Lets try this one see how long it lasts
I have OCD Obsessive Compulsive Download syndrome
So far so good mate ... theres no reason they should take this down. If this is still up later today il up them requests for you
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Shattered - Groove chronicles (320):

Chronicles Theme - Groove chronicles (320):

Angle Body - Groove chronicles (320):



I've got these but my vinyl rips aren't the best quality so if someone could help me out that'd be great:

Brandy - X-Men

We Can Get Down (Groove Chronicles Remix) - Myron

Stonecold - Groove chronicles

if no one has them i can up what ive got!


Also Get me (groove chronicles Vocal) - Sia

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i got some of those for u... mby i'll uplad later
kk everyone post their links from the grime thread:

Seven Wonders - Crazy (320 WEB)

Mr. Vegas and B15 project (garage mix 1) (VBR)

Zed Bias - Neighbourhood (El-B Remx) (VBR)
Can you put the full ep with the single please
big request (well to me it is)!
has anyone got: Reach and Spin - Hyper (Hype The Funk) in 320?

nice one mate looking forward to them thumb.gif

dem 2 - destiny 320


Monsta boy - sorry( i didnt know) - (david howard rmx) 320


Monsta boy - sorry( i didnt know) radio edit 320


Sunship- Try me out 320


Sunship - cheque 1 -2 (original rockers mix)


Sunship - cheque 1 - 2 ( rockers dub)


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big request (well to me it is)!
has anyone got: Reach and Spin - Hyper (Hype The Funk) in 320?

it was track 1 on addicted to bassline 2 but last 20 seconds mixes into another tune but its 5 mins long so easily mixable

I have OCD Obsessive Compulsive Download syndrome
Big Uploads Steppin thumb.gif
+1 on the Groove Chronicles remix of Myron!

Also Sia - Get Me (Groove Chronicles mix)
Shuya Okino feat. Courtney Denni - A Million Tears (Kaytronik Rerub)
Kahn - Like We Used To (VIP)
Harry lime - devastate ?? anyone
I have OCD Obsessive Compulsive Download syndrome
Whats up guys wicked to see the threads working properly now! Im under this username again for now. Ok wicked stuff i see you guys want some groove chronicles including myron remix. Heres a treat to get things kickstarted in here from me. A Groove Chronicles folder containing:

Millenium Funk
Life Is What You Make It
Myron - Get Down
Makin Love
Stone Cold
Dru Hill How Deep Is Your Love (Groove Chronicles Remix)
Black Puppet
Gotta Get Mine (4 mixes)
Faith In You
Nu Birth Anytime (Groove Chronicles Remix)

They are all 320 and thats about all the groove chronicles ive actually got. I see some groove chronicles mentioned that im missing so if youve got any groove chronicles that are not in this folder please up them! Im only looking for high quality like these some are digital 320's and some are my vinyl rips 320. Be honest with your uploads no dodgy 320's that are really 192 and no youtube rips etc i have software that can tell the real bit rate of a track. Lets try look after this section and keep it nice and tidy and high quality ups. You guys respect that and il respect you back and upload loads of requests for you as most of you know ive got tons to share as you can see from the other thread we was on.
Im fairly busy but will up when i can and be checking here on a regular basis so lets keep it live in here!!! Bigups to you guys that can contribute much respect!

Now heres the link for that groove chronicles pack i put together wink.gif


Renegade84 that is one SERIOUS upload!!! cheers

Also mate a couple Groove Chronicles your missing:

Epic (320) .. Tune!!

Natural (320):

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jordan knight -give it to you (radio edit) from itunes so 256 not the 10 below remix but the song is basically garage anyway

I have OCD Obsessive Compulsive Download syndrome
We Can Get Down (Groove Chronicles Remix) - Myron


just found this on google...does sound pretty good

A Percy from me.

Ed Case - Something in Your Eyes.


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