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Young Galaxy выпустят альбом «Falsework» в октябре
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Канадская группа Young Galaxy выпустит свой новый альбом, получивший название «Falsework», 30 октября.

Релиз состоится на лейбле Paper Bag.

01 Wear Out The Ground
02 The Night Wants Us To Be Free
03 Factory Flaws
04 Body
05 Ready To Shine
06 Must Be Love
07 We're No Good
08 Little Wave
09 Lean Into My Love
10 Pressure


Tune in to Young Galaxy's Falsework Album Listening Party Tonight!

Tonight, Montreal's Young Galaxy are hosting an online listening party for their brilliant new album, Falsework. Exclaim! will stream the album in full at this link, which will go live at 8PM EST. The band is encouraging fans and friends to press play on the stream as soon as it's up, and then head over to their Twitter page where they will be taking questions and tweeting about the album.

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Young Galaxy - Falsework (2015)

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[B]Artist: Young Galaxy
Album: Falsework
Label: Paper Bag Records
Released: 30.10.2015
Style: Indie Pop | Electronic
Quality: 256 kbps
Size: 93 mb

01. Wear Out The Ground
02. The Night Wants Us To Be Free
03. Factory Flaws
04. Body
05. Ready To Shine
06. Must Be Love
07. We’re No Good
08. Little Wave
09. Lean Into My Love
10. Pressure

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Label: Paper Bag Records
Genre: Indie
StoreDate: Oct-30-2015
Source: CDDA
Grabber: Exact Audio Copy (Secure Mode)
Encoding Scheme: Lame 3.98.4 V0 VBR Joint-Stereo
Size: 76.93 MB
Total Playing Time: 43:09


01. Wear Out The Ground 4:14
02. The Night Wants Us To Be Free 4:01
03. Factory Flaws 4:17
04. Body 5:56
05. Ready To Shine 4:35
06. Must Be Love 4:52
07. We're No Good 3:33
08. Little Wave 4:25
09. Lean Into My Love 3:13
10. Pressure 4:03
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Young Galaxy Go Independent for New LP 'Down Time'
Montreal electro-pop two-piece Young Galaxy released Falsework back in 2015, and they're ready to reveal the followup. Titled "Down Time", it marks the band's first fully independent LP, and it will arrive via their own imprint on April 6.

Down Time was created as an intentional statement of independence, pushing back against the "exploitative, conservative nature" of the industry, and projecting the duo's "punk spirit" against a cultural backdrop off "isolation, corruption and despair," according to a press release.

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Less WEB, More CD
Друзья, заделитесь Shapeshifters-ом mp3-шным, пожалуста! smile.gif
Цитата: easyaround
Друзья, заделитесь Shapeshifters-ом mp3-шным, пожалуста!  smile.gif
да я уже из флака сделал, чего уж!
А! ну ништяк!
клип к новому синглу "Frontier"

Young Galaxy - Down Time (2018)
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mp3, 320kbps

01. Under My Wing (6:05)
02. Seeing Eye Dog (3:57)
03. Catch Your Breath (4:37)
04. Show You the Valley (5:31)
05. River (7:28)
06. Frontier (9:01)
07. Stay for Real (3:36)
08. Glowworms (4:49)
09. Devotion (6:11)
10. Elusive Dream (4:45)

Цитата: easyaround
Цитата: easyaround
Друзья, заделитесь Shapeshifters-ом mp3-шным, пожалуста!  smile.gif
да я уже из флака сделал, чего уж!
А! ну ништяк!
Флак бы очень порадовал - спасибо)
человек должен судить о себе не по социальному статусу, а по количеству "кала"
Young Galaxy Announce Indefinite Hiatus

The Canadian electro-pop duo Young Galaxy are releasing their Snow Leopard EP this Friday, and then they’re going away. The group announced an indefinite hiatus today.

Young Galaxy has been the singular site of all our creative coordinates since 2006. Generatively, as source, as the conduit for all our content, and as the bloom of each album cycle, it is the flower we have presented to all those who want to listen, see, and appreciate.

YG has had a linear movement until now with Stephen and I as its central driving force. And to satisfy our need to change and be challenged, each album bloomed differently than the last with loved and varied people to help present it. But now the two of us see that it is a matter of survival, personally and creatively, that we transform our singular process from its linear movement to multiple processes / branched movements.

Young Galaxy will go on hiatus so that we can go inside, stir it up, and regenerate. There will be many more Ramsay and McCandless blooms but they will have new and varied origins, conduits, and presentations. We both wish to focus on solo work, interdisciplinary collaborations, and ways of presenting content beyond prescribed music industry limitations.

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