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Released in 2006, Whitfield’s “Well Behaved & Working For You” generated extraordinary reviews and interest in the group. After a sold-out CD release event in Vancouver, Whitfield went on to showcase at a slew of festivals. They were awarded ‘Best Pop/Rock Song’ at the Independent Music Awards (International), ‘Best of The Fest’ award at NewMusicWest, the ‘Peoples Choice’ award at Toronto Indie Week, and ‘Best Alternative Group’ at the Toronto Independent Music Awards. The band also supported some notable acts, including Britian’s multi-platinum Athlete.

Several songs from “Well Behaved & Working for You” have appeared on national television, both in network shows and advertisements — most recently promoting OLN’s (Outdoor Life Network) new series“Word Travels”. Whitfield’s album charted on Canadian college radio and, although not officially released to commercial, received some surprising spins from a handful of regional stations.

Originally from the UK, singer Jobie Mallett united with drummer Sam Bastedo and bassist Josh McCulloch in Kamloops, BC. The trio then relocated to Vancouver where they found guitarist Jordan Irwin to complete the lineup. Since moving to the city three years ago, Whitfield has exploded from modest beginnings into an act of international calibre.

Whitfield has just completed their latest release, “Tornado Cutie” which debuted with a sold out show at the legendary Richard's on Richard's in Vancouver. This six song EP is packed with the most exciting and dynamic Whitfield material to date, including the danceable first single, “Top Of The World”


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Whitfield - Tornado Cutie [2009-V2]

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01 Top Of The World
02 Tornado Cutie
03 Talk
04 Barely Breathing
05 Manic
06 Honestly


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оч. забавные)
правда чем-то напоминают зэ киллерс
Только будь осторожен, а если ты девочка, то будь осторожна
Симпатичные ребята. С веселым таким махом. rolleyes.gif
Спящий в снегу забывает о боли, / То есть, не просто не чувствует, а / Вдруг отрывается воздухом воли/ И улетает, как моль от винта
biggrin.gif и правда зэ киллерс
очень позитивны!)) ..и звучат ..ммм... thumb.gif

Whitfield - Well Behaved & Working For You (2006)
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альбомчик то не единственный... делитесь пож..)

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вот здесь есть Whitfield - Well Behaved & Working For You (2006)
вот ссылка на мегааплоад
Whitfield - Well Behaved & Working For You - отличный альбом!
нечаянно попал в этот топик. увидев сравнение с киллерсами, скачал и.........ну зачем же так вводить в заблуждение: тут до киллерсов как пешком до китая.


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