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Raw, soul beat samples and rhymes from the team of Uncut Raw -- aka beat digger Fluent and rhymer Selfish! First Toke is sort of in the tradition of earlier Wu Tang, sans the Asian cinema, and also the beat aesthetic of MF Doom, sans the sci fi -- rich with crackling soul and off kilter vocal samples. Selfish is a storyteller at the mic, and his flow is well paired with the beats. A Chi duo to keep an eye on! Titles include "I'm Wit You", "The Flyest", "Throwback S**t", "Some Beat", "Til The Sun Come Up", "Green", "Crazy", "727", "Cereal" feat Decay, "Anotha Beat", "Summertime", "Bang!", "Last One", "Funk Club", "Baby" and more!

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01. Intro
02. Imwityou
03. The Flyest
04. Throwback Shit
05. Somebeat
06. Tilthesuncomesup
07. Fortune Cookies
08. Heroin (Prod. Ill Don)
09. Green
10. Crazy
11. 727
12. Interlude
13. Cereal (feat. Decay)
14. WWIV (feat. Butta Verses)
15. So Bad (feat. Tone Liv)
16. Anothabeat
17. Summertime
18. Bang!
19. Interlude
20. Slop (feat. Decay)
21. All I Need
22. Onemorebeat
23. Lastone
24. Interlude
25. Funkclub
26. Baby

music.brainwash.net.ru/toxzic/uncut raw-first toke-2007.rar

i'm not abstract, i'm regular. you abstract!
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Oh, and on the off chance there are any astronomy aficionados amongst you, the North Star is that one.
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can some one give me tank yuo???
айс щит!
спасибо огромное!
On my room ceiling, I got mad mirrors built in
So when I fuck you you're gon' feel like you're at the Hilton
очень круто! есть еще что-нибудь у этой группы?
за ссылку на City Slick весьма признателен
анкат роу фёст токе до сих пор могу с удовольствием всегда послушать, добротная вещь
я очень люблю uncut raw first toke
Uncut Raw - First Toke / 2007
192kbps → MF
looking for better quality rip!
Цитата: (senorchocolatte @ 05.04.11 в 14:39)
Uncut Raw - First Toke / 2007
192kbps → MF
looking for better quality rip!

Same here.. would love to see a better quality version.

This album is impossible to find in the UK.. can only download of Amazon US with a US address.

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