владении. Они договорились о предоставлении этой резервной копии оставшемуся штату. Мы не уверены, сколько времени это займет но уверены, что это произойдет.
Новая инфраструктура сервера будет достаточно сложной, чтобы гарантировать максимальную безопасность.
Apollo будет переименована в Orpheus. network. Стафф многие остаются и продолжат работу как и ведущий разработчик. Большинство сотрудников также останутся с некоторыми новыми дополнениями.
Мы не просим Ваши пожертвования, мы финансируем это сами. Мы будем обновлять этот сайт. Если у Вас есть какие-либо вопросы, или если Вам просто нужна беседа, Вы можете присоединиться к нашей сети IRC.
И пожалуйста, сохраняйте, сидируйте ваши торренты.
картинка, оставленная пользователем
мне кажется вот более реальное описание происходящего с аполло
Недавно обновилась страница orpheus.network, и судя по всему ситуация с наследником наследника, который являлся наследником OiNK довольно смехотворная — бэкап Apollo есть только за июнь прошлого года. Самое смешное здесь то, что найден он был случайно (из любопытства), хер пойми кем, хер пойми в каком месте, где-то на IRC сервере. На Reddit, в данный момент, продолжаются конкурсы на лучшую шутку про безопасность и конфиденциальность. Так или иначе, командой Orpheus уже запланировано создание дополнительного discomforta всем, кто регистрировался позже чисел создания бэкапа, а также за компанию всем тем, кто набил себе огромнейший буфер во время глобального фрилича на запуске трекера.
Apollo будет переименована в Orpheus. network.
судя по всему, это из-за того, что они просто забыли продлить домен biggrin.gif
А на Ред только интервью там проходить? Может кто тут его проведет, заодно получит пару рипов по всем канонам (дисков вагон, как eacом рипать знаю))
* CD Rips with LAME 3.93 (best spectral ever)

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