Vampire Weekend

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Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend (2008)

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Proper Retail (320+FLAC)

1. “Mansard Roof” 2:07
2. “Oxford Comma” 3:15
3. “A-Punk” 2:17
4. “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” 3:33
5. “M79″ 4:14
6. “Campus” Rostam Batmanglij 2:55
7. “Bryn” Ezra Koenig 2:12
8. “One (Blake’s Got a New Face)” (with Slinger Francisco) 3:11
9. “I Stand Corrected” 2:38
10. “Walcott” 3:39
11. “The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance” 4:03



Japanese Bonus Tracks (192)

12. “Ladies of Cambridge” (Japanese edition bonus track) 2:39
13. “Arrows” (Japanese edition bonus track) 3:04




2007 Mansard Roof (V2)

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1.Mansard Roof
2. Ladies Of Cambridge

2008 Oxford Comma (320)

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1. Oxford Comma
2. Walcott (Insane Mix)

2008 A-Punk

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1. A-Punk
2. Oxford Comma (rehearsal version)


2008 The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance (V2)

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1. The Kids Don't Stand a Chance (Radio Edit)
2. The Kids Don't Stand a Chance (Chromeo Remix)
3. Oxford Comma (Live Acoustic Version)

Rarities/Other B-Sides

1. Bryn (early)
2. Everywhere [Fleetwood Mac cover]
3. Exit Music (For a Film) [Radiohead cover]
4. M79 (Early Version)
5. Oxford Comma [Burntpiano Edit]

Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
Mansard Roof
Oxford Comma

Live At Jools Holland 2008 Ifolder
Le Live De La Semaine Rapidshare

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In addition to the new songs, Vampire Weekend have shared the cover art and release date of their new record: It’s out May 3 via Columbia. Scroll down to see the artwork. Plus, in an Instagram post, Koenig confirmed that Jonah Hill directed the music video for “Sunflower,” which he said is “coming soon.”

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Vampire Weekend have shared their new music video for “Sunflower.” It’s set at the iconic New York gourmet market Zabars and directed by Jonah Hill. Jerry Seinfeld makes an appearance, as do the Internet’s Steve Lacy (who features on the track) and New York hip-hop pioneer Fab 5 Freddy.

Vampire Weekend Announce European Tour

Vampire Weekend have announced tour dates around Europe behind Father of the Bride. Find the new dates below. The band previously announced a North American tour including a Madison Square Garden show in September, as well as three UK dates next week at EartH and Islington Assembly Hall.

anyone have a link for single Harmony Hall please?

“This Life” interpolates lyrics from “Tonight,” a track from iLoveMakonnen’s original self-titled EP. Ezra Koenig sings, “You’ve been cheatin’ on, cheatin’ on me/I’ve been cheatin’ on, cheatin’ on you.” The song, co-produced by Koenig and Ariel Rechtshaid, also features backing vocals from Danielle Haim, guitar from Jake Longstreth, and additional production from Chromeo’s Dave Macklovitch. (Tidal gives Mark Ronson a composer credit, too.) “Unbearably White” has additional production from BloodPop.

“This Life” and “Unbearably White” are the final two songs Vampire Weekend plan to share before they release Father of the Bride on May 3 (via Columbia). Before today, the band has released “Harmony Hall,” “2021,” “Sunflower,” and “Big Blue,” as well as videos for “Harmony Hall” and “Sunflower.”

Vampire Weekend to Provide Bagels, Pizza, 3 Live Sets at NYC Album Release Concert

On May 3, Vampire Weekend release their long-awaited fourth album Father of the Bride. The band has now announced plans to celebrate with a “live all day” event at New York City’s reopened Webster Hall on May 5. The event will include bagels, pizza, and three Vampire Weekend sets, featuring a full performance of the new album in its entirety. Head here for ticket information.

Review: Vampire Weekend’s Modern California Pop Masterpiece ‘Father of the Bride’

At 18 songs in under an hour, Vampire Weekend’s first album in six years sounds at first like a manic effort to make up lost time. Singer-guitarist Ezra Koenig, the band’s composer-lyricist and a co-producer on virtually every track, has stuffed his hooks and bridges with so many change-ups in rhythm, guitar tone and dramatic instrumental flourish that, by the finish, you feel like you’ve been whipped through a modern-pop homage to the Beatles’ Abbey Road medley – twice over.

Father of the Bride is so zealously detailed and meticulously contoured that you easily sink into its inventions: the whirl of country picking, surf-guitar twang and classical interlude in “Harmony Hall”; the loopy hip-hop of “Sunflower” with its creeping-vocal riff; the Soweto-like bounce and AutoTuned-Beach Boys-style chorale in “Flower Moon.” But this is ear candy loaded with trouble. Frustration, helplessness and romantic crisis come just like the songs, in grenade-like bursts, as Koenig delivers bad news like the “wicked snakes” in “Harmony Hall” (“Inside a place/You thought was dignified”) with disarmingly clean-cut vocal brio.

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Vampire Weekend - Father of the Bride (2019)
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Время: 0:33:50
Качество: mp3, 320 kbps
Размер: 132.33 Мб

01. Hold You Now (feat. Danielle Haim) (2:33)
02. Harmony Hall (5:08)
03. Bambina (1:42)
04. This Life (4:28)
05. Big Blue (1:48)
06. How Long? (3:32)
07. Unbearably White (4:40)
08. Rich Man (2:29)
09. Married in a Gold Rush (feat. Danielle Haim) (3:42)
10. My Mistake (3:18)
11. Sympathy (3:46)
12. Sunflower (feat. Steve Lacy) (2:17)
13. Flower Moon (feat. Steve Lacy) (3:57)
14. 2021 (1:38)
15. We Belong Together (feat. Danielle Haim) (3:10)
16. Stranger (4:08)
17. Spring Snow (2:41)
18. Jerusalem, New York, Berlin (2:54)

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И как?
Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig Breaks Down Father of the Bride Track by Track

Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig sat down with producer Ariel Rechtshaid to discuss the band’s new album Father of the Bride on the latest episode of his Beats 1 show “Time Crisis.” Rechtshaid—who co-produced the record—joined Koenig and the show’s co-host Jake Longstreth to go through FOTB track by track. Listen to episode 92 in full here.

класс! в чем и не было сомнений)
очень хороший альбом!
приятно когда ставишь пластинку и с первого же прослушивания хочется репитнуть номер и дургой и третий
пластинка которую стоило ждать.
это одна из тех команд, новые работы которых не разочаровывают, а данный пример вообще восхищает!

p.s. у Доэрти последняя работа тоже чумовая, между делом скажу, потому как слушал их в одной подборке. очень приятен был этот контраст, "англискости" и "американскости" а по духу и настроению они очень похожи, на мой взгляд!

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