We Are Loud Whispers


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Artist.......: We Are Loud Whispers
Album........: Suchness
Label........: Hardly Art
Genre........: Indie
Catnr........: n/a
source.......: CDDA
rip.date.....: Aug-27-2013
str.date.....: 2013
quality......: VBR/44.1Hz/Joint-Stereo
Url..........: n/a

track title time

01. Orange Blossom 02:51
02. This Time 03:55
03. You Surround 06:03
04. Western Town 02:55
05. Glossolalia 03:37
06. Starcrossed 02:38
07. Modern World 05:24
08. Rewind 05:44
09. I Hate Goodbyes 04:32
10. My Love Song 04:35

Runtime 42:14 min
Size 73,6 MB

Release Notes:

Trans-Pacific duo We Are Loud Whispers have a knack
of making what doesnt seem possible. The
brainchild of Sonya Westcott and Ayumu Haitani, the
pairs debut effort Suchness was created over
emails sent between their respective homes in
Seattle and the Japanese island of Honshu, without
the two principals ever coming together
face-to-face again after briefly meeting in 2007
when Westcotts earlier gig Arthur & Yu toured
Japan. And yet you wouldnt know that Suchness,
which premieres on PopMatters, was the product of
purely virtual interaction, considering the warmth
and immediacy of the music therein. Indeed, the
contradictions built into the band name We Are Loud
Whispers reflect how Haitani and Westcott bring
together contrasting elements so seamlessly,
combining electronic atmospherics with gentle,
organic orchestration. PopMatters caught up with
Westcott via emailnaturallyto find out more about
how We Are Loud Whispers came to be and how,
appropriately enough, the twosome collaborated with
the Postal Services Jimmy Tamborello. PopMatters
is pleased to share a stream of Suchness, out this
week on Hardly Art.cluttered, melding together in
Zen simplicity. Westcotts airy whisper floats
above heartbeat percussion, evoking the emotive
electro of Lali Puna and Notwist.
In Modern World, the 7th track on the album,
Westcott and Haitani ask, Will we last or will we
fade away? Suchness, an album made between
continents and between genres, seems to answer with
the same duality that informed its construction. We
are as impermanent as we are timeless. We are songs
already sung and ones yet to be imagined. We are
loud whispers. We last and we fade away.


картинка, оставленная пользователем

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