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HAK - JUNE (2016)

01. Aura
02. Look Forward To
03. She Say (ft. Machakos Kyalo)
04. Hues
05. No Days Off
06. Ambrosia
07. Solitude
08. Coral (ft. Dadras, Lisa Remar)
09. Pollen (ft. Jennifer Grrey)
10. Lenox
11. Concrete Waves (ft. Mari, TARO)
12. Bedroom Record
13. 432 Hz
14. Order In Nature
15. June (ft. Ms. Barbara)

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Hak Leaves Ratking

A rep for Ratking tells XXL that while Hak has indeed left, Ratking is still a group.

Original Story:
It shouldn’t exactly come as a surprise to the average Ratking fan, but in a new interview with i-D today, Hak revealed that the group has broken up.
When asked why, he says, “Too many cooks in the kitchen and too many men. I need balance.” Later on he says, “It’s all love that I project towards them, but I just felt like I wasn’t being treated nicely to keep it a hunnid, they didn’t see me for me.”
You didn’t have to be paying close attention in 2015 to suspect that something was up. Sporting Life, the driving force and producer behind the group, dropped a phenomenal solo project called 55 5’s, and soon after that Wiki followed with his official solo debut project Lil Me. The latter had two appearances from Hak and plenty of production from Sporting Life, but something seemed off. Wiki even joined a new group weeks ago with Antwon and Lil Ugly Mane. Now it appears like Hak has left the group, and what was known as Ratking is no more.
On Twitter, Wiki seemed to allude to the situation. “Ima make it clear. Bridges burnt are bridges burnt,” he tweeted earlier today (June 21). “The amount of times this dude fucked me over. hahaha,” he continued.
For many it felt like Wiki and Sport were the core of the group, while Hak seemed to lighten their load and provide some singing to Ratking records. Now Hak has struck out on his own with a new album June, out today.
XXL has reached out to Ratking and their record label XL for comment and will update this post when we hear more. For now, we’re a little sad to hear such a groundbreaking trio like this split up. New York benefitted from the harsh sounds of Ratking. Hopefully we haven’t heard the last of them.

Read More: Hak Leaves Ratking - XXL | http://www.xxlmag.com/news/2016/06/hak-lea...ackback=tsmclip

The Harlem-based artist discusses his sun-drenched solo debut, 'June,' as it drops today, on the summer solstice.

Read More: hak on life after ratking and his sweaty new solo album - i-D | https://i-d.vice.com/en_us/article/hak-on-l...ource=idtwitter
хороший альбом thumb.gif
Хорошо, что ушел.
В группе он не нужен и часто терялся со своим голосом.
Сольно хорош thumb.gif
Сольник очень понравился, может кто посоветовать что-нибудь подобное?
Req: Sporting life - Slam Dunk Vol.1 anyone?

как то альбом спортинг лайф не очень зашел, но это шик

и да
Req: Sporting life - Slam Dunk Vol.1 anyone?
Sporting Life - i-DJ Mix (2016)

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01. Sporting Life - Hydrate the Huste (Galcher Lustwerk Remix)
02. Larry Heard - Love Theme
03. 2814 - ふわっと (Sports Cp3 Edit)
04. Sampha - Plastic 100 °c (Sports Crossover Edit)
05. Omar S - Take Ya Pik Nik!!!!
06. Sporting Life - I Love This Game
07. Sporting Life - Nap After Practice (Practice? Edit)
08. 21 Savage - Ocean Drive
09. Ray Hudson - Templar Nights (Futbol Edit)
10. Sporting Life - Court Vision (Actress Remix)
11. Sporting Life - No More Stress feat. Novelist
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Wiki & Your Old Droog - What Happened To Fire? (2017)

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mp3 / 192 kbps

[02:36] 01. We Like Ourselves (Prod. Black Milk)
[04:12] 02. What Happened To Fire? (Prod. RTNC & Your Old Droog)
[04:16] 03. Vigilantes (Prod. Statik Selektah)
[05:54] 04. Parlay (Prod. araabMUZIK & !llmind)
[04:08] 05. Facts 3 (Prod. Tony Seltzer)
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