Tyrone Ashley's Funky Music Machine


Tyrone Ashley's Funky Music Machine - Let Me Be Your Man [2007]

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ost funky soul from Jersey -- incredible work by Tyrone Ashley & The Funky Music Machine -- a rare batch of gritty harmony soul and some mighty funky numbers! Tyrone, aka Sonny Campbell, and the Machines were contemporaries of the Parliaments and future P-Funkers George Clinton and Bernie Worrell in 1960s Plainfield, NJ -- and they just missed some opportunities to make it in the national landscape. They ended up working with the Phil LA Of Soul label out of Philly in the late 60s, which resulted in one great single and an LP that was never released. The deep funky soul diggers at Truth & Soul have put together some of the Phil LA Of Soul tracks plus previously unreleased material cut at Ashley's own Record Hut studio during this period -- great stuff that rolls from the grittiest of harmony group soul, with soaring lead vocals -- to some straight killer funk tunes! Incredible stuff! Tracks include "Come On Home", "Just A Little While Longer", "I Can't Help Myself", "For Your Love", "Let Me Be Your Man" (inst), "Sing A Song Sister", "Can't Stay Away", "Love Sweet Love", "Gotta Clean Up The World" (Pt 1 & Pt 2), "I Want My Baby Back" (inst) and "Does Frankie Ever Call My Name. (Please note that this is the LP image, the CD image differs slightly.)

01. Come On Home
02. Just a Little While Longer
03. I Can't Help Myself
04. For Your Love
05. Let Me Be Your Man
06. Sing A Song
07. Can't Stay Away
08. Love Sweet Love
09. Gotta Clean Up The World Pt. I
10. Gotta CLean Up The World Pt. II
11. I Want My Baby Back (Instr.)
12. Does Frankie Ever Call My Name


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