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In abstract, WHY? is the process of adapting to the somehow simple business of existing. WHY? is the searching for something clearly unreachable, with hopes of finding small significance along the way. The attempt to understand what’s really going on by observing, neither by telescope nor microscope, but by naked eye, the intimate details in the most mundane of life’s happenings. The attempt to describe the gist of the feeling of the tiniest modicum of The Great Universal Unutterable Joke we are all always not laughing at—except when we are. WHY? is living out the set-up of that old gag over and over, until we finally reach a punch-line. Or we die and we don't.

WHY? is, most often, a trio of handsome Midwestern men with a shared past, present and future. Today, they fiddle around with skins, strings and bells through microphones attached to tape, presenting their “findings” to the waiting world. In an earlier decade they were all born in Cincinnati. And in the time in between, much did happen. Yoni Wolf, for instance, grew up the second son to an art book editor and a rabbi. He got his start recording bad poems and sloppy beats on the family synagogue’s forgotten 4-track. In junior high he discovered hip-hop; in art school he learned how to drop out. His brother Josiah played drums at worship service as a tot, dominated Concert Band as a teen, and fell in love with the compositions of Thelonious Monk on his way to University of Cincinnati’s music conservatory. Doug McDiarmid would eventually get expelled from UoC for carrying a stun gun, but was first conceived by two French teachers and taught piano while in kindergarten. He went to high school with the Wolfs, where he played in Steve Miller cover bands. In various permutations together and with other now-notables (Dose One, Odd Nosdam, Mr. Dibbs, Slug), these three created and/or contributed to a number of freewheeling rap and lo-fi bedroom-rock related projects, some still unexcavated: Miss Ohio’s Nameless, Apogee, Greenthink, Reaching Quiet, and the now seminal cLOUDDEAD. Their wildest dreams were achieved when they relocated to the West to make pop-inflected psychedelic folk-hop.

Yoni was the first to make the move. For four years, two EPs and one color-drenched album (2003’s Oaklandazulasylum), WHY? was his alone. He honed his trademark delivery—that sickly sweet, half-rapped, singsong-suicide style—shined up his wry, picturesque poetry on life, love and self, and developed a clip-and-collage composition aesthetic using keyboards, toys, guitars, samplers and anything worth banging on. When Doug and Josiah joined Yoni in Oakland, they brought a hoard of instruments and the ability to wail on every last one of them. By chops and imagination, WHY? grew into a thing of flesh, bones and fully fledged songs. In 2005, the band released Elephant Eyelash, and suddenly that once tenuous future seemed solid. Critics swooned; ladies lauded; WHY? did not rest. They toured (with Silver Jews, Yo La Tengo, and Islands). They collaborated (with Danielson, Department of Eagles, and Subtle; Yoni made Hymie’s Basement with Fog’s Andrew Broder). They put out yet more music (the Rubber Traits EP and “Dumb Hummer” 7-inch).

Thus, the impending release of WHY?’s latest, brightest, darkest smile-twisted opus, Alopecia, isn’t so much a return as it is an affirmation of something already in the air. In February of 2007, the trio temporarily relocated to Minneapolis and became five, officially inducting Andrew Broder and Mark Erickson of good-art friendlies Fog into the band, then recording their new work live. As can be expected, Alopecia is a fantastic offering of raw sweat and dreams inspired by nothing more or less than the infinite erring bits of daily existence.

WHY? — психоделический инди-хип-хоп квартет из Окленда. Их музыку порой называют «фолк-поп» и «инди-хоп»; на лейбе Anticon эта команда выделяется близокстью к инди-культуре. «Что делать, если хип-хоп выдохнется?» — задаются вопросом журналисты. Йони Вулф из «Why?» даёт свой ответ.

Лидер «Why?» никогда не бывал счастлив в состоянии покоя. Рэппер еврейского происхождения из Огайо, он постоянно движется вперёд и меняет стили. С 2000 года он сотрудничает с радикальным калифорнийским хип-хоп-лейблом Anticon.

Йони Вулф искал свой собственный стиль, участвуя во многих проектах: он пел lo-fi-рэп в группе Greenthink вместе с Адамом Друкером, участвовал вместе с ним и ди-джеем лейбла Anticon Оддом Носдамом в проекте cLOUDDEAD и в эстетском Reaching Quiet.

Однако собственную нишу Вулф нашёл, только создав «Why?». Ему удаётся путешествовать по пограничной территории между хип-хопом и обычным гитарным роком, успешно избегая штампов и того, и другого стиля. Под названием «Why?» и были записаны два EP и альбом «Oaklandazulasylum» (2003). Теперь он окончательно обосновался в коллективе своих друзей по Беркли, вместе с которыми играет в группе.

Йони Вулф пишет тексты и поёт, а кроме того, танцует и играет на любых инструментах, которые попадаются под руку: фортепиано, клавиши, гитара, бас, ударные… Даг МакДаермид (он предпочитает называть себя «Death Metal Dug») — человек практический, который имеет дело с тяжёлой артиллерией: фортепиано, гитары, сэмплеры и «вертушки». Джошиа Вулф играет на ударных и преподаёт ударные инструменты. Ещё один участник группы — Мэтт Мелдон, и его интересуют только гитары.

Cреди поклонников «WHY?» такие заметные персонажи музыкального мира, как «Boards of Canada», «Múm», «Stereolab», «Danielson Famile», «The Notwist», «TV on the Radio» и «Mogwai». Последний альбом команды, Elephant Eyelash (2005), кажется яснее и доступнее других: Йони отходит от любимого раньше хип-хопа, из-за которого когда-то и начал писать музыку, становится более мелодичным и в то же время — эмоционально более честным. За типичными для него сложными словесными образами, аналогиями и словесными играми скрываются песни о путанице в людских отношениях, о чувстве небезопасности и о смерти. Жизненная позиция, унаследованная от битников, и сюрреалистичность, присущая Льюису Кэрроллу, — всё это соединяется в текстах Йони. Его песни — это уже не словесные упражнения, а образы, идущие прямо от сердца.

Why? - Oaklandazylum
Label: Anticon
Catalog#: ABR 0029
Released: 16 Jun 2003

1 Ferriswheel (2:24)
2 Cold Lunch (Albert Brown Mortiary Dumpster Dive Remix) (1:36)
3 Afterschool America (1:19)
4 Our Neighbor's Daughter (1:44)
5 A Little Titanic (3:32)
6 Weak Moon (2:14)
7 Early Whitney (4:03)
8 Dream On Cortelyou (2:55)
9 Women Eye, "NO." (1:32)
10 Dirty Glass (3:27)
11 Shirtless, Sheetless, And (1:59)
12 Bad Entropy (5:02)
13 Seventeen (2:33)
14 Ape In Cage With Wire Cutters (4:08)

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Why? - Elephant Eyelash
Label: Anticon
Catalog#: ABR 0055
Released: 2005

1 Crushed Bones
2 Yo Yo Bye Bye
3 Rubber Traits
4 The Hoofs
5 Fall Saddles
6 Gemini (Birthday Song)
7 Waterfalls
8 Sanddollars
9 Speech Bubbles
10 Whispers Into The Other
11 Act Five
12 Light Leaves

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Why? - Alopecia
Label: Anticon
Catalog#: ABR 0080
Released: 11 Mar 2008

1 The Vowels Pt. 2 (4:04)
2 Good Friday (3:50)
3 These Few Presidents (3:04)
4 The Hollows (3:55)
5 Song Of The Sad Assassin (4:13)
6 Gnashville (3:49)
7 Fatalist Palmistry (3:53)
8 The Fall Of Mr. Fifths (3:16)
9 Brook & Waxing (2:35)
10 A Sky For Shoeing Horses Under (2:29)
11 Twenty-Eight (0:44)
12 Simeon's Dilemma (3:33)
13 By Torpedo Or Crohn's (4:04)
14 Exegesis (1:37)

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EP & Singles

Why? / Odd Nosdam - The Split EP!
Label: Anticon
Catalog#: ABR 0017
Released: 06 Aug 2001

1-7 Why? Untitled
8-15 Odd Nosdam Untitled
16. Why? & Unknown Artist Untitled

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Why? - The Early Whitney EP
Label: Anticon
Catalog#: ABR 0035
Released: 06 Oct 2003

1 Early Whitney (4:03)
2 Ladyfingerz (3:19)
3 Point Blank (2:23)
4 Darla (3:07)
5 Me On Beer (1:45)
6 The Crest (5:32)

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Why? - The Sanddollars EP
Catalog#: ABR 0052
Released: 2005

1 Miss Ohio's Nameless (2:53)
2 500 Fingernails (2:27)
3 Sick 2 Think (1:58)
4 Sanddollars (3:10)
5 Vice Principal (1:31)
6 Next Atlanta (1:48)
7 Pantone Cyan (3:15)
8 Mutant John (3:26)

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Why? - Dumb Hummer / Pick Fights
Label: Anticon
Catalog#: ABR 0060
Released: 2006

1 Dumb Hummer
2 Pick Fights
3 Decieved

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Why? - Rubber Traits EP
Catalog#: ABR 0061
Released: 2006

1 Rubber Traits
2 Dumb Hummer
3 Pick Fights
4 Decieved

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Why? - The Hollows
Label: Anticon
Catalog#: ABR 0079
Released: 27 Nov 2007

1 The Hollows
2 By Torpedo Or Crohn's (Remix By Dntel)
3 Yoyo Bye Bye (Cover By Xiu Xiu)
4 Pre-Teen Apocalyptic Film Acting (Medley) (Cover By Half-Handed Cloud)
5 Good Friday (Remix By Boards Of Canada
6 Yoyo Bye Bye (Cover By Dump)
7 Broken Crow (Cover By Nick T.)
8 The Hollows (Radio Clean)
9 By Torpedo Or Crohn's (Remix By Dntel) (Radio Clean)
10 Yoyo Bye Bye (Cover By Xiu Xiu) (Radio Clean)
11 Good Friday (Remix By Boards Of Canada) (Radio Clean)
12 Yoyo Bye Bye (Cover By Dump) (Radio Clean)

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Why? / Cryptacize - Unusual Animals Vol. 4
Asthmatic Kitty Records
Catalog#: AKR406
Released: 22 Jul 2008

1 Why? - As I Went Out One Morning (Bob Dylan Cover) (3:08)
2 Cryptacize - Peg (2:38)

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Bootlegs etc
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Why? - Almost Live From Anna's Cabin
Released: 2003

1 Broken Crow (2:36)
2 Ferris Wheel (2:54)
3 Cold Lunch (2:14)
4 Maze (1:42)
5 Ha X4 (2:03)
6 On My 19th (2:30)
7 Our Neighbor's Daughter (2:11)
8 Lady Fingerz (4:49)
9 The Teeth Behind Kisses (3:45)
10 Afterschool America (1:42)
11 A Little Titanic (3:16)
12 Seventeen (2:56)
13 Darla (3:45)
14 Me And The Peacoat (3:11)
15 Ape In Cage... (2:35)
16 Early Whitney (4:05)
17 Bad Entropy (5:00)

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Why? - Almost Live From Eli's Live Room
Released: 15 Oct 2008

1 Rubber Traits
2 These Few Presidents
3 Sanddollars
4 Sad Assassin
5 Twenty Eight
6 Fall Saddles
7 The Hollows
8 Good Friday
9 Waterfalls
10 Brook & Waxing
11 The Fall Of Mr. Fifths
12 Exegesis
13 Simeon's Dilemma
14 500 Fingernails
15 Gnashville
16 The Vowels Pt. 2
17 The Hoofs
18 A Sky For Shoeing Horses Under
19 Yo Yo Bye Bye
20 Fatalist Palmistry
21 By Torpedo Or Crohn's
22 Gemini
23 Crushed Bones

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Why? - Alopecia: The Demos!!
Released: 2008

1 The Vowels Pt. 2 (2:03)
2 Good Friday (3:39)
3 These Few Presidents (2:58)
4 The Hollows (3:44)
5 Song Of The Sad Assassin (3:37)
6 Gnashville (2:55)
7 Fatalist Palmistry (4:11)
8 The Fall Of Mr. Fifths (3:01)
9 Brook & Waxing (1:42)
10 A Sky For Shoeing Horses Under (0:49)
11 Twenty-Eight (0:29)
12 Simeon's Dilemma (3:21)
13 By Torpedo Or Crohn's (3:55)
14 Exegesis (1:03)

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Why? at Anticon
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Слава богу, не скатились в электронщину. есть в этом мире что-то постоянное happy.gif
sun of a beach!!!!!!!
Я уже и забыл, что они есть на свете. Добротный альбом.
WHY - Moh Lheans (2017)
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Genre: Hip-Hop, Indie Pop
Codec: Flac (*.flac)
Rip: tracks+.cue
Quality: lossless
Size: 214 Mb
TrackList WHY Moh Lheans (2017) [CD] [FLAC] [Joyful Noise]
01. This Ole King
02. Proactive Evolution
03. Easy
04. January February March
05. One Mississippi
06. The Longing Is All
07. George Washington
08. The Water
09. Consequence of Nonaction
10. The Barely Blur

re-up please WHY? - Moh Lhean [2017] rolleyes.gif
Мир круглый имеет форму чемодана.
Why? - AOKOHIO (2019) 320kbps
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01. Apogee (1:44)
02. The Rash (0:44)
03. Peel Free (4:44)
04. Reason (feat. Lala Lala) (1:40)
05. Deleterio Motilis (1:51)
06. Stained Glass Slipper (2:23)
07. The Launch (1:08)
08. High Dive (1:24)
09. Mr. Fifths’ Plea (0:46)
10. Good Fire (1:21)
11. Narcissistic Lamentation (0:41)
12. Krevin’ (1:32)
13. The Crippled Physician (feat. Lala Lala, Gia Margaret) (2:54)
14. Ustekinumab (0:31)
15. My Original (0:30)
16. Rock Candy (2:19)
17. Once Shy (1:07)
18. The Shame (0:35)
19. Bloom Wither Bloom (for Mom) (feat. Christian Lee Hutson, Gabby’s World) (4:10)
Why? - AOKOHIO (2019) 320

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