Sistol - on the bright side re up, please? And the scuba remix of the title track in 320 would be amazing too.
On the bright side (scuba remix) in 160 via xlr8r. sweet.

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fig.2: Vladislav Delay as Sistol
''' Remasters & Remakes (PHC02) Disc 2

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Sep 2010, Label:Halo Cyan, Catalog#:PHC02

disc 2: remakes
201  Nuomo (Ike Yard's Metalli Tulitta Remix)  5:14
202  Keno (Mike Huckaby S Y N T H Remix)  5:39
203  Kaste (Aki Latvamäki Remix)  5:16
204  Hac (Alva Noto Remodel)  7:51
205  Kojo (John Tejada Remix)  6:06
206  Kotka (FaltyDL Refunk)  4:43
207  Haaska (Swelter Mix by [a]pendics.shuffle)  6:57
208  Kelmi (DMX Krew Remix)  4:10
209  Keno (Somatic Responses Laserfunk Remix)  5:49
210  Hajotus (DuranDuranDuran Remix)  4:39
211  Kotka (Sutekh Parabolai Mix)  5:41
Vladislav Delay as Sistol
On the Brighter Side: Remixes Vol. 2 (PHC05)

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Sep 2010, Label:Halo Cyan Records, Catalog#:PHC05

01  On the Bright Side (Scuba's Brighter Side Remix) 5:30
02  Hospital Husband (FaltyDL's 90s Bleep Mix: When Purple Was Green) 4:04
03  Funseeker (Oneohtrix Point Never's Rainbro Remix) 4:00
04  A Better Shore (Walls Remix) 4:27
XLR8R Podcast 167: Sistol by Donnacha Costello

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192 Kbps, 40:34 min


01 Sistol "A Better Shore (Edit)"
02 Sistol "Fucked-Up Novelty"
03 Sistol "Contaminate Her (Jori Hulkkonen Mix)"
04 Sistol "Hospital Husband"
05 Sistol "Glowing And So Spread"
06 Sistol "Funseeker (Oneohtrix Point Never Rainbro Mix)"
07 Sistol "Funseeker (Oneohtrix Point Never Rainbro Mix) (Second Copy)"
08 Sistol "A Better Shore (Walls Mix)"
09 Sistol "On The Bright Side (The Brighter Side Scuba Remix)"


Direct download:


disc 1 ?
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RiPPER...... Winnie the Pooh
LABEL....... Halo Cyan Records
BiTRATE..... 320kbps
MODE........ Joint-Stereo
DATE RiPPED. 12.01.2010
YEAR........ 2010
TUNES....... 08
GENRE....... Electronic
CAT.NO...... PHC04


01. (Permission to) Avalanche 07:05
02. Hospital Husband 06:28
03. On the Bright Side 04:47
04. A Better Shore 08:13
05. Fucked-up Novelty 07:39
06. Contaminate Her 06:10
07. Glowing and So Spread 06:49
08. Funseeker 07:26

TOTAL 54:37

Release Notes:

Vladislav Delay engages with his old Sistol alias for
eight tracks of ruffed-up technohouse electronics on
Phthalo's new sub-label. These productions are
decidedly more ragged and sweaty than any of his recent
projects, from Luomo to the MvO Trio, perhaps
exorcising some of his ruder dancefloor gremlins. In
'(Permission To) Avalanche' he rewires thudding techno
with a squirming surface of electroid noise, while the
title track gives a raw-edged slab of kinky techno with
flashes of his inimitable electro-acoustic awareness.
'A Better Shore' is an opportunity to really run out
his rave inclinations with mentasm-like signals
scraping a moodily melodic and overweight bassline,
whereas 'Fcked-Up Novelty' is like a botanical
exercise in nurturing organic techno and finds a far
more pleasant groove in 'Glowing And So Spread',
although he's got still got some dirty noises and is'nt
afraid to deploy them. In all, it's a successful
departure from his usual, surgically precise styles,
allowing more room for mayhem and a new palette of
grainy, distorted textures. A satisfying listen for
techno lovers of a grimier disposition.

Megaupload / Letitbit / / iFolder

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RiPPER...... Winnie the Pooh
LABEL....... Halo Cyan Records
BiTRATE..... 320kbps
MODE........ Joint-Stereo
DATE RiPPED. 12.01.2010
YEAR........ 2010
TUNES....... 04
GENRE....... Electronic
CAT.NO...... PHC05

01.On the Bright Side (Scuba's Brighter Side Remix) 05:32
02.Hospital Husband (FaltyDL's 90s Bleep Mix: When Purple Was Green) 04:05
03.Funseeker (Oneohtrix Point Never's Rainbro Remix) 04:02
04.A Better Shore (Walls Remix) 04:29

TOTAL 18:08

Vladilslav Delay ropes in a stellar cast of
contemporary electronic maestros to rework tracks from
his album as Sistol. Furthest removed from the original
material is Oneohtrix Point Never's Rainbro remix of
'Funseeker', effectively turning in a glorious addendum
to 'Returnal' with soaring, spindly melodies embedded
in a synthesized cloud of powdered glass atmospheres,
chokingly gorgeous and affective as usual. Meanwhile,
Falty DL continues an infallible run of form with his
'90s Bleep Mix: When Purple Was Green version of
'Hospital Husband', a supremely crafty hardcore spinner
with tightly tucked breakbeats and brutally low
subbass, whereas Scuba drops a swinging Joy Orbison-
alike version of 'On The Bright Side', and Walls turn
'A Better Shore' into a shimmering, sweltering mass of
Kosmische synth swiirls with glistening production
values. Excellent set.

Vladislav Delay - Whistleblower re up please !
Moritz von Oswald Trio
''' Horizontal Structures (HJRCD54)

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Feb 2011, Label:Honest Jon's, Catalog#:HJRCD54

Following the almost unanimous praise for their previous studio masterpiece, Moritz Von Oswald (Maurizio/Rhythm & Sound), Max Loderbauer (Nsi./Sun Electric) and Sasu Ripatti (Vladislav Delay) present 'Horizontal Structures', the jazz-suave and rolling x-axis to the kosmische y of 'Vertical Ascent'. The curve of their projections becomes more complex with the addition of Paul St. Hilaire (aka Tikiman) on guitar and ECM artist, Marc Muellbauer's double bass infusing deeply instinctive jazz moves into the cats-cradle of organ, percussion and electronics. There's a more leveled spirit and cruising groove to this album, their deft interactions creating a deeply engrained blue moodiness and playful efficacy whose potential is beautifully rendered in Moritz's mixing desk. As the elements begin to fuse like condensed gas particles in the bell jar sphere of 'Structure One' its clear to hear the group's evolution as the groove subliminally coalesces with a looseness that wasn't there before, Tiki's Afro-lilting guitar swirling about like fragrant hashish smoke and Muellbauer's eyes-shut bass adding daubs of melodic colouration. 'Structure 2' is more urgent and soundtrack-y, melody stripped back while the rhythm section ripples away with infinite Krautrock essence, before 'Structure 3' reintroduces the dub with moonboot skank rhythm hinging on crisp snare punctuations and offset chords in the dreamiest headspace. The 20 minute 'Structure 4' is perhaps the craftiest, Moritz the mixing board illusionist deftly weaving the acoustic and electronic, the synthetic and the real with a sleight of hand that makes this music at once electro-acoustic jazz and dub concrète, yet with the fundamental grace and glide of deep techno. Highly recommended!


01] Horizontal Structure 1 (16:05)
02] Horizontal Structure 2 (15:12)
03] Horizontal Structure 3 (10:08)
04] Horizontal Structure 4 (20:12)
05] Horizontal Structure 5 (8:29)


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ARTiST.. Moritz von Oswald Trio
TiTLE... Horizontal Structures
GENRE... Electronic
LABEL... Honest Jon's Records
YEAR.... 2011
PLAYTIME 70:04 min
SiZE.... 160,5 MB
CAT#.... HJRCD54
ENCODER. Lame 3.98
QUALiTY. 320kbps
MODE.... Joint-Stereo
REL.DATE 03.01.2011

T R A C K L i S T

01 Horizontal Structure 1 16:05
02 Horizontal Structure 2 15:11
03 Horizontal Structure 3 10:07
04 Horizontal Structure 4 20:12
05 Horizontal Structure 5 08:29

TOTAL: 70:04


The trio of Moritz von Oswald, Max Loderbauer
(NSI / Sun Electric) and Sasu Ripatti
(Vladislav Delay / Luomo), with a third album,
this time enriched and expanded by guitar
contributions from Paul St Hilaire (also known
as Tikiman), and double bass courtesy of Marc
Muellbauer (via ECM). Horizontal Structures is
palpably a more open, more expressive album
than the previous studio recording, Vertical
Ascent. There is more contrast, more light and
shade. St Hilaire and Muellbauer add fresh
drama and swing to the intimate tonal and
rhythmic interactions of the core grouping.
The coherence of the five-piece is remarkable;
the boundary between acoustic and electronic
undone. The group's evolution is firmly
signalled in the opener, Structure 1. There's
a lush, romantic quality to the playing and
arrangement that we've not heard before: the
guitar licks have a bluesy lilt, the bass
imparts melody as well as physical presence,
the synth sequences are more painterly, looser
somehow, and Ripatti's percussion roams
feelingly. Structure 2 is like 70s spy-flick
jazz or groove-heavy Krautrock stripped to its
barest essence, Loderbauer and von Oswald's
electronics glistening in a sticky cobweb of
reverb and delay. The languidly stepping 3
faintly recalls von Oswald's work with Mark
Ernestus as Rhythm & Sound, with St Hilaire's
chords hanging thick above bone-dry drum
machine drift. The track structurally closest
to techno, 4 is pervaded by a sense of
mischief, with Muellbauer's strings — plucked,
bowed, scraped — coming to the fore. 5 is
deep, roiling, ambient For all its complexity,
this is also a very playful album, and the
Trio's increased confidence and empathy as
improvisers allow them to indulge flights of
percussive fancy, sudden about-turns, vectors
into the unknown. Horizontal Structures
sounds, above all else, free.

Horizontal Structures
отличная штука!!спасибо.

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Очень напомнило о прекрасных релизах SKULL DISCO
Большое спасибо!
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а мне первый трек напоминает Tortoise, а ваще круто rolleyes.gif
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Carried by a Wind Like Dandelion
когда у меня будет свой кабинет, там будет звучать secret rhythms либецайта/фридмана или horizontal structures фон освальда/лодербауэра/делейя. не потому что под такую музыку работа идёт наиболее эффективно, а ещё потому что это очень стильно)))

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