Upright Citizens Brigade / UCB (1998-2000)

Upright Citizens Brigade

картинка, оставленная пользователем

IMDB : 8.7/10

год: 1998-2000
страна: США
режиссер: Эрик Кохрэн
сценарий: Мэтт Бессер, Эми Полер, Йен Робертс

Agents Adair, Antoine, Colby and Trotter both monitor and create chaos across the universe. The sketches you see throughout most of the show are different subjects being monitored. At the end of each episode all the sketches and characters come together into one final sketch. Besides all the sketches, they have other segments where the UCB Agents venture out with hidden cameras, and try to incorporate the content of their bizarre sketches into the real world.

Upright Citizens Brigade Seasons 1 - 3 [torrent]

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в смысле русские сабы.

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