Trip announces Biogen album, Halogen Continues
Nina Kraviz's Trip label is releasing an album from Biogen on June 23rd.

Biogen, AKA Sigurbjörn Þórgrímsson, was a pioneer in Icelandic electronic music, first as part of the hardcore group Ajax, and later as a founder of the Thule label, which released music from other Icelandic producers like Thor and Exos. (He also started a label called Weirdcore.) His own music was unpredictable and experimental, encompassing made-up genres like "sofatrance." He only put out a few records under the name Biogen, through Thule and Uni:form Recordings.

Halogen Continues, compiled by Nina Kraviz with help from Ruxpin, who gave her access to Þórgrímsson's archives, collects rare and unreleased material, some of which was first unearthed last year for digital-only Bandcamp releases.

"I picked the most idiosyncratic cuts that show his creative approach most brightly," Kraviz says. "Some of them are short cuts ending obnoxiously with a lot of temper, and others gorgeous atmospheric narratives—so deep and haunting that it feels like they are not familiar with a notion of time and dissolve slowly into the eternity."

The album will be followed by compilation of Þórgrímsson's ambient and experimental music on GALAXIID later in 2017.

A1 Irrelevant Information
A2 Lag 38
A3 Borealis
A4 Autofloat
B1 Lag 7
B2 Lag 24
B3 160 Techno
B4 Lag 9
C1 Bliss
C2 Lag 8
D1 Forever Is Never Again
D2 303 Ambient
D3 Halogen Continues

Trip will release Halogen Continues on June 23rd, 2017.

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2016 - Bjarki - B (трип, TRP007)
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Bjarki / Cucumb45 / bbbbbb
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Nina Kraviz is set to release a new EP on трип, marking her first solo record on the intrepid techno label she launched three years ago.

Released on July 7, Pochuvstvui features two versions of ‘You Are Wrong’. The track appeared on Kraviz’s excellent fabric 91 mix, which the Russian-born DJ described as “a trippy acidic dream with a lot of different emotions along the way.”

The new трип 12″ will follow a retrospective of techno and ambient music from Icelandic producer Biogen. In January, Kraviz also launched a new experimental, ambient and psychedelic label called GALAXIID.

Kraviz founded трип (pronounced ‘trip’) in 2014 with a double-EP compilation titled The Deviant Octopus.

Watch a video of her playing ‘Pochuvstvui’ live below. [via RA]

Well..but you can't get away without a drop too:)Music in the video: my new work "Почувствуй/Pochuvstvui" upcoming on трип mixed in my favourite Radio Slave's remix on Peace Division ..Barcelona was groovyyyy!!!!

Posted by Nina Kraviz on Thursday, June 25, 2015


01. ‘Pochuvstvui’
02. ‘You Are Wrong’
03. ‘You Are Wrong’ (Short Version)
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Biogen - Halogen Continues

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01. Irrelevant Information 00:39
02. Lag 38 02:34
03. Borealis 04:53
04. Autofloat 06:00
05. Lag 7 01:07
06. Lag 24 04:30
07. 160 Techno 04:16
08. Lag 9 03:44
09. Bliss 08:34
10. Lag 8 06:26
11. Forever Is Never Enough 04:45
12. 303 Ambient 03:17
13. Halogen Continues 06:14

Nina Kraviz - Pochuvstvui

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Species of Fishes launch Nina Kraviz’s GALAXIID label with album of ‘90s Russian IDM
A reissue of 1996’s Trip Trap kicks off the трип sub-label.

Nina Kraviz’s new GALAXIID label will launch with a reissue of a vintage Russian electronic album from Moscow duo Species of Fishes.

Trip Trap was released in 1996, and was originally released through Russian label Exotica. The album blends IDM, ambient, techno and breaks across its 10 tracks.

Comprised of Vitaly Stern and Igor Kolyadniy, Species of Fishes formed in 1993 and have released 14 albums across their career, with the most recent arriving in 2016.

GALAXIID, which is a sub-label of Kraviz’s dancefloor-focused трип imprint, will have a focus on experimental, ambient and psychedelic music, with a record from late Icelandic artist Biogen as well as Japanese and Russian rarities also planned.

Trip Trap is released on July 28. Listen to album track ‘Health 100%’ below.


01. ‘[Init]’
02. ‘Health 100%’
03. ‘[Ctrl+S]’
04. ‘Bfg9000 Vs. Barons Of Hell’
05. ‘[Esc]’
06. ‘[Alt+Tab]’
07. ‘The Web’
08. ‘[Backspace]’
09. ‘Crash Recovery’
10. ‘Access Depth ‘
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Bjarki - This 5321

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Deniro announces double EP, Mendoza, on Trip
Mendoza, the producer's first release of 2017, will hit the shelves on September 29th, wrapping up a busy summer for Nina Kraviz's label. It'll be his first solo effort via the outlet, though he did contribute tracks to two compilations in 2015 and 2016. Like those records, Mendoza, which spans eight tracks, explores a lean techno sound, made using vintage hardware
A1 700
A2 Tribe
B1 Don Dino
B2 Disobedient
C1 Penance
C2 Missing Keys
D1 The Monk
D2 Trader

Trip will release Mendoza on September 29th, 2017.
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Volruptus signs to Trip with Hessdalen EP
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Nina Kraviz's Trip label has signed an EP from the Reykjavík-based techno producer Volruptus.

Hessdalen is Bjargmundur Ingi's second record under the name, following one for Bjarki's label, bbbbbb, in July. He also released a self-titled digital collection of eight tracks for the Icelandic label Sweaty Records last year. His new EP "holds a state-of-the-art lens to classic electro," the label says, "exploring its form with the meticulous detail of a true audiophile."

A1 Hessdalen
A2 Fermi Paradox
A2 We’ll Be Alright
B1 Time Travel
B2 Alien People

Trip will release Hessdalen on October 20th, 2017.
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Nina Kraviz returns to Radio 1's Essential Mix with a slamming mix of new and classic techno and electro. Featuring Speedy J, Blawan and new material from Nina's label Trip.
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