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Since his debut on Funkoars' 'Who's your Step Daddy' LP in 2003, Vents has since built monuments in the form of guest verses on Hilltop Hoods' 'Blue Blooded' track, Funkoars' remake of the Juice Crew classic 'The Symphony' and Hospice Crew's 'The Caution', all the while clandestinely plotting out the details for the first of his many solo chapters. Vents will be highlighting his forte in the art of MCing when he drops his eagerly anticipated debut album 'Hard To Kill' mid this year. 'Hard To Kill' has been predominantly produced by Trials of Funkoars fame and will bring the birth of a new wave of hardcore consciousness that speaks directly to the masses without the high horse and hand outs that saturate the radio waves.


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1. Time To Think
2. Hard To Kill
3. F*ck Em Up Feat. Sesta
4. NBC
5. In The Shadows Feat. Suffa (of Hilltop Hoods)
6. Watch Out
7. Travelling Man
8. First Of May
9. Love Song
10. Flatline Feat. Robby Balboa
11. Silence Means Death
12. Five Minutes To Midnight
13. Full Metal Feat. Mortar And Trials
14. Virus
15. In The Shadows Feat. Suffa (Trials Rmx)

music.brainwash.net.ru/dzr/A/vents 2007 - hard to kill.rar

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Waterfall Inside Me
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