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Verse began as the side project of What Feeds the Fire front man
Sean Murphy. The original line up featured Sean on drums, Eric
Lepine on guitar, Mark Lennon on guitar and Matt Amore on bass
(the band had yet to find a singer). Following the demise of WFTF,
Sean moved over to vocals and Mike Hall of the Distance played
drums. It was with this lineup that Verse released the "Four
Songs" ep on Contrast/Double Down Records in the spring of 2003.
The record was received well, and has been described as "teetering
on the edge of desperation and anger, combining fast melodies with
intense breakdowns. The vocal delivery is emotional and heartfelt
with meaningful lyrics." In August Mark left the band to pursue
personal interests and in stepped Brian Wilcox who also plays
guitar in another RI band called Rampage. Shortly after, Mike left
the Distance, finally giving Verse the time and ability to tour
more. With numerous weekend trips and east coast touring under
their belt they are ready to enter the studio to record their
debut LP on Rival, tentatively titled "Rebuild". Expect to see the
band out on the road all over the U.S.A. in support of the record
during the months following its release.

We are proud to announce that Bridge Nine Records has signed Providence, RI’s long-running
hardcore band VERSE. The band will be entering God City Studios in Salem, MA & The Getaway
Group Studios in MA with engineer Jay Maas this week to being tracking what will become
their THIRD full-length album for Bridge Nine, titled Aggression, set to hit US stores June
10th and worldwide stores that same week.
In a day and age where hardcore bands have a shelf-life limited to a few years, and third
albums are rare and usually past the prescribed shelf-life, Verse is a band that has
retained the energy & purpose of a new band after five years and two monumental
full-lengths, 2004’s Rebuild and 2006’s From Anger And Rage, both released on California’s
Rivalry Records (who will still be handling the vinyl release of Aggression). Frontman Sean
Murphy clarified, “Kyle [Rivalry] has always been supportive of Verse and we’re excited to
be working with Bridge Nine with his blessing, but we still get to have a relationship &
connection to the label that helped get our band off the ground and that was very important
for us.”
Verse has hit the international road making a name for themselves as they shared the stage
with Bane, Have Heart, Comeback Kid, Evergreen Terrace & many, many more. But what makes
Verse a band with staying power and identity is that they take a powerful, dynamic, and
passionate performance both on record & tape and infuse it with a political and social
backbone that is all but lost in the hardcore scene. Punknews.org agreed when reviewing From
Anger And Rage, saying, “Hardcore, plain and simple, needs more bands like Verse- More bands
that can match their own passion and intensity with the skill to parlay it into something
Murphy continued on, "You used to go to shows and you couldn't escape the tables with animal
rights and leftist literature, the different flyers, distros, and a strong sense of action &
interest as a scene. It's almost like kids choose to avoid reality. It seems like very few
are compassionate anymore. No one says anything on the stage. We don't beat the message over
anyone's heads, but it's very important to us that we provide reading lists in our records &
other outlets for information because it's that same thing I had growing up, that level of
awareness was there and undeniable."
Aggression will be unleashed June 10th. Expect Verse to stay out of Rhode Island as much of
this year as possible.

Sean Murphy - вокал
Mo' drummond - гитара
Eric Lepine - гитара
Shawn costa - ударные
Christopher Berg - бас

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Альбом оказался намного лучше, чем я ожидал. thumb.gif Разве что быстрых тем маловато.

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доволен только тем, что ребята снова на сцену вышли в качестве того же коллектива thumb.gif альбом не получается расслушать, хотя гонял по кругу несколько дней, а плеер не воспроизводит почему-то эти файлы. я дикий фанат их Aggression и вообще, считаю его одним из лучших альбомов в жанре, но новые песни тоже цепляют.
"Bitter Clarity, Uncommon Grace" другой в отличии от "Aggression", но и тот отличается от "Rebuild". Все течет, все меняется. Тем интереснее.
Рад возвращению группы, такое редко происходит.

По альбому = прослушал раз 10 и с каждым разом все с большим удовольствием, медленные мотивы с взрывающими криками просто сносит порывом)) + музыкальные проигрыши = ну хороши...

Вобще хочется отметить, что слушается альбом с интересом, что случается не часто в данном жанре!
Но вот одного на мой взгляд немного не хватает - это плотности в звучании некоторым трекам, хотя, возможно это качество, в остальном
превосходный альбом = очень экспрессивно звучит!!!

тексты с нового альбома есть?
320 не появилось ? Или хотя бы V0 ?
нет. скачай, что есть, не парься. качество хорошее. я сам думал, что не буду качать, но скачал в итоге. оказалось, что качество вполне приемлемое.
альбом, кстати, вообще супер.
Чуваки,а тексты есть у кого? Может диск кто покупал)
17го июля же только)
всё, что может провалиться, проваливается
отличный альбом, порадовали своим возвращением
= смотрим видосик 2012 года...
этот кудрявый очкарик на фото - вокалист?
нет, он гитарист, а вокалист справа в шапочке черной

no coontroool, no more ruules
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ARTiST.......: Verse
ALBUM........: Bitter Clarity, Uncommon Grace
GENRE........: Hardcore
LABEL........: Bridge Nine

YEAR.........: 2012
RiP.DATE.....: 2012-07-13
STORE.DATE...: 2012-07-17

SOURCE.......: CD
GRABBER......: EAC V0.99 prebeta 4
ENCODER......: LAME v3.98.4
SiZE.........: 67.25 megs
BiTRATE......: 278 kbps avg


1. The Selfish Of The Earth 3:21
2. The Selfless Of The Earth 3:50
3. The Silver Spoon And The Empty Plate 1:30
4. Setting Fire To The Bridges We Cross 3:05
5. Segue One 1:01
6. You And I Are The Fortunate Ones 2:36
7. The End Of All Light 3:40
8. The Relevance Of Our Disconnect 2:35
9. Segue Two 1:34
10. Oceanic Tendencies 1:43
11. Finding A Way Out When There Is No Way 2:57
12. Segue Three 0:49
13. The End Of All Life 2:49



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Verse - Bitter Clarity, Uncommon Grace [2012]
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Исполнитель: Verse
Альбом: Bitter Clarity, Uncommon Grace
Год выхода: 2012
Страна: USA
Жанр: Hardcore Punk
Качество: mp3, VBR V0 (Scene)
Продолжительность: 31:31
Размер: 65 Мб
Треклист :
01 - The Selfish of the Earth
02 - The Selfless of the Earth
03 - The Silver Spoon and the Empty Plate
04 - Setting Fire to the Bridges We Cross
05 - Segue One
06 - You and I Are the Fortunate Ones
07 - The End of All Light
08 - The Relevance of Our Disconnect
09 - Segue Two
10 - Oceanic Tendencies
11 - Finding A Way Out When There Is No Way
12 - Segue Three
13 - The End of All Life

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